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  1. THE WORK ORDERED DAY The purpose of W.O.D... And how to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  2. What is the PURPOSE of the WORK ORDERED DAY?

  3. Medicaid The work ordered day is a primary component of the program and provides an opportunity for members to regain self-worth, purpose and confidence.

  4. ICCD-19: • All work in the clubhouse is designed to help members regain self-worth, purpose and confidence; it is not intended to be job-specific training.


  6. How do we bring about self-worth, confidence and purpose?

  7. Know what colleagues interests are • Acknowledgement • Encourage colleagues to do more than they think they can do

  8. What is MY purpose in the Work Ordered Day?

  9. Medicaid • Members are actively engaged and supported on a regular basis by clubhouse staff in the activities and tasks that they have chosen.

  10. ICCD Standard #15a • The work-ordered day engagesmembers and staff together side-by-sidein the running of the clubhouse. teamwork

  11. Medicaid • Members establish their own schedule of attendance and choose a unit that they will regularly participate in during the work-ordered day.


  13. How can our clubhouse better engage, support, and encourage colleagues to make important decisions within the W.O.D.?

  14. Be sure than no one does a job alone • Make your task sign-up board large, easy to read, and include every little task that needs to be accomplished • Ask colleagues to try something new… and do it with them. • Encourage members to identify themselves with a specific unit

  15. How do we motivate Members to participate in the Work Ordered Day?

  16. URGENCY!!! ENGAGE!!!

  17. Create urgency within the W.O.D. • Everyone needs to know deadlines… • Personal time on the computer happens AFTER the W.O.D. • Hours of clubhouse reflect regular business hours • Break large jobs down to small tasks

  18. Every job… for everyone! • There should be no jobs within the clubhouse that are “off limits” to members. • Have pride in your clubhouse space! Add tasks to make your clubhouse more beautiful, welcoming and conducive to recovery.

  19. Unit Meetings… • Unit meetings set the tone for the Work Ordered Day. Have meetings at a set time, and have a set structure. Also, be sure to include a personal sharing or check in time. • Suggestions of items to include in your unit meetings: Announcements, Job/Task Sign-ups, Read the Daily Post-It (or whatever you daily publication is called). • Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  20. Medicaid • The work-ordered day is made up of those tasks and activities necessary for the operation of the clubhouse and typically occurs during normal work hours.

  21. ICCD-17 • The clubhouse is open at least five days a week. The work ordered day parallels typical work hours.

  22. ICCD-18 • The clubhouse is organized into one or more work units, each of which has a sufficient staff, members, and meaningful work to sustain a full and engaging work-ordered day. • Unit meetings are held to foster relationships as well as to organize and plan the work of the day.

  23. Keeping focus on the W.O.D.

  24. Review Standards in unit meetings and in whole house meetings…discuss them! • Post Standards in key places around the clubhouse • Remind each other about purpose of work ordered day

  25. Make knowledge available so that members are not dependent on staff to complete needed work • Have your list of Unit tasks visible, along with the procedures for each task

  26. ICCD-15 • The work-ordered day engagesmembers and staff together side-by-sidein the running of the clubhouse. • The clubhouse focuses on strengths, talents, and abilities; therefore, the work-ordered day must not include medication clinics, day treatment or therapy programs within the clubhouse.

  27. Medicaid • The work-ordered day is carried out in organization units defined by the clubhouse that accomplish the work necessary to operate the clubhouse and meet the community living needs of the members, such as housing and transportation.

  28. A few more standards to consider…

  29. Medicaid • Although participation in the work ordered day provides opportunities to develop a variety of interpersonal and vocationally related skills, it is not intended to be job-specific training.

  30. ICCD-20 • Members have the opportunity to participate in all of the clubhouse, including administration, research, intake and orientation, reach out, hiring, training and evaluation of staff, public relations, advocacy and evaluation of clubhouse effectiveness.

  31. Member participation in the work ordered day provides experiences that will support members’ recovery, and is designed to assist members to acquire personal, community, and social competencies and to establish and navigate environmental support systems. Medicaid

  32. ICCD-16 • The work done in the clubhouse is exclusively the work generated by the clubhouse in the operation and enhancement of the clubhouse community. • No work for outside individuals or agencies, whether for pay or not, is acceptable work in the clubhouse. • Members are not paid for any clubhouse work, nor are there any artificial rewards systems.

  33. Discussion… • Any comments??? • Any questions???