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Creating events to reach the Hispanic Market A Frank Nieves Productions PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating events to reach the Hispanic Market A Frank Nieves Productions

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Creating events to reach the Hispanic Market A Frank Nieves Productions

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Creating events to reach the Hispanic Market A Frank Nieves Productions

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    2. Facts to know about the Hispanic buying power Hispanic buying power in the US is forecast to top that of all minority groups, overtaking the African-American population, according to a new report. The last report by the Selig Center for Economic Growth at the University of Georgia revealed that by 2007 Hispanic purchasing power will reach $863.1bn. "The economic clout of Hispanics has risen from $212bn in 1990, when I first started doing this study, to $798bn this year and I expect it to be almost $1.2 trillion five years from now," said Jeff Humphreys, director of the Selig Center. "That's more than 450 percent growth from 1990 to 2011. Non-Hispanic buying power is growing closer to a rate of 176 percent over the same period." Hispanic women account for a large percentage of the approximately 80 percent of women who are making the household buying decisions, according to numerous studies and reports. Thats a lot of buying power, and businesses are beginning to take heed. While women are responsible for almost half of new car sales and slightly over half of used car sales, according to Art Spinella, of CNW Research, an automotive marketing research firm, women influence 80% of all sales, and 95% of women have the power to veto an automobile purchase, according to Ford Motor Marketing. Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from autos to health care: 91% of New Homes, 66% PCs, 92% Vacations, 80% Healthcare, 65% New Cars, 89% Bank Accounts, 93% Food, 93% OTC Pharmaceuticals, American women spend about $5 trillion annually, Over half the U.S. GDP

    3. Who we are?

    4. PR Fiestas Patronales A Hispanic Tradition In most Hispanic countries, fiestas are usually held in the town square, these festivals are colorful displays of pride and joy, featuring parades, games, rides, regional food, and live entertainment. Most Fiestas Patronales feature: verbenas (in Spanish-speaking cultures, a verbena is a country fair, modest amusement park, and/or a dance party, especially one held at night with live entertainment by famous international or local singers), amusement rides, and street vendors; among other things, during the celebration. The famous group Menudo and many others began their career by singing at these events in Puerto Rico

    5. Why do more Hispanics follow Fiestas Patronales than any other event in Broward? Because it is our tradition! The PR Fiestas Patronales & Business Expo started as a Puerto Rican festival and after five (5) years of successful festivities, it has become the most popular event among the Hispanic community in south Florida. As celebrated each year in Pembroke Pines, South Florida brings the Hispanic tradition to life. An 11 day event, now Floridas 1st Hispanic Fair of this type and Browards largest Hispanic event, one awaited upon with great anticipation, it commences its celebration on November 11 thru 21, 2010. Fiestas Patronales provides an environment suitable for infants, teenagers, adults and the business community all rolled up in one. This celebration includes: art exhibits, business products and services, carnivals rides, music, traditional Hispanic food and private security and local police support. Being able to create the right blend of components has made it possible for Fiestas Patronales to successfully bring families & businesses alike together. Co-sponsored and organized by prestigious names such as The Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Broward County, one of the most active chambers in the county, My First Horizon, Inc., an IRS approved (501-C3) not for profit entity dedicated to serving the underprivileged developmentally disabled community, and Frank Nieves Productions, with over 35 years in the industry, we have managed to engage a synergetic marriage of families and the business like no other event in South Florida.

    6. What to expect from this event: A safe event for the entire family World known Salsa and other musical performers to draw consumers Business Expo that guarantees traffic to exhibitors Cultural and authentic Hispanic arts and crafts, authentic Hispanic food Over 30 carnival rides for all ages to enjoy Hispanic folklore Business receptions to network with our sponsors and business community A concert ground with world renowned and Grammy Award performers Access to the members of The Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber USA Round Table and other organizations Red Carpet VIP Reception for our dignitaries, sponsors and exclusive VIP guests

    9. Demographics

    10. Mass Media Coverage

    11. 2010 Sponsors & Still Adding

    14. 2nd Red Carpet VIP Reception Over 500 attendees at our 1st year PR Fiestas Patronales & Business Expo, Inc., in its 10th anniversary and after a huge success on 2009 will host its 2nd VIP/Red Carpet Reception: Noche Borincana on November 20th, 2010 from 7:00pm to 12:00am, in celebration of the official proclamation of Governor Charlie Crist naming November the official statewide Puerto Rico Discovery Month. The Noche Borincana VIP Reception will transport guests to the Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico through an extravagant decoration that will resemble the city of Old San Juan world, known as Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian, a one of a kind street party. This year in a new location and with a real street to work with it will bring this so famous street party to Florida The VIP designated area will include backstage of the 10th Puerto Rican Fiestas Patronales, and will be by invitation only. It will be a night where our most trusted business partners, VIP's, celebrities, and community leaders will gather to celebrate the Puerto Rican culture and heritage. Guests will dance the night away to the music of World Renowned Fania All Star Salsa singer Ismael Miranda, among other surprises. The casual atmosphere of this professional event will give VIP guests a taste of Puerto Rican essence, including its cuisine, music, and arts, that lend so much to the rich fabric of the Puerto Rican culture, all while receiving VIP elite attention. The Whos Who of South Florida will attend, from senators, Legislators, Sports Stars, Grammy Award Winning Performers and Leaders of the business & community at large all in a Trendy Casual attire.

    16. PR Fiestas Patronales Components

    17. Promotional Opportunities Want to Stand Out In The Crowd? Let Frank Nieves Productions put together a plan to highlight your booth or even create a special network reception to make your company stand out at the Fiestas Patronales 2010 Be a concert sponsor Our Green Concert Area will bring various shows through the eleven days of this event. Our concerts will consist of National, World renowned and Grammy Winning performers from the Hispanic Industry T-Shirts for Staff (beer stands, cleaning crew, operations, volunteers and gate operators) Directional signage: main street light poles, parking areas, main entrances and exits, and many more high traffic locations Distribute products, literature and paraphernalia

    18. Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Broward County Founded in 2000 by Frank Nieves, The Puerto Rican/Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has become the most active Hispanic Chamber in the county. With over 300 members, PRH Chamber conducts over 30 events a year, from luncheon to business expos, grand openings, networking events and events honoring our community leaders. The Chamber, now celebrating their 11th anniversary, has and still continues to support various charity events and organizations. Known for the amount of business that it generates for their members and visitors, many entrepreneurs have launched their businesses using Chamber relationships which have led to the establishment of a successful business in our community. Now the chamber is one of the four Puerto Rican Hispanic chambers that comprise the Puerto Rican Hispanic USA Round Table. This gives the Chamber members the opportunity to network statewide and find contact never before possible. The PRH USA Rican Round Table is composed of: Puerto Rican Hispanic St Lucie County, Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Polk County, Puerto Rican Chamber of Palm Beach County and the Puerto Rican Hispanic Chamber of Broward County, all celebrating various events during the Puerto Rican Discovery Month statewide. We are now a big Family under one logo!