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December 21, 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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December 21, 2012

December 21, 2012

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December 21, 2012

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  1. Welcome to the December Administrators’ RTTT Webex! December 21, 2012

  2. Outcomes: • Describe the key details of the Math and ELA assessment transitions (3-8) • Explain the Dignity for All Students Act • Describe the resources that have been added to the engageNY site

  3. Outcomes: • Describe resources that have been added to the Principals’ Center site • Explain updates on the Literacy and Math Task work

  4. Key Details of the Math Assessment (3-8) Transitions: • Focus: Priority standards will be the focus of the assessments--other standards will be deemphasized

  5. Key Details of the Math Assessment (3-8) Transitions: • Coherence: progression of content and concepts

  6. Key Details of the Math Assessment (3-8) Transitions: • Fluency: will not be assessed--it will be assumed that students possess the required fluencies • No calculators in grades 6 and below—possibly 8 and below

  7. Key Details of the Math Assessment Transitions: • Deep Understanding: standards will be assessed from multiple perspectives • ensuring and dictating standards in multiple ways while not veering from primary target of measurement in standards • fewer vocabulary questions

  8. Key Details of the Math Assessment Transitions: • Application and Dual Intensity: • students will be expected to know grade level math content with fluency • Students will be expected to know math concepts to employ to solve real world math problems

  9. Key Details of the ELA Assessment Transitions: • Balancing Informational and Literary Texts: Passages will be authentic and balanced across informational and literary texts • Knowledge in the Content Areas: • Assessments will contain knowledge based questions about the informational text • Students will not need outside knowledge to respond • Students will be expected to read informational texts from content domains and respond in writing

  10. Key Details of the ELA Assessment Transitions: • Staircase of Complexity: passage selection will be based on appropriate grade level • Text-based Responses: questions will require students to gather evidence from text

  11. Key Details of the ELA Assessment Transitions: • Academic Vocabulary: • Students will need to be strategic in solving words contextually • Students will be tested indirectly through general comprehension of the text • Fluency in academic vocabulary is expected

  12. Dignity for All Students Act: • Effective July 1, 2012 • The Dignity Act Legislative Intent: Provide all students in NY public schools an environment free of discrimination and harassment • No student shall be subjected to harassment, discrimination, or bullying by employees or students • No student shall be subjected to discrimination based on their: Actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or sex

  13. Dignity for All Students Act: • Dignity Act impacts the following SAVE requirements: • code of conduct • Uniform Violent Incident Reporting • Code of conduct: an age-appropriate version of the policy written in plain-language shall be included in the code of conduct • Codes of conduct are to be posted on the school web site

  14. Dignity for All Students Act: • The commissioner shall create a procedure under which material incidents of discrimination and harassment on school grounds or at a school function are reported to the department at least on an annual basis • Additional Dignity Act Requirements--Policies and Guidelines to include: • Guidelines relating to the development of nondiscriminatory instructional and counseling methods • Requirement that at least one staff member at every school be thoroughly trained to handle human relations

  15. Dignity for All Students Act: • Staff Training Note • Ideally--1 person in each school building to be the point person for Dignity Act related issues • Depending on the size of the district, a staff member must be available to go to every school as needed and be readily accessible to other staff for consultation and advise- by phone or other means of communication • In smaller school districts, schools may share a staff member for multiple schools • There is no requirement to hire a new staff member

  16. Dignity for All Students Act: • The Dignity Act and student instruction: • instruction in civility, citizenship and character education • Grades K-12 • Honesty tolerance, personal responsibility, respect of others, observance of laws, courtesy, dignity • Dignity Act relates to safety issues in schools: • Expected behavior--code of conduct • Consistent enforcement with appropriate responses to violations • Staff training of all staff • Reporting disruptive activity already required to be included as part of VADIR

  17. Dignity for All Students Act: • Resources: • NYSED Dignity Act Web Site: • Model Code of Conduct • Model Curriculum Materials • FAQs (students/parents and faculty/staff) • NYSED P-12 News and Notes Articles • New York State Center for School Safety

  18. Dignity for All Students Act: • Dignity Act Facebook Page • Dignity Act Public Outreach Forums • Dignity Act Speakers @ Statewide Conferences • Resource Guide: •

  19. Dignity for All Students Act: Contact information: • NYS Education Department • • NYS Center for School Safety • 518-486-6090 • 845-255-8989

  20. Resources:

  21. Principals’ Center:

  22. Principals’ Center: Username: principals Password: center

  23. Principals’ Center: Username: principals Password: center

  24. Principals’ Center:

  25. Math Task Work:

  26. Literacy Task Work: Day 4 Grades 6-12 Sessions scheduled for choice of February 13th or 16th.

  27. Albany Common Core Updates English Language Arts Shifts 1 and 2 • Balancing informational and literary text • Knowledge in the disciplines Text Pairs • Literary with informational text • Evidence based questioning

  28. Albany Common Core UpdatesMath

  29. Network Team Institute Materials: Conference Resources • Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics by Richard Askey • National Mathematics Advisory Panel Report • Leadership for Excellence in Mathematics – Principal’s Role in Math Instruction • EduTron Resources on Mathematics Education for NYSED Network Teams • Visual Map of the Content Standards in Mathematics • Supporting Implementation of the Common Core Standards for Mathematics

  30. Upcoming Dates: January 10, 31 and February 7 Lead Evaluator Training—Part 2 @ UE January 13th, 23rd k-5 Math Task Work (Day 2) January 17, 18,19 Network Team Training—Lead Evaluator January 30 9-12 Math Task Work (Day 2) February 6th, 10th k-5 Literacy Task Work (Day 4) February 13th, 16th 6-12 Literacy Task Work (Day 4)

  31. Thank You!