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SOL 16

SOL 16. Present day challenges. Least Developed Nations:. As people migrate, they become challenges, those fleeing trouble seeking a safe place in a new country would be called ___________. A: Refugees. . Iraqi Refugees.

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SOL 16

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  1. SOL 16 Present day challenges

  2. Least Developed Nations:

  3. As people migrate, they become challenges, those fleeing trouble seeking a safe place in a new country would be called ___________. A: Refugees.

  4. Iraqi Refugees

  5. Migration of __________ to European cities is one challenge facing both parties. A: “Guest Workers”

  6. Ethnic conflicts between Muslims and Jews are prevalent in _____________ A: The Middle East

  7. Arab Israeli Conflict in the middle east

  8. Ethnic and religious conflict is seen today in: A: Northern Ireland The Balkans The Horn of Africa South Asia

  9. New Technologies create challenges because of widespread but unequal access to ___________ A: Computers

  10. Computers

  11. _____________ engineering and bioethics are controversial topics today. A: Genetic

  12. Genetic Engineering

  13. Economic development and population growth are having an impact on the ___________ in the form of pollution, loss of habitats, and climate changes (ex; global warming) A: Environment

  14. Environmental Impacts

  15. _____________ nations are more likely to have higher literacy rates, better access to health care, and tend to be located in Europe and North America. A: Developed

  16. ____________ nations have very rapid population growth, but less wealth, standard of living and poorer economic conditions. . A: Developing

  17. Developing Nations

  18. ______________ economies produce rising standards of living and an expanding middle class. A: Free-Market

  19. The Free Market

  20. _________ and __________ are examples of Free economies that are experiencing growth and benefitting their people. A: Taiwan and South Korea.

  21. The Asian Tigers

  22. The countries of the world are increasingly ___________ on one another for raw materials, markets, and financial resources. A: Dependant

  23. Global interdependence

  24. This Economic Interdependence has led to _________ corporations that exist across boundaries A: multinational

  25. Multinational Corporations

  26. Faster ___________ and ___________ have facilitated and been affected by increased interdependence. Faster computer networks are an example. A: Transportation and Communication

  27. Transportation and Communication

  28. The ___________ is an example of Regional integration in Europe, where the nations have pulled together for mutual gain. A: European Union

  29. The European Union

  30. Examples of Trade aggreements include: _______ and the __________ A: NAFTA (North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement) WTO (World Trade Organization)

  31. NAFTA and the WTO

  32. International organizations such as the ___________ and the ___________ are further examples of the changing roles of international boundaries and cooperation. A: UN (United Nations) IMF (International Monetary Fund)

  33. The United Nations

  34. The last 50 years have seen instances of __________, the use of violence and threats to intimidate and coerce for political reasons. Religious extremism is a major cause. A: Terrorism

  35. Terrorism

  36. The attacks at the __________ Olympics in 1972 is an example of terrorism A: Munich Olympics

  37. On _________, religious extremists attacked the United States. __________ was behind these attacks. A: 9/11/2001 Osama Bin Laden

  38. Terrorists use varied methods, such as: _________, _________ and _________ A: Car Bombings Suicide Bombers Airplane Hijackers

  39. Governments have responded to terrorism with increased security at ________ and ______, using ID badges and photos. Increased surveillance and revisiting privacy rights have emerged. A: Ports and airports

  40. Increased Security

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