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Black Hat SEO PowerPoint Presentation
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Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

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Black Hat SEO

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  1. Black Hat SEO When we talk about SEO, we often come with the methods white hat and black hat. Between these, white hat method is widely used. As the later one is not a service to offer. The term black refers to bad. That’s exactly what black hat method is. Black hat SEO refers to practices that are used to increase a site’s rank in search engines violating the terms of search engines. The term relates to hackers and those who performs unethical acts. You must know, this method is illegal and will cause banned from search engines. So you must know the consequences. If you cannot give value, then I don’t find any reason to be on the top of search result! You must know what falls in Black Hat method. Hidden text/links: Hidden text/links means to hide excessive keywords by using white text on white background so that nobody can spot it. These texts or links are almost invisible to visitors. Keyword stuffing: Keyword stuffing occurs when you load your page with lots of Meta tags. It’s like overloading your site with keywords. Reporting competitor: Often site owners are found reporting on competitors. If it’s relevant it’sgood but if it’s not then you are the one who will be in trouble. Guest posting networks: Often guest posters are found to post on other pages and link their own page with the page where his/her article is posted. If the page of the guest poster is good then it’s all good, but if it’s poor then where the article is posted will get negative point as well.

  2. Content automation: content automation is a process where you create content in your website by automatic generation and by using script or tools. Article Spinning: Article spinning is also against search engine rules. This means to rewrite someone else’s article or make minor change and use it with your own name. Page with duplicate content and page with virus, Trojans are also considered as black hat SEO. There is also another one called Gray Hat SEO which refers to following rules and if needed breaking rules, which also cannot be a good method to follow. The result of black hat SEO might give you a little boost up for a short time but in the long run you will suffer. There are millions of websites and once you will fall behind, you can never stand up. So make sure you don’t practice black hat method and report if you find anyone doing so. Keep in mind that for a long- lasting business black hat can never be a choice. Article From ITcrocBlog