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eLearning Opportunities

eLearning Opportunities

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eLearning Opportunities

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  1. eLearning eLearning Opportunities Valerie Goo Russell Merritt Donna Neal Cindy Nester Nadia Ochoa Jenny Reid Various Opportunities for Technological Educationin the Community ORANGE Organized Resources Assisting a New Generation of Educators

  2. eLearning ACHIEVE 3000 Course delivery – An Internet-based program and turnkey email system powered by a proprietary software engine. No special hardware or software installations are required. Platform – Hosting is handled offsite on Linux servers, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Also available as an open POP3 system, upon request. Audience – KidBiz3000: Gr. 2-5; TeenBiz3000: Gr. 6-12 Access -- Students use a password to access their Achieve3000 email account from school or home. Their daily messages will include a non-fiction article that corresponds to their individual reading level. This approach provides differentiated instruction and assessment, and allows all students to discuss the same readings, while meeting their specific needs. Cost – $35/student; Federal funding and grants are available Interesting facts – Achieve3000 also has other options that primarily focus on ELL students and those with special needs. There is also a “Summer Solution” program for grades 2-12 and Spark3000 for adults. Can you see the long-term rewards of using this system?

  3. eLearning • Course delivery – Web Based through School Server • Platform – Web based –HTML – Uses a multi tiered system of Class folders and school specific tools that include email, links, classroom tools and drop boxes for students. • Audience – All ages. 7.0 and later versions have setup for K-12 Schools. • Access – Accessible from any web connected computer with password from school for each enrolled student. • Cost – Expensive– Over $30,000 per year for 3 years and additional fees. • Interesting Facts -The ANGEL LMS is used by K-12 schools and districts, community colleges, universities and proprietary schools to create Virtual learning environments.ANGEL ePortfolio is used by students to create an electronic portfolio of their digital work. Schools use ANGEL ePortfolio to collect and report on data for accreditation purposes. • Can this software assist schools to improve their eLearning outreach? Blackboard Learn-ANGEL Learning

  4. eLearning BrainPOP • Course delivery- Internet website. • Platform-Flash – interactive webtoons. • Audience- BrainPOP is suited to all audiences. It has BrainPOP Jr. for K-3, BrainPOP for grades 3 and up, BrainPOP Espanol for bilingual Spanish/English students, BrainPOP ESL for speakers of other languages, and BrainPOP Educators which provides tips, tools, and resources for educators. • Access- Accessible from any computer with username and password from the hours of 7:00 AM-5:30 PM your local time. • Cost- BrainPOP has different pricing levels from $125. for a single classroom to $2095. for the full package for the entire school. • Interesting facts - Targets a wide variety of learners. For example, English language learners, Spanish/English learners, Kindergarten – 3rd grade, and 3rd grade and up. • Are games and activities useful as learning tools?

  5. eLearning CILC Site: • Course delivery: CILC sessions are delivered through videoconferencing. • Platform: CILC is offered through Tandberg videoconferencing solutions platform. • Audience: The target audience is really K-12 while also targeting teachers by providing a collaboration tool and professional development opportunities. • Access: Sessions have to be accessed through video conferencing equipment. In most cases, teachers must sign up for sessions a month in advanced due to technology approvals by their county and an agreement of payment. Once a session has been agreed upon a teacher is given a confirmation email that will give the call number for that particular host. At appointed time, the call number is typed in like a regular phone number and the host is called. • Cost: The initial set for equipment can range well into the $5000 range per school. All session costs are dependent on the host. There are some that can be free, but most cost. There are grants available depending on state that help cover the cost of equipment. • Interesting Facts: Through CILC there is access to 195 providers, 1,100+ programs, and 1,000,000+ student participants. Students and teacher can access other students and teachers all over the world. There have been some schools that have staged sleep-ins for conferences with other countries in different time zones. • Can the use of videoconferencing increase multicultural awareness?

  6. eLearning e-Learning for Kids • Course delivery – Website accessed online; CD-Rom • Platform – PHP list selection with a wide set of Lessons and Games in Flash • Audience – Children ages 5-12 • Access – Anyone is able to access the e-Learning curriculum via internet 24/7. Offline (download link; CD-Rom; or on computers with pre-installed courseware) access is also provided for schools in need/orphanages. More than 175 courses are available covering Math, Science, Language Arts, ESL, Computer Skills, and Health/Life Skills. • Cost – Free: funded by direct donations, sponsorships, grants, and royalties • Interesting facts – The foundation would like to reach between 3–4 million children worldwide in 2010 and establish a full primary school curriculum by 2015. Volunteer staff consists of education specialists, e-Learning experts, and business professionals. • Are there any eLearning programs where cost affected motivation?

