8 things you didn t know about acrylic sheets n.
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  1. 8 Things You Didn't Know About Acrylic Sheets Acrylic sheets are one of the most popular materials found in Design and Technology departments we thought it would be interesting to share some facts that many people may not know. We've picked 8 things that we think many people won't know about this highly versatile and widely used design material. How many did you know? Ishita Impex Is A Brand Name: Many people don’t realise that Ishita Impex is actually a brand name. Ishita Impex is a premium acrylic which guarantees that it is of the highest quality. Ishita Impex Acrylic Is Made In The UK: Ishita Impex sheets are manufactured in vapi here in the Gujarat. This is one of the reasons we selected them as our acrylic supplier as many of the other brands. Ishita Impex Acrylic Is Older Than You Think: Ishita Impex cast acrylic was first manufactured in the UK in 1933, a year later it was trademarked. Since then it has become a household name and can be seen all around us. Ishita Impex Sheets As An Alternative To Glass: Ishita Impex Acrylic is very light, it weighs less than half the weight of glass for the same sized sheet and is as transparent as optical glass. It’s also very strong and some types of acrylic have a much greater resistance to impact than glass does and when it does shatter, it does so more safely than glass. Ishita Impex is also a better thermal insulator than glass and much easier to work with and shape. Ishita Impex Acrylic Can Be Used To Protect Against Light Damage: Special UV grade Ishita Impex sheets can be used to block damaging ultra violet light, without making them any less see through. They are so effective that you can find them in Art galleries and Museums around the world protecting exhibits and valuable works of art. Ishita Impex Acrylic Is Recyclable: Ishita Impex Acrylic is fully recyclable and, as such, any off-cuts from your Ishita Impex Sheets can be put into your recycle bin. If you have the facilities and the equipment, you can also recycle any off- cuts into new items. For some great ideas on recycling check out this What To Do With Scrap Ishita Impex article. Ishita Impex Acrylic Can Be Bent Into Shape: Although Ishita Impex Acrylic is hard and rigid it can still be bent into shape. Not only can you use heat to make Ishita Impex Acrylic more malleable and thus make bending possible, you can also use

  2. kerf bending. Kerf bending/cutting is when you cut slots in a material that make it possible to bend the material. A laser cutter offers an ideal way of cutting slots in the Ishita Impex Acrylic. Visit for Acrylic Sheets Manufacturer In Vapi, Acrylic Mirror Sheets Manufacturers In Vapi, Polystyrene Sheet Manufacturer In Vapi, Pmma sheets manufacturer in vapi, Polystyrene Sheet, ACRYLIC OFFCUTS, ACRYLIC SCRAP, ACRYLIC BANGLES.