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OPC-3 Beauty Blend

OPC-3 Beauty Blend

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OPC-3 Beauty Blend

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  1. OPC-3 Beauty Blend • OPC-3 Beauty Blend is our beauty blend opc • OPC-3 Beauty Blend contains opc as our antioxidant to keep our bodies free of free radicals • These free radicals invade our bodies and cause severe skin damage • Vitamin E in OPC-3 Beauty Blend helps the skin to renew itself from past scarring • Biotin helps to prevent hair loss and to prevent dermatitis beauty is skin deep

  2. OPC-3 Beauty Blend • Hyaluronic acid is similar to synovial fluid, this is the fluid that is used as injections for the pain of arthritis • Hyaluronic acid can reduce inflammation of the ligaments and cartilage which can help in pain relief in arthritic individuals • So not only does OPC-3 Beauty Blend make us beautiful people but it can also relieve pain of arthritis

  3. Who needs OPC beauty blend • Individuals who may be suffering from heel pain • Individuals who suffer from constipation • People who suffer from hair loss • Individuals who have skin issues like rosacea • Individuals who have scars on their faces


  5. Who needs digestive enzymes • Anybody with malabsorption syndrome • Crohn’s disease and celiac disease • Constipation acid reflux disease and IBS • Bloatedness and yeast issues • Food allergies


  7. Coq10 cont’d • The deficiency appears to be caused by problems with producing the enzyme rather than a low intake from diet • Low levels of coq10 are seen in people with heart problems, AIDS and in the elderly • Coq10 is used to treat yeast infections, allergies cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, liver problems as well as obesity, Alzheimer's and muscular dystrophy • Energy production is this enzymes main role it transforms food into ATP (the energy that makes the body function)

  8. Who needs coq10 • Individuals with high blood pressure • Seizure disorders • Depression • Aids • Muscle loss and muscle weakness • Anybody taking statin drugs


  10. Aloe • Aloe is the permanent answer to constipation • It is not a laxative drinking 2 ozs of aloe everyday for 2 months is the answer • Aloe reduces inflammation of the esophagus as well inflammation in the intestines • As we reduce inflammation our bodies can recover from constipation • Aloe also is the beginning of detoxification • Before detox we clean our bodies with aloe • For stubborn constipation we have aloe pills

  11. Aloe • Ultimate aloe contains over 200 nutrients and is rich in enzymes amino acids vitamins and minerals • Our aloe also contains 20 amino acids, it also contains enzymes which play a role in reducing inflammation in the stomach • As you can see aloe starts the process of recovery from IBS

  12. Fountain of youth • Learn how to feel like you are a kid again

  13. Anti aging • We all are afraid of getting older • The first gray is a very scary moment for all of us • When we hurt every morning when we awaken we want to cry • It is so difficult to accept the aging process • We fear old age diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia • We do have an answer for your fears

  14. Alzheimer's and dementia • Alzheimer's is a disease where people start mind deterioration forgetfulness childlike behavior eventually leading to a condition where there is no recognition of family members • Dementia is usually caused by a vascular narrowing of the veins going to the brain the childlike behavior is not as evident but there is a shuffling when walking making walking very difficult

  15. Anti Aging Kit • Ultra Prime Secretagogue • Prime Longevity • Prime joint formula

  16. Ultra Prime • Prime is the natural remedy to aiding our body in producing HGH • Hgh supports the aging process in humans • Our bodies produce a significant amount of HGH until age 30 • After the age of 30 HGH production declines rapidly so we need to take action

  17. Prime cont’d • Prime will help stimulate HGH thus reducing some of the signs of early aging • The pituitary gland can be compromised by injuries to the spine • This is just an example of how important it can be to consider taking prime

  18. Who to recommend ultra prime to • Individuals looking for the fountain of youth • Individuals who suffer from hormonal deficiencies like low testosterone and low estrogen • Individuals with adrenal fatigue • Individuals interested in athletic performance • Individuals in body building competition

  19. Prime Longevity • AjiPureAjiPure BCAA has been instantized, meaning they have been developed through a unique production technology that allows for quicker dissolution in water and better bioavailability. Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) are considered essential, as they cannot be synthesized by the human body and, therefore, must be consumed through diet or supplementation. Studies indicate that BCAAs improve mental concentration and reduce and delay mental fatigue.

