irony in your own words define these types of irony n.
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Irony-in your own words, define these types of irony PowerPoint Presentation
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Irony-in your own words, define these types of irony

Irony-in your own words, define these types of irony

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Irony-in your own words, define these types of irony

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  1. Irony-in your own words, define these types of irony Now, find at least three examples of irony in Of Mice and Men and record these in your packet on page 5; be prepared to share Situational Verbal Dramatic

  2. Of Mice and Men Literature Circle # 2 Act II

  3. Summarizer (5 minutes) • Share your assessment of the major events. Make sure you clearly outline each event • Group members may add to the summary, but be RESPECTFUL • This is a good time to clarify any confusion you may have had while reading these chapters • Discussion director should make sure everyone stays on task.

  4. Illustrator (4 minutes) • Share your illustration with your group and explain why you chose what you did. Make sure you are detailed. • Other group members should ask questions and make connections to what the summarizer said

  5. Discussion Director (5 minutes) • Begin asking and discussing your questions. Make sure you facilitate the discussion so it lasts the full time period. Make sure you invite everyone to participate in the discussion; don’t monopolize the conversation. Get it going and then allow others to comment.

  6. Illuminator (5 minutes) • Share your passages and insights. Make sure you tell your group the page number. • This is a good time to discuss the passages, add to the discussion as the illuminator shares (discussion director, you should be exceptionally perceptive in adding your thoughts here)

  7. Connector (5 minutes) • Share your connections to the text and encourage your group to add their own thoughts to your connections. • Make sure you ask all your follow up questions!

  8. Word Watcher • Share the words and the answers to your questions encouraging discussion • If you do not have a word watcher, your group should take the time to identify important words; the vocabulary list in your packet can be helpful. Make sure you record the page number and why it is important

  9. Symbolism • A symbol is something that represents an abstract concept. Usually it is something tangible that represents something intangible. (heart=love) • Consider the following tangible objects in Of Mice and Men. Decide with your group what three of these ideas could symbolize. Record in your packet • Mouse Candy’s Dog Crushing the fist • Rabbits Lennie’s Puppy Wife’s red nails/shoes

  10. Chart • As a group, make sure you find 1 important passage and explain how it indirectly characterizes the following characters: • Crooks, The Boss, Curley and Curley’s Wife.

  11. Submit • Staple your homework to your notes template and turn it in in the correct period box before you leave! • Remember, you must finish the novel and prepare your role for Wednesday’s literature circle! (The last one yay!)