iditarod jargon n.
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Iditarod Jargon

Iditarod Jargon

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Iditarod Jargon

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  1. Iditarod Jargon

  2. Perseverance The act of persistence; activity maintained in spite of difficulties

  3. Fatigue A loss of strength that is caused by hard work or mental effort

  4. Athabascan A tribe of Northern Canadian and Alaskan natives

  5. Veteran A person who is experienced at their work

  6. Rookie A person who has just joined a group and has no experience.

  7. Siberian Husky Medium sized Northern breed of dog

  8. Malamute A large husky type dog

  9. Booties A type of sock that is made to protect the dog’s feet from small cuts and sores.

  10. Mush “Go” or “Go faster”- said as an order to a team of dogs pulling a sled

  11. Gee Used to direct dogs or other animals to the RIGHT

  12. Haw Use to direct animals to the LEFT

  13. Runners The long narrow parts on which a sled or an ice skate glides

  14. Pedaling Pushing the sled with one foot while the other remains on the runner.

  15. Rigging Lines of a racing sled like chains, rope, or wire

  16. Gang Line Main rope that runs forward from the sled

  17. Stake A stick pr post sharpened at one end for driving into the ground, used as a support, boundary mark, or post.

  18. Tether A rope or chain used to fasten a horse, donkey, or other animal- to keep it confined within limits

  19. A pin, bolt, or rod put through the eye of a rope or link of chain to prevent slipping, to secure, or attach Toggles

  20. Stanchion An upright pillar or bar

  21. Slat A thin strip of wood that makes up the bottom of a sled basket

  22. Hypothermia Too little heat- what happens when your body temperature falls below normal

  23. Frontier The last settled area of a country before the part that is not settled or developed begins

  24. Overflow To flow beyond normal limits

  25. Aurora Bands of flashing/moving lights that can be seen in the night sky mainly in the region of the North Pole