dr ralph johnson bunche n.
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Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche PowerPoint Presentation
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Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche

Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche

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Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche

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  1. Dr. Ralph Johnson Bunche “Commemorating The Man, The Institution, The Great Example of Our Time” 2003 – 2004 The University of the West Indies (Mona)

  2. Ralph Bunche not long after his birth in Detroit.

  3. Ralph Bunche at 5 years old, 1910 in Detroit.

  4. Ralph Bunche Portrait, 1949

  5. The Bunche’s

  6. Dr. RalphBunchein1959

  7. Mrs. Ralph Bunche was in Detroit in 1972 for the unveiling of a historical placque marking the birthplace of her late husband on Detroit's lower east side.

  8. Bunche's two daughters, Joan, left, and Jane, students at Westtown School in Westtown, Pa., in 1949.

  9. Despite his world status, Bunche and his family were not immune to racial bigotry. In 1959, Bunche and his son, Ralph Jr. were told by the president of New York's West Side Tennis Club that they could not join the club because it did not accept Negroes or Jews as members.

  10. Ralph Johnson Bunche

  11. Ralph Bunche and Eleanor Roosevelt, widow of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, act as jurors to select the most acceptable color for the first anthropologically correct black doll in New York in 1951.

  12. Bunche was an outstanding athlete at UCLA, playing basketball, football and baseball.

  13. Bunche, right, at a table with U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Adlai Stevenson and Mrs. Rudolph Bing, wife of the Metropolitan Opera's general manager, at the opening of the Met's 79th season in 1963.

  14. Dr. Ralph J. Bunche in his UN office, 1956

  15. Dr. Ralph Bunche, left, and UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold confer in Leopoldville, the Congo, in 1960. Bunche was trying to pave the way for UN troops to enter the breakaway province of Katanga during the Congo Republic's bloody civil war.

  16. Ralph Bunche chairing the signing of the Egyptian-Israeli Armistice Agreement in Rhodes, Hotel des Roses, Island of Rhodes, 24 February 1949

  17. Ralph Bunche ActingU.N. Mediator for PalestinePalais de Chaillot, Paris, 19 Oct. 1948

  18. Ralph Bunche and Mrs. Roosevelt, 1949

  19. Dr. Martin Luther King, Mrs. King, and Dr. Ralph Bunche at the UN headquartersUnited Nations, NY, 4 December 1964

  20. Ralph Bunche, Principal Director of the Division of Trusteeship and Mr. Japhet Kirito, member of the Wa-Meru Tribe from Central African Trust Territory.United Nations NY 21 July 1952

  21. Decolonization

  22. Ralph Bunche with members of his staff of the Africa Research Section of OSS (1944)

  23. The Ralph Bunche Poster

  24. Ralph Bunche: a peacemaker in war laden times

  25. Ralph Bunche on the March from Selma to Mongomery

  26. Ralph Bunche and President John F. Kennedy, 1964

  27. Ralph Bunche Peace Mediator

  28. The Ralph Bunche Centenary Stamp (United Nations)

  29. Ralph Bunche with President Lyndon B. Johnson and Secretary General U. Thant

  30. Ralph Bunche standing in front of the UN

  31. Ralph Bunche Portrait

  32. Boarding the UN Mediator's airplane with Count Folk Bernadotte

  33. The words of U Thant describing Ralph Bunche

  34. A Reflective Bunche (UCLA)

  35. A portrait of Ralph Bunche, May 1959

  36. Ralph Bunche the Boy, Ralph Bunche the Man

  37. Ralph Bunche: the Civil Rights Activist

  38. Nobel Peace Prize Oslo, Norway December 10, 1950

  39. Ralph Bunche Nobel Certificate

  40. Acceptance Speech at Nobel Presentation CeremonyOslo, Norway December 10, 1950

  41. Ralph Bunche recalls

  42. The End “However, his Legacy lives on.”