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Male Infertility Treatment Clinic Delhi PowerPoint Presentation
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Male Infertility Treatment Clinic Delhi

Male Infertility Treatment Clinic Delhi

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Male Infertility Treatment Clinic Delhi

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  1. Dr. S.Basu | Dr. S.N.Basu Priory Clinic Male Infertility Best IVF Expert India • Contact: 9810119072

  2. About Male Infertility: Although most often, infertility is considered a female condition, it is quite a wrong belief. Close to 30% of the cases of infertility are due to male related issues and conditions. In many cases, although physical processes like erection and ejaculation can happen quite normally, the man may still be infertile. Therefore, in case there are any issues with conception even after trying regularly for 12 months, it is a good idea to have both the man and the women tested for infertility. Causes of male infertility: There is more than one reason for the inability of a man to contribute to conceiving. Some problems may arise due to physical damages like accidents and surgeries while some might even be genetic issues. The most common causes of male infertility are: Poor sperm quality Sometimes, the sperms that are produced may not be able to ‘swim’ as required to fertilize the egg. This condition is known as low sperm mobility. In other conditions, the sperm may be abnormally shaped due to external factors like cancer or medical procedures. Low Sperm Count In a healthy semen sample, there are close to 20 million sperms. However, in case the sperm count goes below 10 million, the man is considered to have a low sperm count. As there aren’t as many sperms released with each ejaculations, there are fewer chances of the egg being fertilized.

  3. About Male Infertility: Anti-sperm Antibodies Sometimes, there are antibodies present in the semen that affect the sperms negatively. These antibodies see the sperm as a threat to the body instead of as regular cells and fight against them. As a result, the production of sperm is greatly reduced. Although there aren’t many significant evidences to prove that anti-sperm antibodies cause male infertility, there are anti-sperm antibody tests that allow you to rule out the possibility completely. Sexual problems Any difficulty elated to sexual intercourse, such as erection or ejaculation issues can lead to problems with pregnancy. These problems are quite common with male infertility. Hormonal problems In some men, the pituitary glands fail to send hormonal messages or signals to the testes. This results in a condition where the testosterone levels are significantly low causing problems with the sperm count and sperm mobility. Blockage of vas deferens The primary function of the vas deferens is the transport of the sperms from the epididymis. Sometimes, blockages in the vas deferens may lead to difficulty with sperms being released with every ejaculation and therefore, leading to infertility.

  4. Priory IVF Clinic- Contact Us Address: 652, Ambika Apartments, Sector 14, Rohini , Delhi-110085 New Delhi-110085,IndiaContact: +91 9810119072Email Id: Website: