persuasion n.
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  1. Persuasion Unlocking the mysteries of Logos, Pathos and Ethos

  2. Why am I viewing this PowerPoint? • To learn about the three types of persuasion • “persuasion” is how we convince other people to do or think what we want them to do or think • In the early days of America, when it was still a cluster of colonies, ministers would give sermons designed to persuade their listeners to do, think or believe a certain way • You need to be able to identify what techniques the ministers were using • People today STILL USE persuasion to convince other folks to do, think or believe in a certain way

  3. Logos Logos means persuading by the use of logic and reason. Good speakers know that pathos or ethos used without logos is less effective. Audiences feel they’re being manipulated if there isn’t some logic or reason used to convince them

  4. Pathos Pathos is persuasion based on emotion or feeling. It draws up the sympathies and emotions of the audience causing them to feel fear, anger, outrage, joy or any other emotion that might make them more likely to do what the speaker wants.

  5. Ethos Ethos-- or ethical appeal, means convincing the audience by using a speaker whose character is well-respected. According to Aristotle, ethos is defined as the credibility that the author establishes. We tend to believe people whom we respect. Why do you think so many advertisements use well known people?

  6. The Three Types of Persuasion in the Modern World • LOGOS • When you tell your boss you should receive a raise because you do better work than those who make more money, and you have the evidence to prove it, you're using LOGOS. • PATHOS • When you carefully practice the words that you will say when you ask the boss for that raise, and when you dress particularly well that day, you're using ETHOS • ETHOS • When you tell how difficult it is for you to support your family on your low wages, especially when you’re the only one working, you're using PATHOS.

  7. Now, go use your new knowledge • Go to • Read both sermons • Cotton Mather • Jonathan Edwards • Complete the T-Chart comparing Mather’s and Edwards’ persuasive styles • DON’T PANIC—you have more than one day to finish this assignment.