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Integrated Watershed Management Programme PowerPoint Presentation
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Integrated Watershed Management Programme

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Integrated Watershed Management Programme
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Integrated Watershed Management Programme

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  1. Watershed Development Department Government of Karnataka Integrated Watershed Management Programme NET PLANNING PROCESS H.G Shivananda Murthy IFS Commissioner

  2. Planning • Plan is the document, detailed proposal for doing or achieving something • Planning is the development of goals, strategies, task lists and schedules required to achieve the objectives. • Planning process is a fundamental function of management and to decide on and arrange something in advance or intend to do something

  3. Net Planning with Community PRA Resource Maps Resource Map

  4. Net Plan/DPR Process Grama Sabha DLC approval Beneficiary, EC & UG members, WDD & NGO staff

  5. NET PLAN • Process of preparing survey no.wise and beneficiary wise treatment plan for entire watershed area

  6. PROCESS OF NET PLANNING • Groups will be formed, groups will take up traverse survey in entire watershed area • Groups consists of technical staff, NGO staff and representitives of CBO’s • A time schedule to visit farmers field will be drawn and farmers will be intimated in advance to present in their fields • Net Planning will be conducted normally when there is no standing crops in the field

  7. TRAVERSE SURVEY • Ridge to Valley concept • Each and every survey no. is visited by the team • Existing structures/trees etc. will be listed • Activities which are technically feasible will be proposed

  8. PREPARATION OF PLAN • Revalidation of information collected in traverse survey • Clearing of doubts arised during transact walk • Finalisation of treatments which are to be taken up on private lands and common lands • Software enabled activity wise unit costs ready reckoner is used for consolidation

  9. Resource Map • Farmers will be asked to mark the resources such as - Nalas - Existing soil & water conservation structures - Tree/plant resources - Important land features - Types of lands with boundaries of common lands & private lands

  10. Resource Map (Activities) • Farmers will be asked to mark the proposed activities on private and common lands • Revalidate and finalize the proposed activities which are not detrimental to environment and society

  11. Resource Map (Activities) • Recollect once again all the proposed activities • Read loudly and tell all the farmers about the proposed treatments in private lands, common lands & drainage lines • Inform them about the budget and farmers contributions. Incorporate if there are any changes.

  12. Net Plan Software • Karnataka is the first state to develop the Net Plan software • Web based online application • Supports systematic data base creation • Private & Common land treatments • Enables Survey Number wise Entry

  13. Software Data Entry :- • Data entry takes place at the village level • Usernames are created based on the district name followed by project number (Unique identification of each project) • Data will be entered to the software by DEO and technical staff

  14. Advantages :- • Web-based Software Application (Deployed on e-Governance Server) • Open source Software‘s are used for Development (PHP 5.2, Java Scripts, HTML, CSS, Jquery, MySQL etc.) • Any changes in the formats can be easily updated at one place • DPR (Detailed Project Reports) can be easily generated through the software

  15. Advantages (continued) :- • Category wise (Caste), Farmer Category wise, Gender Wise, Reach wise, Sector wise can be monitored at all levels • Decisions can be easily taken at the state level • Modifications can be easily updated • Different kinds of analysis reports can be generated • Accessible to citizens

  16. Software Access : Talukas District Grama Panchayaths Microwatersheds Villages

  17. Login Screen URL:

  18. Data Entry Screen

  19. Sector wise Investment Analysis

  20. Caste wise Analysis

  21. Farmer Category wise Analysis

  22. Gender wise Analysis