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Intersection of Death

Intersection of Death. “Those squirrels are definitely suicidal.”. Inspiration. “The f%&#ing squirrels are out to get me, I swear.”. Substantiated outside the bubble. Shared squirrel mythology. The Campus Squirrel Listings http://www.gottshall.com/ squirrels/campsq.htm.

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Intersection of Death

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  1. Intersection of Death

  2. “Those squirrels are definitely suicidal.” Inspiration “The f%&#ing squirrels are out to get me, I swear.” Substantiated outside the bubble Shared squirrel mythology The Campus Squirrel Listings http://www.gottshall.com/ squirrels/campsq.htm Shared experience of bike frenzy Miller’s Law: the short-term memory can hold 7 +/- 2 things at a time. We want to push players past that threshold in a safe environment. “Hey, Wes, what are you doing [sitting at the clock tower]?” “Oh, watching bike accidents.”

  3. Point of View • Emotional appeal • Capitalize on a fantasy world overloaded with inside jokes. • Wide, viral audience • Attract people who: • are smart • learn quickly • don’t “play games”

  4. Fight for the Right to be Wee Game basics Build up your effigy to the Squirrel God to win back your ancestral campus! Scavenge acorns to use as weapons… Collect and squirrel away relics of wrecks…

  5. Game mechanics: Implicit tutorial

  6. Game mechanics: Setting up Controversy Squirrels start in respective corners

  7. Game mechanics: Actions: move / fire Player 2 acorns Player 2 movement Player 1 acorns Player 1 movement } } } }

  8. Game mechanics: [1] Scavenge acorns Approach acorn to collect See your arsenal grow

  9. Game mechanics: [2] Collect wrecks Approach wreck to collect See your total grow

  10. Build your effigy Sacrifice it to the Squirrel Deity to win back its favor, and your campus! Game mechanics: [3] Build effigy

  11. Custom settings: For test and play Quarter Deity Fall (many acorns) Winter (fewer) Spring (sparse) Time of day Bacchus (bribe him with a case of beer and small effigy) Athena (wise, medium effigy) Hera (jealous, hard to please, big effigy) Senior spring Small seminar Freshman IHUM

  12. Finishing effigy: “Stanford is mine!” Win scenarios: At many levels Killing your opponent: “You got owned!” Causing a wreck: “Awesome!” Getting through a cluster: “Phew!”

  13. Prototype demo

  14. “It’s pretty simple, actually, kind of like Frogger.” “I had a strategy, man… Stay in one place and move up and down.” “I’m just going to pick up the wrecks that you make and let you waste all of your acorns.” “It’s so complicated… I’ve never had to follow this many things in a game before.” “My strategy was to go kill the other squirrel.” “I like how you have to venture out to get the acorns and it’s terrifying.” Pairs responses

  15. First-person 3D graphics Larger worlds, more places to go Other packages If I Had A Million Dollars/Weeks

  16. First-person 3D graphics Larger worlds, more places to go Other packages If I Had A Million Dollars/Weeks Democrats in the South Pigeons in New York Cockroaches in Madagascar

  17. In the meantime: Video demo

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