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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz. Jamielyn , Mark, Andrea, Mrs.Ramirez Social Studies Febuary 23, 2018. Mission Established.

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Santa Cruz

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  1. Santa Cruz Jamielyn, Mark, Andrea, Mrs.Ramirez Social Studies Febuary 23, 2018

  2. Mission Established Santa Cruz was founded on August 28,1791 under the overall leadership of Fr. Fermin Lasuen, the second Father President of the mission chain. The founding missionaries (the men who were responsible for building the mission day-in and day-out in its initial years) were Fr. Isidro Salazar and Fr.

  3. Mission Life The Santa Cruz Natives leather products, made wine and olive oil, they harvested crops, fruits, vegetable gardens, made soap, and made candles. The Spanish soldiers protected the Spanish from native American attacks. During the Santa Cruz Mission the people do different things depending if they are male or female. If you are a male then you do things like farming and growing crops. If you are a female then you do things like cleaning and basket weaving.

  4. Mission Tradition Some of the Fathers allowed their neophytes to continue to go hunt and gather additional foods and to cook some of their traditional dishes. The neophytes are the Southern Valley Yokutsand the northern Valley Yokuts

  5. Mission Agriculture Pictures

  6. Mission Agriculture Cont. • Santa Cruz’s first industry and remains of a keystone of the country’s economy was farming. They hire 1 out of the 8 local workers. • Nearly 2/3rds of the total production (during 2014) was generated by berries, led by strawberries. • The nursery crops (aka cutting flowers, greens and nursery stock it was for another 20% of total value. • Vegetables make up to 10% and the balance is generated by apples, wine grapes, other tree fruits, vine fruits, livestock, and timber.

  7. Mission History Pictures

  8. Mission History The Santa Cruz Mission was originally founded by Padre Fermin Lasuen on August 28, 1791, on the San Lorenzo river’s flood plain. It was one of the smallest missions, in the fourth military district under protection of the Presidio of San Francisco. Also , during the Santa Cruz Mission a person vandalized the village with red threatening paint.

  9. Santa Cruz Mission Founder Santa Cruz was founded August 28, 1791 under the overall leadership of Fr.FerminLasuen ( Junipero Serra), the second father of the mission chain. The founding missionaries (the men who were responsible for building the mission day and night in its initial years)were Fr.Isidro and Fr.Baldomero Lopez.

  10. People of the Mission Pictures

  11. People of the Mission Cont Indians of the language family which anthropologists call Costanoan occupied the area from Monterey up to San Francisco . Costanoan is derived from the Spanish word meaning “coast people”. Another general term used to designate speakers of the Coastanoan language is Ohlone.

  12. Mission Geography Pictures

  13. Mission Geography • The Santa Cruz river flows north in the center of the AMA • Sonoita Creek runs from the eastern AMA boundary to its confluence with the Santa Cruz River near RIO Rico. • The lowest point in the AMA is at 3,000 feet where the Santa Cruz River that exits in the AMA.


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