  20. Huperzine A • Huperzine A is derived from the fir moss Huperzia serrata, also known as Chinese club moss. It appears to have some antioxidant capabilities. Studies on huperzine A have shown it to be effective for improving memory. Huberzine A helps support the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Acetylcholine promotes normal learning, memory, cognitive well-being, healthy nerve transmission and proper muscle function. Huperzine A helps maintain normal concentration and promotes the duration of action of acetylcholine

  21. Who needs longevity • Dementia of Alzheimer’s in family • People with memory loss • Individuals who have muscle loss • Individuals who have inflammation in their bodies • Individuals with concentration issues

  22. Isotonix joint formula • More than 30% of adults experience joint pain • Aging impacts joints and joint comfort • Maintaining joint health is essential for overall health • There are hundreds of joints in the body • Individuals are looking to maintain activity level • Overweight and obesity

  23. Joint formula cont’d • There has been very little conclusive research to prove that MSM or chondroitin have any real affect on joint health. • It is also very difficult to absorb these substances into the body

  24. Joint formula cont’d • Pycnogenol ( pine bark extract ) reduces inflammation in the body • Glucosamine important component within synovial fluid. It is involved in the formation of the nails, tendons, skin, eyes, bones, ligaments, and heart valves. • Hyaluronic Acid Naturally diminishes with age

  25. Joint formula cont’d • Tissue hydration and lubrication inhibits enzymes which break down cartilage • Hyaluronic acid also helps in the production the body to produce synovial fluid to cushion the joints. • This formula in an isotonix form which means all of the ingredients are highly absorbed into the body

  26. Who benefits from joint formula • Individuals who have joint pain • Individuals who may have torn cartilage • Individuals who have scar tissue • Individuals who need hip or knee replacements • Individuals with back pain

  27. Prime Astaxanthin • Astaxathin is a carotenoid that is in salmon krill and lobster • It is a powerful antioxidant which can help lower cholesterol , blood pressure, triglycerides, and help to improve blood flow to the eyes • This comes from microalgae within indoor facilities thus no mercury

  28. Prime Astaxathin • This product is excellent for individuals over the age of 40 who have the beginnings of heart disease • It is delivered in 6mg. Servings which is essential for true effectiveness vs. many others on the market with only 2-4mg. • The structure of astaxathin (Astrareal) allows it to cover the cell membrane and provide antioxidant protection to all levels

  29. Who needs astaxanthin • Individuals who have high trigycerides • Individuals with high cholesterol • Individuals who have vision issues • individuals with dry eyes as well as individuals who have problems with eye focusing • People with very dry skin

  30. Curcumin Extreme • Curcumin tumeric root extract promotes normal cell activity • It also promotes neurological health as we age • Our curcumin has BCM95 which helps with bioavailability making the curcumin 8xs more bioavailable • Broccoli seed extract promotes normal production of detoxification enzymes

  31. Curcumin cont’d • Broccoli seed extract helps maintain healthy glutathione levels • It promotes apoptosis in unhealthy cells • Promotes a strong immune system • Selenium is a required cofactor for glutatione production • Proven research has demonstrated that it may be a glutathione peroxidase enzyme deficiency which is very common amongst Alzheimer's patients

  32. AGE Defense formula • Helps maintain a normal level of advanced Glycation End Products • Helps maintain healthy aging , promotes normal glucose levels , helps support a healthy endocrine system , supports a healthy pancreas , supports circulation , helps support normal DNA and RNA function and helps maintain normal cell function

  33. Age Defense cont’d • Thiamin ( as Benfotamine ) Oral Benfotamine is absorbed into the intestinal wall . This nutrient has been found to clear away glucose that has not been metabolized . The glucose that is not metabolized causes rapid aging. Thiamin also improves oxygenation. • Taurine benefits include supporting the heart vision and brain health as we age

  34. AGE defense cont’d • American ginseng root can help the body maintain proper immune balance under stress and help to combat fatigue and help maintain normal blood glucose levels. • Cinnamon Bark extract is high in powerful antioxidant properties and can promote digestive health. It promotes the normal transport of circulating glucose to be used as energy. • N-acetylcysteine helps maintain healthy levels of glutathione in the liver plasma and lungs. Also detoxifies and supports the heart

