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Landscape Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Landscape Design

Landscape Design

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Landscape Design

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  1. Landscape Design Ben Enebo Amber Loomis 2nd Period

  2. General Layout

  3. Focal Point • Our section of the landscaped area is based around the small hill in the middle. We will have blue fescue grass grown on the hill to surround the bench. The wood bench will bend with the curve of the hill to create a warming effect. Leading to the bench we will have a curved walkway with stepping stones.

  4. Accents • To accent our bench in the middle we will have small shrubs next to the wall called golden corydalis. These will grow well in the shade and stay lower than the windows. Also in correspondence to the blue fescue grass around the bench we will grow blue star creeper. This ground cover will be grown on both sides of our walkway and up to the existing path. This will expand with the growing area and give the ground more excitement than traditional bark dust or sod.

  5. Lines, Color and Balance • In our landscape we will follow the curved line approach. This should give our visitors more of a warming feeling than straight lines. Also the main path will be curved so our curved path and bench will go well with that. The far side is a boring looking wall. We assume the golden corydalis will liven up that area. Both the blue fescue grass and the blue star creeper should fit well together. We stayed simple and yet filled the area with plants that should lead to a better looking area.

  6. Golden Corydalis(Corydalis lutea) • Chose this for its growth in the shade. • Cherry golden all summer. • Great growth in zone 7. • Growth is good. Not a Picky plant. Perennial.

  7. Blue Fescue(Festuca amethystina) • Ornamental grass. • Plan to use on our hill, overshadowing the bench. • Good in zones 4-9. • Partial sun. • Rarely needs care. Can be cut back in spring if it looks overgrown.

  8. Blue Star Creeper(Laurentia fluvilatilis) • Evergreen. Attractive foliage. Smooth textured. • Partial sun. • Blooms rapidly. • Light to medium blue blooms.

  9. Bench • Teak bench. • Extra thick. • Flared back and arms