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Introduction to the Spanish-American War

Introduction to the Spanish-American War. “A Splendid Little War” John Hay, Secretary of State, 1898. Background:. Who?. Spain vs. America. Where?. Phillipines, Cuba (Spain’s Colonies). Background:. USA. Cuba. The Philippines. American Economic Interests in Cuba. What ?.

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Introduction to the Spanish-American War

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  1. Introduction to the Spanish-American War “A Splendid Little War” John Hay, Secretary of State, 1898

  2. Background: • Who? • Spain vs. America • Where? • Phillipines, Cuba (Spain’s Colonies)

  3. Background: USA Cuba The Philippines

  4. American Economic Interests in Cuba What? • Jose Marti-launched a revolution in 1895 against Spain. • Targeted guerrilla attacks on US businesses. • American capitalists began investing in sugar cane plantations. Why were American economic interests threatened? How did it lead to war? • Made Americans more likely to help out Cuba.

  5. Why? • Help give freedom to Spain’s colonies!

  6. “Yellow Journalists” What? • Make more $ if they keep you scared and interested • Newspaper created highly exaggerated stories • Legitimate stories mixed in with sensationalized stories. Why? How did it lead to war? • Made Americans want war! • Plays on emotions.

  7. “Yellow Journalism” “You furnish the pictures, I’ll furnish the war William Randolph Hearst

  8. Slide Analysis: Headline of the Maine Explosion • Maine Explosion Caused by Bomb or Torpedo?2/17/1898 New York World

  9. De Lome Letter

  10. Sinking of the Maine in Havana Harbor What? • USS Maine explodes in Havana, Cuba Harbor, • Most Americans believe it was Spain’s fault • Many groups have investigated the sinking all offering different perspectives. How did it lead to war? • “Spark” that started the war • “Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain!”

  11. Thinking Slide: Which of these do you think was most responsible for the nation going to war?

  12. Manila Bay • What Happened at Manila Bay? • Surprise naval attack sunk the crumbling Spanish Navy • Made Americans feel very superior

  13. Rough Riders • Who were the Rough Riders? Who was their leader? • Teddy Roosevelt resigns as Asst Secy of the Navy to lead a “Cowboy Calvary” • Brought his own photographer • Teddy’s popularity from this leads to his becoming v.p. and president

  14. Rough Riders • What famous Battle did they participate in? • San Juan Hill • African Americans also helped but get little credit

  15. Teddy Roosevelt

  16. Results • US defeats Spain & becomes a world power • Teddy Roosevelt elected Vice President in 1900 and becomes President in 1901 when McKinley is shot • US must decide what to do about Spain’s former colonies (Phillipines, Puerto Rico, and Cuba)

  17. Thinking Slide Do you think the war was a good idea?

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