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Cd covers

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Cd covers

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  1. Cd covers

  2. What: • Title • Band name • Picture of the band • How: • Title is at the top of the cover in capitals in a serif in white. • The band are in the center of the page there all in black and look mysterious • Looks like its been drawn • Why: • Its in capitals as that makes it look important and as its in serif it makes it look more serious the titles in white and that contrasts with the black and white theme it has. • They are dressed like that as it fits in with the genre of the music. • As the title looks like it has been drawn on which gives a personal touch to it

  3. What: • A picture of a man • The artists name • How: • The man has been presented taking up most of the cd cover he also looks like he's concentrating on something, he's also in black and white. • His name is in capital letters and a san serif in black writing. • Why: • The fact that he's taking up most of the cd cover draws your eye to him so you'd see him from a mile of and the if you liked him you'd buy it also the background is gray so he blends into the background. • The san serif look gives it a informal look to it but its in capital letters which makes it look important.

  4. What: • Title of the album • Picture • Her name • Parental advisory • How: • The picture is to the left hand side of cd cover she's stood in a posy position in a short pink dress with pink trainers on • The title of the album is in pink and looks like is been drawn on. • It has a parental advisory in the left hand corner • Why: • Its been done in this way as the background is pink and the title of the album is pink so it all contrast and links together also the way she's dressed like a Barbie and looks girly she looks innocent and has a crown on to suggests she's princess like. • The fact that the title is pink also relates to the whole cd cover as its all different shades of pink it also looks like its been drawn on which gives a personal effect. • It has a parental advisory sticker on it so even though she looks like a Barbie and looks really innocent that sticker tells us the content is going to been a lot harder than how she looks

  5. What: • A picture • The people who are in the album • What's its called • How: • The picture is taking up most of the left hand side of the cover ,looking up into the sky where there's some planes flying past {a black young male} dressed in a hoddie a Nike bobble hat and glasses he has tattoos on his neck. • The title is a badge with wings coming out of it • why: • This might indicate the genre of music which is rap. • Its been done like this as it links in with the title witch is called flying school so the badge indicates the school and the wings coming out off it indicate the facet it could be plane wings to indicate flying the building in the background fits in with the title of a school.