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Heather A. Zwiker Health Educator PowerPoint Presentation
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Heather A. Zwiker Health Educator

Heather A. Zwiker Health Educator

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Heather A. Zwiker Health Educator

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  1. Heather A. Zwiker Health Educator Trident Public Health District

  2. Learning Objective Recognize healthy and unhealthy behaviors to encourage positive decision-making skills. Trident Public Health District

  3. Problem South Carolina Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance has indicated that in the Trident Public Health District there is a significant increase in the percent of students between 6th and 12th grade who have used tobacco. Trident Public Health District

  4. Methods The CDC’s SC YRBS showed that 21% of 6th grade students reported they have used tobacco. The percentage of students reporting tobacco use increases steadily through the grade levels, with 57% of 12th grade students reporting they have used tobacco. While attending the Kids in Motion program, students learn about healthy lifestyle choices by engaging in various physical activities and skills building exercises. As a component of this life skills training, tobacco prevention education is provided using the “Project TNT: Toward No Tobacco Use” curriculum. Trident Public Health District

  5. Methods • As a component of life skills training, tobacco prevention education is provided using the “Project TNT: Toward No Tobacco Use” curriculum. • Nutrition education is provided by a Nutritionist from Trident Public Health District. Trident Public Health District

  6. Methods • Physical activity is a major component of the “Kids In Motion” Program. • Measurements for height, weight, quality & number of sit-ups & push-ups, shuttle run time, and a half-mile run/walk are taken the first and last week of the program. • 3 physical activity goals incorporating the initial measurements are written with the assistance of health educators. • Students are tested on their goals every 2 months. Incentives are given to participants for attendance, personal goal attainment, and program completion. Trident Public Health District

  7. Results The final results of this program will be available in January 2004. This is a year-long program, which also has a summer camp component. Students’ scores from a pre and post tobacco quiz and physical activity scores will be compared. To date students in the program have shown improvement in their physical activity goals and have demonstrated their knowledge of tobacco use prevention in class discussions and projects. Trident Public Health District

  8. Conclusions Combined, the physical activity and tobacco education components have helped add variety to the lessons and allowed the students to express themselves in a safe and healthy environment. Trident Public Health District

  9. Recommendations Incorporate a large physical activity component into the tobacco use prevention program. • By incorporating physical activity the children are better able to concentrate on the lessons taught in the classroom and are less likely to become bored with the material. • Smokers often use tobacco as an ice-breaker to meet new people, to show sophistication, or to help them lose or maintain their weight. Physical activity shows the children that options such as games or sports are better alternatives to using tobacco. Trident Public Health District

  10. Recommendations Use “Project T.N.T.” Towards No Tobacco Use curriculum recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. • “Project T.N.T.” curriculum is a proven method for tobacco use prevention. • The teacher’s guide takes the instructor step-by-step through the lessons, and includes worksheets, skits, role-plays, videos, and games to use in class. • Each student receives their own workbook that they get to keep at the end of the program. The students can review their workbook any time they may feel pressured to use tobacco in the future. • Lessons include, but are not limited to: self-esteem, being true to yourself & changing negative thoughts, assertiveness training & refusal skills, and advocating for no tobacco use. Trident Public Health District

  11. Recommendations • Form partnerships with other groups, organizations, and schools. • By forming partnerships with other groups, • organizations, and schools more resources • are available to the program. • Partners can offer: • Youth that fit your target population. • Employees to help with the program. • Volunteers to help with the program. • Money (Grants / Donations) • Incentives / Prizes • Promotional Items • Equipment / Facilities Trident Public Health District

  12. Recommendations • Partnerships also help keep costs down for the • program and the participants. • The more partners available the less each partner has to • spend to support the program. • Our partners have been generous and we only ask for a • $5.00 donation from participants. The donation goes • into a fund for an end of the school family field day. • Some participants and parents prefer to donate time or • supplies for the family field day rather than the $5.00. Trident Public Health District

  13. Start-Up Cost Provided By Trident Public Health District

  14. Current “Kids In Motion” Sponsors • School Sponsors (Grades 5 &6): • Minnie Hughes Elementary School • Jane Edwards Elementary School • E.B. Ellington Elementary School • St. Andrew’s Elementary School of Math and Science • C.E. Williams Middle School Trident Public Health District

  15. Special Thanks • Raymond Barteet • Jennie Bell • Karen Hill • Thelma Sanders • Ben Tolomea Trident Public Health District

  16. Contact FOR MORE INFO... Heather A. Zwiker, Health Educator South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Trident Public Health District 4050 Bridge View Drive, Suite 600 Charleston, South Carolina 29405 Phone: (843) 746-3868 E-Mail: Trident Public Health District