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UC Santa Cruz

UC Santa Cruz. C enter For I nformation T echnology R esearch In The I nterest Of S ociety A Partnership for California’s Future University • Industry • Government R. H. Katz, Interim Director J. Demmel, Chief Scientist. Welcome. CITRIS Overview Agenda. Center Vision

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UC Santa Cruz

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  1. UC Santa Cruz Center For Information Technology ResearchIn The Interest Of SocietyA Partnership for California’s Future University • Industry • Government R. H. Katz, Interim Director J. Demmel, Chief Scientist

  2. Welcome

  3. CITRIS Overview Agenda • Center Vision • Management Philosophy and Organization • CITRIS Research Facilities • Structure of the Day • Summary and Conclusions

  4. Technology Invention in a Social Context: Quality of Life Impact • Energy Efficiency • Transportation Planning • Monitoring Health Care

  5. Technology Invention in a Social Context: Quality of Life Impact • Education • Land and Environment • Disaster Response

  6. Societal-Scale Applications Beyond desktop Huge scale Can’t fail Applications Pull New Distributed System Architectures Scalable, Utility, Diverse Access Always connected Distributed intelligence Smart displays, cameras, sensors Technology Push Technological Breakthroughs CITRIS Scientific Vision Societal-Scale Applications Societal-Scale Applications

  7. Massive Cluster Clusters Gigabit Ethernet “Server” Scalable, Reliable, Secure Services “Client” Information Appliances MEMS BioMonitoring Societal-Scale Systems New System Architectures New Enabled Applications Diverse, Connected, Physical, Virtual, Fluid

  8. Societal-Scale Information System (SIS) • Information Utility • Planetary-scale/non-stop; secure, reliable, high-performance access, even when overloaded, down, disconnected, under repair, under attack • Smart System • Learns usage/adapts functions & interfaces • Managing Diversity • Component plug-and-play; integrate sensors / actuators, hand-held appliances, workstations, building-sized cluster supercomputers • Always Connected • Short-range wireless nets to high-bandwidth, high-latency long-haul optical backbones

  9. Industrial Support “I believe we are now entering the Renaissance phase of the Information Age, where creativity and ideas are the new currency, and invention is a primary virtue, where technology truly has the power to transform lives, not just businesses, where technology can help us solve fundamental problems.” Carly Fiorina, CEO, Hewlett Packard Corporation Founding Corporate Members of CITRIS

  10. CITRIS Principles for Investigators and Sponsors • Bottom-up Institute: portfolio ofevolving multi-investigator, inter-disciplinary, and/or intercampus Collaborative Research Projects: Core and Affiliated • Faculty affiliation through CITRIS CRPs • Subsidized access to research infrastructure & opportunity “seed” funds • Industrial sponsors, in consultation with Director, direct funding to specific projects • Industrial sponsors retain relationships with faculty investigators and project teams • Open intellectual property framework

  11. Increasing the Pie Larger-Scale, Higher Impact Research Increasing the Competitive Edge Subsidized Access Space Resources Incentives for Research & Collaboration Better Public Relations Better Admin Support True Engagement Commitment to Teamwork Commitment to Excellence Acknowledging CITRIS Achieving the State Match CITRIS Benefits and Obligations

  12. CITRIS Management Organization Chancellor Director Assoc Director, UCB Assoc Director, UCD Assoc Director, UCSC Exec Director Assoc Director, UCM Outreach & Communications Inter-campus Coordination Chief Scientist Business Mgr Facilities Management Personnel Research Council Education Council Applications Engineering Systems Foundations Res Infra Tech Enhanced Education Curriculum & Evaluation Graduate Groups Certificate Programs Asst Dir/Admin Contracts and Grants Finance and Budget

  13. Chancellor Director ChiefScientist CITRIS Advisory Structure Education Coordinating Council Management Advisory Board InstituteGoverning Board Technical Advisory Board Executive Committee Research Coordinating Council Institute Advisory Board

  14. CITRIS Director CandidateProf. Ruzena Bajcsy • Distinguished engineer, member of NAE/NIM • Senior professor at UPenn, with appointments in CIS, MechE, Medical School • Established & ran major interdisciplinary research laboratory • Major leadership & management experience in DC federal agencies—Assistant Director, CISE, NSF • Served as Department Chair, 1986-1990 • Highly influential among leaders of CS field and national research funding circles • Strong advocate for women in technical careers