  7. eLearning Mr. Nussbaum • Course Delivery: Internet – Individual or Class presentation • Platform: Web based, Flash games and clips • Audience : Students K-8 • Student Access: Internet • Cost: Free (includes Ads on websites) or Ad Free Subscription is $60 per year for a classroom or $300 year for a school.  If you submit a detailed lesson plan using a certain game, they will provide you with a free year subscription. • Interesting Facts:Games are color coded to show grade level Created by a 6th Grade Math Teacher Most of the games on are customizable by skill level, or progress from easy rounds to harder rounds. Permission to use for Smartboards granted to teachers Do advertisements act as intrusions and distractions to eLearning?

  8. eLearning • Starfall • www.starfall,com • Course delivery- Web-based • Platform- Flash – Games and videos • Audience- Preschool, kindergarten, first grade, second grade, special education, home school, English language learners, and struggling readers. • Access- from any computer with internet access • Cost- free • Interesting facts- Provides teachers and parents with resources and tips when using this program. The resources include activities that correlate with online learning, which can be printed. Children can learn with this program both online and offline.Provides early language and literacy experiences for children. Focuses on five areas: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency , and comprehension. Sheppard Software • Course Delivery: Internet or CD. Free internet, small fee for CDs • Platform: Web based with games/ activities in Flash • Audience: All grade levels • Student Access:  Internet or can download games to the hard drive • Cost: Web activities free to teachers and schools, CDs start at $14.99 per section • Interesting Facts:  Contains activities in all subjects and includes hundreds of games and activities. Brad Sheppard has been building eLearning software since1982. Which has been the most exciting project that eLearning has offered a solution to?

  9. eLearning Study Island • Course delivery: A web-based program that allows for teachers and students to create standard mastery all online. • Platform: Study Island is a web-based platform through Archipelago Learning. • Audience: Study is geared toward grades that take performance achieving tests like K-8. The site does also offer writing assessment for middle and SAT/ACT prep course for high school grades. They also go as far as to offer GED study courses. • Access: Students access their class page using a username and password anytime, anywhere. Once they arrive at their class page they can complete assignments sent out by the teacher or they can complete content groups on a self paced level. • Cost: The cost depends on the program and state. For example: In Tennessee, a complete fifth grade x-small (<75 students) product (Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies) would be $806 per year. Study Island licenses are only for a year at a time and must be renewed every year  • Interesting Facts: Study Island was originally created for Ohio state standards by two entrepreneurs, and is used by 50% of the state. Study Island is centered on current state standards. So if a state changes their standards, Study Island will change as well. Offers real time support and feedback immediately to drive instruction, and will also notify parents of any changes needed. Does online preparation for achievement tests assist students effectively?

  10. eLearning United Streaming Video (Discovery Education) • Course delivery – Live streaming from Discovery Media Server • Platform – Video platform. Written for Windows Media or QuickTime Player • Audience – All ages. Over 9000 streaming videos for all grades and levels of learning. • Access – Limited to school computers, Smartboards and projection screens • Cost - $1570 for one year for entire building/school K-8 • $ 2095 for one year for entire building/school 9-12 • Interesting facts – Part of the Discovery Channel’s online education program. Progress Zone allows educators to monitor student progress throughout the year with teacher-created diagnostic probes tied to your state's curriculum standards and automatically linked to appropriate, fun, and engaging Discovery Education streaming video clips Do films on history and science help students with their comprehension?

  11. eLearning Vmath • Course delivery – Interactive Internet website • Platform – Flash online with print out pdfs for in class work • The audience – grades 2-8 • Access – Password access allows students access from class or home. • The cost - $4500 for building for a year. • Interesting facts – Vmath and Vmathlive are part of the Voyager/Cambium online learning group. Mathletes-Students compete online to test their math skills and are listed as Mathletes showing their skill levels. Ticket to Read • Course delivery - Internet • Platform – Flash Games and reading activities • The audience - geared for grades K-5 • Access – Password entry allows students to access from school or home on any computer with internet access. • The cost – Various- $29.95 per student for individual membership $249.95 for a classroom for one year or $3500 for 6 month school license • Interesting facts- Students are introduced to key vocabulary terms found in the readings. The student will hear a definition of the term, hear it used in the context of a sentence, and see a picture for each word. There are leader boards and ticket prizes offered that connect various schools and classrooms in collaborative reading projects. Are reading programs useful in motivating students in reading comprehension?

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