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Monday Bellringer PowerPoint Presentation
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Monday Bellringer

Monday Bellringer

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Monday Bellringer

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  1. Monday Bellringer • Make your bellringer sheet: keep it with you in a binder or folder so you stop losing it in the drawer.

  2. Sketchbook expectations

  3. A more in depth look at: Line

  4. Outlines- • Lines made by the edge of an object or its silhouette.

  5. Contour Lines- • Lines that describe the shape of an object and the interior detail.

  6. Gesture Lines- • Lines that are energetic and catch the movement and gestures of an active figure.

  7. Sketch Lines- • Lines that capture the appearance of an object or impression of a place. Usually VERY light.

  8. Implied Line- • Lines not actually drawn but created by a group of objects seen from a distance. Implied line is the direction an object is pointing to, or the direction a person is looking at.

  9. Calligraphic Lines- • Greek word meaning "beautiful writing." Precise, elegant handwriting or lettering done by hand. Also artwork that has flowing lines like an elegant handwriting.

  10. Tuesday Bellringer • What is one thing you learned during our coffee stain project? • Once you are done you will be taking a couple notes: the subject line of your notes is: Installation art. • Overarching question: What is installation art?

  11. Installation art: What is it? Two or Three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space.

  12. What is the most common SENSE used when we observe a piece of artwork?

  13. Installation arts purpose… • Installation art takes into account a broader sensory experience, instead of just displaying square objects on a wall. • This attempts to make more of a connection between art and life. • What might I mean when I say to make a connection between art and life?

  14. Installation art • Installation art can be either temporary or permanent. • Installation artworks have been constructed in exhibition spaces such as museums and galleries, as well as public and private spaces.

  15. Jean Claude and Christo in NYC

  16. Installation art • Installation art incorporates a broad range of everyday and natural materials, including video, sound and performance. Many installations are site-specific IE: they are designed to exist only in the space for which they were created.

  17. Rebecca Ward • Rebecca Ward is an installation artist from Austin Texas.

  18. How would her artwork change the way you walked in this room?

  19. Does this art change the FEELING of these stairs?

  20. If you were invited in this space how might you walk into it?

  21. Would it change if it were a playground instead of a museum.

  22. How has this artist used LINE to make this a more interactive space?

  23. Do you think you might be able to change the feel of a space in the school through just tape like Rebecca Ward?

  24. Your assignment: • Make a group with your table mates. • We should have around 4-5 people in each group- you might need to spread out if you have more than that. • You will be making a 4ft x 4ft installation with colored tape with your group. • Today you will decide how you want people to feel when they look at your space or pass by your space. Come up with feelings (emotions) that you want people to use when they describe the experience. • Begin to sketch out some lines that go along with your “feeling or emotion” so you can start your planning process tomorrow. • Work on your sketchbook once you’re done (due Friday)

  25. Exit Slip • How did the beads I put in the doorway change the feeling of the room?