  15. Institute Advisory Board • Management Advisory Board • Chaired by Chancellor Berdahl/Berkeley • Executive Vice Chancellors and Deans of Engineering at Berkeley, Davis, Merced, Santa Cruz • Vice Chancellor Research@Berkeley • Senior Management Leadership of Founding Corporate Members • Technical Advisory Board • Chaired by Chief Scientist, Director Ex Officio • Senior Technical Leadership of Founding Corporate Members • Distinguished International Academic and Government Researchers

  16. CITRIS Leadership • Interim Director: Randy Katz • Associate Director and Chief Scientist: James Demmel • Inter-campus ExCom Reps: Pat Mantey, Zuhair Munir • Research Coordination Council • Adib Kanafani – Applications, CEE, UCB • David Culler – SIS, EECS, UCB • Dave Patterson – Foundations, EECS, UCB • Ben Yoo - Research Infrastructure, ECE, UCD • Pamela Samuelson - Public Policy, Law/SIMS, UCB • Manuel Castells – Societal Engagement, CRP/Soc, UCB • Annalee Saxenian - Societal Engagement, CRP, UCB • Education Coordination Council: Paul Wright • Marcia Linn, Education, UCB • Mike Clancy, Comp Sci, UCB • Pat Mantey, ECE/UCSC • Jeff Wright, Dean of Engineering, UCM • Davis Representative, TBD

  17. CITRIS Organization Technical vision, strategic oversight, inter-campus coordination, strategic industrial interactions, fund raising, Center promotion Director Focus on detailed research program, road maps, interactions among sub- programs, chair of Technical Advisory Board Chief Scientist/Assoc. Director Day-to-day mgmt of Center communi- cations & industrial relations; assists Director with fund raising; linkage to State agencies, Legislature, & Regents ExecutiveDirector

  18. CITRIS Organization ManagementAdvisoryBoard Overall guidance for Center; program reviews, topic prioritization, feedback on directions, linkage to industrial partners & technology transfer; Technical advice, guidance, feedback on research program; composed of industry, national labs, external academic advisors; TechnicalAdvisoryBoard Assists D & AD in detailed coordinationof R & ed across campuses; guides R & measures progress against technical goals; meets quarterly ResearchCoordinationCouncil

  19. CITRIS Organization Assists Director in resource allocation, policy decisions, operation of Center; monitors progress against educational and research goals; meets monthly ExecutiveCommittee Assists D in coor of ED outreach; needs & feedback on course effectiveness related to CITRIS tech and links to industrial partners; meets quarterly EducationCoordinationCouncil Internal day-to-day mgmt of Center/facilities & staff, construction, & budget; contracts & grants, & their coordinationamong campuses Assist DirectorAdministration

  20. New CITRIS Facilities Cory Hall EECS • Cory Refurbishment (Berkeley) • CITRIS Building (Berkeley) • Engineering Building (Santa Cruz) • CITRIS Network (Davis, Berkeley, Merced, SC) Soda Hall EECS

  21. Research Facilities and Testbeds

  22. Plan for the Day 1000-1005 Welcome, TBD 1005-1030 CITRIS Overview, Randy Katz, UCB 1030-1100 CITRIS Scientific Program, James Demmel, UCB 1100-1200 CITRIS Research Infrastructure Panel 1200-1215 CITRIS Instructional Technology 1215-1300 Box Lunch 1300-1315 Brad De Long, UCB, “The New Economy” 1315-1500 Breakout Sessions: (1) Smart Classrooms, (2) Energy Management/Smart Buildings, (3) Emergency Response, (4) Transportation, (5) Biomedical Alert, (6) Environmental Management 1500-1515 Break 1515-1600 Report Outs and Next Steps 1600-1700 Poster Session/Cocktails

  23. Summary and Conclusions • An Institute • Long-lived, evolving mix of projects • Initial focus is Societal-Scale Information Systems • Emphasizes collaborative research/education • Industry partnership—helps shape Institute agenda, proven models of tech transfer • Drive lifelong learning thru UC Merced and beyond • Technology in Context: societal problems focus and integrate the research • Technology spin-offs plus key architectural & technical insights

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