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Tricks to create attractive dental website PowerPoint Presentation
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Tricks to create attractive dental website

Tricks to create attractive dental website

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Tricks to create attractive dental website

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  1. Tricks to Create Attractive Dental Website If we look good online, our brand feels good. These words have become a major rule in the modern world of technologies. Dental websites are not an exception. This article will help you to find out what are the best practices to apply to your own dental website to attract more visitors and convert them to your patients. Essential Contact Information Imagine you need a dentist and you use google search to to find some dental websites. You click on the page and start searching for contact information. And you can't find it easily. That is a disaster for every dental website. Mostly, people don't have time to spend minutes searching for your phone number or exact location. If they don't see these details as soon as they open you page they will just leave. Put all essential information in your contact page, including exact location and directions, working hours and your phone number.

  2. Know Who Are Your Audience Dental web pages generally have only two type of visitors: people who are you patients and people who may become you patients. So, you web page should be built for them. Encourage you visitors to take actions. Allow them to make appointments via webpage using simple form. Create A mobile Friendly Page While several years ago nobody thought that they would need mobile friendly web pages, nowadays it is a must. Most people use their smartphones to search and visit webpages. What does it mean to have mobile friendly webpage? ●It should load fast - delays can cause you visitors to leave and continue their search

  3. ●It should be easy to navigate - nobody wants to get lost in a dental website. ●It should be designed/adapted for mobile screen size - use big texts, so people can easily read them from their smartphones. Put only necessary information on your homepage. The ‘About-us Page’ If you website is easy enough to navigate and has all necessary information in it you are not guaranteed that the visitors will become you clients. That is a good start, but surely not enough. The "about" page plays the biggest role in the process of converting your visitors to customers. You should write quality text showing your experience and education in dentistry. The text should not be too big but it must give your visitors a clue about who you are and why they should choose you. Put you picture in the "about" page too. The ‘Review Section’ Let you visitor know what your patients think about you and your services. This section will help you to make your website more attractive and trustworthy for

  4. people. You can also post some video about happy patients and their before and after photos (of course if they agree) on this page. Want to know more ways to boosting the business of your dental websites? Look for the other PDF by the same author.