  35. Prime Dreamz • Helps give you a deep restful sleep, improves sleep quality, and stabilizes mood • Magnesium deficiency is sometimes associated with frequent nocturnal awakenings The mineral has been natures physiological calcium blocker because it appears to regulate the intracellular flow of calcium ions. • Passion Flower promotes relaxation

  36. Dreamz cont’d • Chamomile treats insomnia for its calming effects attributed to the flavonoids • Melatonin is a neurohormone produced in the brain by the pituitary. Levels of melatonin in the blood are highest prior to bedtime. It works synergistically with L-tryptophan to aid in sleep

  37. Prime Time for men • Supports the male libido as well as endurance and strength and healthy sperm count • Horny goat weed is thought to work via modulation of cortisol levels which in turn can support libido and enhance energy levels • Schizandra originate from red berries can help promote sexual vitality physical strength and enhance endurance

  38. Prime time cont’d • Panax ginseng is used to enhance physical and sexual performance and mental performance, can also promote normal sperm count • Tribulus Terrestris Maintains normal testosterone levels • Ginkgo Biloba promotes men’s sexual health and erection quality • Zinc plays a part in testosterone physiology and because the prostate depends on zinc it supports a healthy prostate

  39. Heart Health • Opc and B complex will aid in Heart Health as we have seen earlier. The following products can assist as well • So many individuals are suffering from High blood pressure as well as high cholesterol and high triglycerides. The following products may very well assist in the prevention of future heart disease.

  40. Lipitrim • Helps promote delivery of healthy levels of LDL throughout the body • Promotes a normal rate of cholesterol production • Helps maintain healthy levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides • Supports normal synthesis of triglycerides in the liver

  41. Liptrim cont’d • Palm tocotrienols are members of the vitamin E family and are extracted from the palm tree. • Some of the key areas of interest have centered on its role in maintaining and support a healthy cardiovascular system by helping to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and supporting healthy blood platelet activity

  42. Optimal Wellness Kit • B complex 30 day • Omega 30 Day • Multi vitamin 30 day • Retail $49.00 • Suggested retail $82.00

  43. Omegas • Improve skin and hair • Reduce blood pressure • Aid in the prevention of arthritis • Lower cholesterol and triglycerides • Reduce the risk of blood clot formation • EFAs aid in the transmission of nerve impulses and are needed for the normal functioning of the brain

  44. Our omegas the best • Market America’s Omega-III • Contains 1500 mg fish oil per soft gelatin capsule • 33% EPA • 22% DHA • Contains natural d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) to prevent rancidity • Antioxidant • Lemon-flavored fill • Meets USP specifications

  45. Mercury is gone • Fish Oil Purity • Fish oil source • Purest wild Sardine and Anchovy • Fished in cold, pristine waters off South American coast • Significantly fewer environmental impurities • Molecular distillation • A process that removes unwanted contaminants, including heavy metals (mercury) and PCBs from fish oil • No fear of mercury poisoning

  46. Intense FX • Promotes energy • Supports mental focus • Fast acting Formula • Great berry Flavor • Mild thermogenic effect • Quick dissolving tablets

  47. Intense FX • Contains caffeine, thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, vitamin b12 , taurine, arginine, green tea extract • These tablets provide long lasting physical and mental energy • Supports your body’s own energy systems in providing sustainable energy • Caffeine , green tea extract and amino acids help deliver energy much faster and reduces possibility of crashing afterwards

  48. Level 90 • Can help to support normal blood sugars and can be used along with isochrome • The ingredients in level 90 work together maintain healthy blood sugar levels and promotes uptake and use of blood glucose • Glucomanna a soluble fiber that delays stomach emptying and promotes gradual absortion of blood sugars from the intestines

  49. Level 90 cont’d • Alpha lipoic acid supports normal insulin sensitivity • Gymenema sylvestre reduces sugar cravings • American Ginseng is also helpful in maintaining normal blood sugar levels • Magnesium supports the regulation of body energy thus supplying energy to help to lower sugars • Zinc aids on carbohydrate metabolism