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Making the Carbon Reduction Commitment Work PowerPoint Presentation
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Making the Carbon Reduction Commitment Work

Making the Carbon Reduction Commitment Work

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Making the Carbon Reduction Commitment Work

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  1. Making the Carbon Reduction Commitment Work Keith Brierley – Project ManagerBelfast seminar - 26 March 2009

  2. Approach to Implementation • Joint Administrators – EA, SEPA, NIEA • IT application & dedicated web-pages • Single dedicated national team

  3. General public website Informed users Targeted consultation Innercircle users Guidance Screen design General public website Process User participation Regulators and Government

  4. User Support Regional workshops Helpdesk Guidance documents Web-based pop-ups and training tools

  5. September 2008 April July July October October April Introductory phase Start of 2nd compliance year Start of 3rd compliance year 1st sale of allowances ‘Double’ sale to cover 2010-11 emissions and forecast for 2011-12 2nd sale of allowances Start of Capped Phase Qualification Period Participants with at least one HH settled meter need to determine their total HH electricity consumption. Registration Period 1st recycling payment 2nd recycling payment 2012 2009 2013 2010 2011 2nd Annual Report due Allowances surrendered Footprint Report due 1st Annual Report due Allowances surrendered The EA sends out registration packs to all half-hourly billing points

  6. Timeline Registration guidance: Consultation & issue before August 09. Reporting & evidence guidance: Consultation & issue before December 09. April – Sept 2010:Registration All organisations buying electricity settled on the half hourly market disclose total half hourly electricity consumption Calendar year 2008: Suppliers record electricity use for all organisations with half-hourly (100kW/70kW) metering systems 1 Apr 2010: Scheme Starts 2010 2008 2009 Trading Guidance: Consultation & issue before October 10. May 2009: Qualification ‘heads-up' Full year data sent to all customers with 100kW/70kW metering systems. September 2009: Registration packs Full year data sent to all customers with 100kW/70kW metering systems.

  7. Organisational Coverage In this company structure, subsidiaries M & N have emissions covered by CCAs. These CCAs cover at least 25% of the subsidiaries’ total emissions, therefore they are exempt from CRC. Parent Company A Subsidiaries X Subsidiaries with >25% emissions in CCAs Y M N Z

  8. Capture Parent Details Primary Contact Details Secondary Contact Details Director Contact Details Half Hourly Meters Electricity Consumption Participation Declaration Invoice Contact Qualifying Subsidiaries CCA Exemption Summary of details Terms and Conditions Payment Confirmation of completion Please enter your company details Fields marked * are mandatory Error message text area Please enter your Companies House company number* ? ? [HLP002] You must choose the country where the registered office of the parent organisation (or nominated UK lead) is registered. Registered name Registered address [HLP004] Your trading name is the name your company / organisation uses if different from the name registered with Companies House. [HLP003] Your SIC is the code for the principal business activity (from SIC(03) as used for notification by the company for the purposes of their annual returns to Companies House Country where UK registered office is located* ? 1 ? Trading name 2 ? SIC code* 3 Is your Parent based overseas?* ? [HLP005] Please indicate if you are a subsidiary of a parent based overseas 5 Are you the Nominated Subsidiary acting as UK Parent? ? [HLP006] If you are a subsidiary of a parent based overseas, please confirm that you are acting as UK parent 4

  9. Auditing • Flexible evidence packs – outcome driven • Types: • Registration • “Orphan” Meters • Compliance • Process • balance between staff/third parties • weight can give to existing accreditations such as CTS

  10. Conclusions • CRC implementation is a challenge • Challenge: • User participation in design • User support • DECC User Guide