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Lab Activity 8

Lab Activity 8. Axial Skeleton Martini Chapter 7. Portland Community College BI 231. Axial Skeleton. Skull Spine Thoracic Cage Hyoid bone. Cervical Spine. 7 Vertebra C1-C7 Concave Posterior. Thoracic Spine. 12 Vertebra T1-T12 Convex Posterior Attach to the ribs. Lumbar Spine.

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Lab Activity 8

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  1. Lab Activity 8 Axial Skeleton Martini Chapter 7 Portland Community College BI 231

  2. Axial Skeleton • Skull • Spine • Thoracic Cage • Hyoid bone

  3. Cervical Spine • 7 Vertebra • C1-C7 • Concave Posterior

  4. Thoracic Spine • 12 Vertebra • T1-T12 • Convex Posterior • Attach to the ribs

  5. Lumbar Spine • 5 Vertebra • L1-L5 • Concave Posterior

  6. Sacral Spine • 5 Fused Vertebra • “Sacrum”

  7. Coccyx • 4 Fused Vertebra

  8. Intervertebral Foraminae

  9. Intervertebral Disk

  10. Annulus Fibrosus (Fibrocartilage)

  11. Nucleus Pulposus

  12. Cervical Vertebrae (C3-C7) VertebralForamen BODY

  13. Cervical Vertebrae (C3-C7) Bifid Spinous Process

  14. Cervical Vertebrae (C3-C7) Transverse Processes Transverse Foramen

  15. Cervical Vertebrae (C3-C7) Superior Articular Process Superior Articular Facet

  16. Cervical Vertebrae (C3-C7) Vertebral Arch

  17. Cervical Vertebrae C1: Atlas Superior Articular Facet

  18. Cervical Vertebrae C2: Axis Odontoid Process (Dens)

  19. Cervical VertebraeC1 & C2 Joined Together

  20. Thoracic Vertebrae Spinous Process

  21. Thoracic Vertebrae Costal Facets on the Transverse Process (for rib attachment)

  22. Lumbar Vertebrae BODY

  23. Sacrum 5 Fused Vertebrae

  24. Sacrum Sacral Promontory

  25. Sacrum Sacral Foramina

  26. Sacroiliac Joints

  27. Coccyx 4 Rudimentary Vertebrae

  28. Hyoid Bone Greater Horn Lesser Horn BODY

  29. Sternum Manubrium Sternal Angle Body Xiphoid Process

  30. Ribs 1-7: True Ribs

  31. Ribs 8-10: False Ribs

  32. Ribs 11 & 12: Floating Ribs

  33. Ribs

  34. Ribs Attached to Thoracic Vertebrae

  35. Costovertebral Angle

  36. Supraorbital ridge Frontal Bone Frontal Bone Frontal Bone

  37. Frontal Bone Frontal Sinus

  38. Parietal Bone Parietal Bone

  39. Parietal Bone Parietal Bone

  40. Temporal Bone Temporal Bone

  41. Temporal Bone Temporal Bone Temporal Bone

  42. Temporal Bone External Acoustic Meatus Zygomatic Arch Mastoid Process Mandibular fossa Styloid Process

  43. Temporal Bone Carotid Canal Jugular Foramen

  44. Occipital Bone

  45. Occipital Bone Occipital Condyles Foramen Magnum External occipital protuberance

  46. Sphenoid Bone Lesser Wing Greater Wing Pterygoid Process Lateral Pterygoid Plate Medial Pterygoid Plate

  47. Sphenoid Bone Sphenoidal Sinus Pterygoid Process

  48. Sphenoid Bone Lesser Wing Greater Wing Sella Turcica

  49. SphenoidBone Hypophyseal Fossa Dorsum Sella

  50. Ethmoid Bone Crista Galli Perpendicular Plate

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