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  3. PLANT A plant is an organizational logistics unit that structures the enterprise from the perspective of production, procurement, plant maintenance, and materials planning A plant is a manufacturing facility or branch within a company

  4. STORAGE LOCATION The storage location is an organizational unit that allows the differentiation of material stocks within a plant Inventory management on a quantity basis is carried out at storage location level in the plant Physical inventory is carried out at storage location level

  5. MATERIAL MASTER MATERIAL MASTER DATA Sale: Sales org Relevant for sales and distribution Valid for: Sales organization distribution channel Basic data 1 Purchasing Other… Sales: General/plant data Relevant for engineering, materials planning, accounting,… Relevant for sales and distribution Relevant for all areas Relevant for materials management Valid for: Delivering plant Valid for all organizational units Valid for: Plant

  6. PROCESS MANUFACTURING FLOW Capture Customer Demand Schedule Production Analyze Quality Auto-Allocate Create Sales Order Procure Materials Capture Costs Analyze Variance Create Recipe (if custom) Produce Batch Ship Product Manage Regulatory Documents Assign Lots Update AR /GL

  7. FI Overview

  8. AT A GLANCE ERP System Sales CRM HR Service Project Planning Inventory Supply chain Financial

  9. SAP BIRD'S VIEW Finance and Accounting Operation & manufacturing Human Capital Management Supply Chain & Vendor Management Customer Relationship Management

  10. ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE PROCESS OVERIEW Financial Accounting • Process decompositions are the starting point for our process documentation. • They summarise what is involved in a the AR Process at a high level Accounts Receivable Master Data/ Credit management Invoice Processing Cash Receipting/ Payments Account Analysis & Reconciliation Periodic Processing Reporting

  11. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE PROCESS OVERIEW Financial Accounting • Process decompositions are the starting point for our process documentation. • They summarise what is involved in a the AP Process at a high level Accounts Receivable Master Data 45 Invoice Processing Sundry Logistics Payments/ Disbursements Account Analysis & Reconciliation Periodic Processing Reporting

  12. ASSET PROCESSING Project Systems Completed capital projects become assets Financial Accounting AM Transactions impact balance sheets and P&L Statements Fixed Asset Procurement Assets acquired via vendor Controlling Depreciation expense charged to cost canters Joint Venture JV assets operated will be managed by Asset Management Lease Cost Lease Information automatically creates transactions

  13. SUBLEDGER CONCEPTS Subledger Accounting Payables Receivables Projects General Ledger Cost Management Purchasing Cash Management Assets

  14. Data Flow from SLA to GL Transfer to GL SLA Tables Temporary interface table (gl_interface/ xla_glt_xxx) (xla_ae_headers xla_ae_lines xla_distribution_links) Journal Import GL Posting GL Balances GL Tables (gl_import_references gl_ie_headers gl_li_lines gl_ie_batches) (gl_balances)

  15. Sales and Distribution Module Overview

  16. EXPECTATIONS FROM THIS SESSION • To gain basic understanding about sales and distribution module • To get familiarized with ‘terminology’ in sales and distribution • To know more often used tables in sales and distribution

  17. Contents Organization structure in sales Overview of sales processes Master data in sales documents Sales document functions Sales document types Special business processes Reports in sales

  18. ORGANIZATIONAL UNITS IN SALES AND DISTRIBUTION • Company code • Sales area • Sales organization • Distribution channel • Division • Plant • Storage location • Shipping point Document R/3 l l

  19. ORGANIZATIONAL UNITS: COMPANY CODE • Legal entity and independent accounting unit • At company code level, you create: • Balance sheets required by law • Profit and loss statement Company code

  20. ORGANIZATIONAL UNITS: SALES ORGANIZATION • Responsible for: • Distributing goods and services • Negotiating sales conditions • Product liability and rights of recourse Sales organization

  21. ORGANIZATIONAL UNITS: DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL • Is a means through which sales materials reach the customer • Represents your strategies to distribute goods and/or services to your customer • For example: Wholesale trade, retail trade, internet trade,… Sales organization Distribution channel 1 Distribution channel 1

  22. ORGANIZATIONAL UNITS: DIVISION • Represents a product line • For example: Motorcycles, spare parts, services,… Sales organization Division 1 Division 2

  23. SALES AREA Sales organization Distribution channel 2 Berlin 1 Frankfurt Division 5 Internet 2 Retail trade 1 Wholesale trade Sales areas 1 Pumps 2 Motorcycles 3 Computers 3 Computers 2 Motorcycles 2 2 1 1 1 5 1 1 2 2 3 3 2 2 1

  24. SALES OFFICE AND SALES GROUP Sales area Sales officeSouthern region Sales officeNorthern region Sales office Group100 Group101 Group110 Group111 Group115 Sales group Young White Miller Lopez Cole Brown Bays Sales- person 1000 10 00

  25. ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT: SHIPPING POINT : Plant 2 Plant 2 Shipping point 1 Shipping point shipping point