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Goddess Yoga Class

Goddess Yoga Class. BREATHE. Begin by standing in Mountain pose 3 or 4 Deep breaths into the belly Raise arms up on inhale & down on exhale (4 or 5X) Rotate shoulders 5X each way Reach up into Volcano pose – breath 3 power breaths. TRANSITION TO MAT.

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Goddess Yoga Class

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  1. Goddess Yoga Class

  2. BREATHE • Begin by standing in Mountain pose • 3 or 4 Deep breaths into the belly • Raise arms up on inhale & down on exhale (4 or 5X) • Rotate shoulders 5X each way • Reach up into Volcano pose – breath 3 power breaths

  3. TRANSITION TO MAT • From Mountain pose inhale arms up & on exhale, sweep into Standing Half Forward Bend – (knees slightly bent) place hands on shins or thighs • Hold Flat Back (knees slightly bent) & move up & down as you breath - exhale with audible sigh - stimulate legs as you move up and down - 5X

  4. CHILD POSE “Legs apart to make room for belly”

  5. TRANSITION TO MAT cont. • With feet hip-width apart bend knees & bring hands down to mat – balance on balls of feet in deep squat or come down onto mat on hands & knees and rest in Child pose - 3 or 4 breaths • Come onto hands & knees and press back into Childs Pose – ensure legs are apart to allow room for belly

  6. HANDS & KNEES • Cat/Cow poses – breath deeply - move between poses on the exhale repeat 3 or 4X • Child pose – allow room for belly between legs • Kidney squeeze – push out right hip – turn head towards it & walk hands slightly to right - 3 or 4 breaths – repeat other side

  7. HANDS & KNEES cont. • Balance pose – wrists under shoulders, knees under hips - extend right leg out behind – raise opposite arm out front – hold for 3 or 4 breaths – repeat other side • Child pose • Leg pumps - Wrists under shoulders, knees under hips – extend right leg out behind, flex foot & bring toes down to mat & back up 8X – repeat other side

  8. HANDS & KNEES cont. • Modified Hero pose (sitting back on heels or blocks) – bring toes together & knees apart to form a ‘V’ with legs – sit back • Arm circles (shoulder rotation) while sitting in Modified Hero pose, inhale right arm up & exhale arm back and around – repeat left side 3X each side

  9. DOWNWARD FACING DOG“Bend the knees & walk the heels up and down”

  10. DOWNWARD DOG • Hands & knees to prepare for Downward Dog – wrists under shoulders, knees under hips - press finger tips into mat – press up to Downward Dog – bend knees & walk heels up & down – come to a still position, lift heels off mat & press tailbone up towards ceiling – press heels towards mat – press front of chest toward front of knees Breath 3 or 4 breaths – gently come down to mat into Child pose

  11. LUNGES “Don’t let the knee go forward of the ankle”

  12. LUNGES • From Child pose come up to hands & knees – HANDS ON BLOCKS • Step right foot forward, press heel into mat, stack knee on top of or behind the ankle – come into lunge pose, elongate the spine by lifting chest forward, hold for 3 breaths – repeat other side • Come out of lunges to child pose

  13. LOW LUNGES • Step right foot forward – hands on blocks – come into lunge position – gently bring left knee to floor for low lunge – top of the foot on the mat • Contract left thigh muscle by bringing it up and in • Extend lunge by bringing shoulders over hips and lifting the chest • Repeat other side

  14. LOW LUNGE“Stack the shoulders over the hips and lift the chest”

  15. TRANSITION TO WARRIOR • HANDS ON BLOCKS – step right foot forward - come up to standing & turn length-wise on mat to prepare for Warrior poses • Holding blocks in hands extend arms to ceiling – turn and move into Warrior 1- right side- return to centre – extend arms at shoulder height – turn into Warrior 2 • Repeat other side

  16. WARRIOR 1“Reach up to ceiling with blocks”

  17. WARRIOR 2“Extend arms out at shoulder height”

  18. WARRIOR FLOW SERIES • Do flow sequence with Warrior 1 & 2 several times on each side (keeping blocks in hands) • Use breath to transition into each segment of the poses • Repeat approx. 4 or 5 times each side • Pause for breath & shake, shake legs

  19. TRIANGLE POSE • Return to wide legged stance on mat – hitch right hip out & tip over to left – reach right hand to ceiling and keep left hand down on leg – look up (3 breaths) look down – keep right arm tall and reaching to ceiling • Repeat other side

  20. TRIANGLE POSE“Push out your hip and tip over the opposite way”

  21. TRIANGLE cont.“Turn and look down – keep other hand reaching for ceiling”

  22. STANDING HALF FORWARD BEND • Place blocks on floor in front – take wide stance on mat – hinge from hips into ½ forward bend – press tailbone back and up as in Cow Pose – press chest towards floor - place hands on blocks and hold for a few breaths • Turn toes out – bend knees – place hands on thighs - round out back and roll up to standing position

  23. STANDING HALF FORWARD BEND “Drop the belly and lift tailbone to ceiling”

  24. GODDESS WARRIOR POSE • Take wide stance, turn toes out, bend knees to come into squat position • Inhale arms up to shoulder height, bend elbows 90* palms facing front • Inhale up to standing while moving palms towards floor – exhale with audible sigh down into squat moving palms facing front – repeat 4 or 5X holding the last squat for 5 seconds

  25. TRANSITION DOWN TO MAT • Stand in mountain pose at back of mat • Deep breath & inhale arms up to volcano pose – index fingers together looking up and back - exhale with audible sigh exhale arms down • Inhale up & sweep into ½ forward bend – bend knees to come to hands & knees on mat or walk into Downward dog • Come down to hands & knees – press into Child pose

  26. SEATED POSES • Come over to seated position on mat • Extend legs – shake shake • Place yoga strap around balls of feet – hold onto strap firmly but gently – stack spine tall & on inhale press chest forward – keep shoulders back & hold for 3 breaths – release strap

  27. SEATED POSES cont. • Sit up tall, legs extended – press calves into mat – inhale & exhale then release • Sit up on blocks, bend knees & put legs over to right side – rest hands on legs – turn shoulders away from feet – keep chin center - repeat left side • Come down off blocks and come down to your back on the mat

  28. RECLINING LEG EXTENSION“Try to keep both shoulder blades on the mat”

  29. RECLINING LEG EXTENSION“Try to keep both shoulder blades on the mat” • Raise right leg up and place strap around the ball of the foot – keep left leg extended out in front • Inhale as you drop your across in front of your body – 3 breaths – return leg to centre – try to keep shoulders on mat • Inhale as you drop the leg away from your body – 3 breaths • Repeat other side

  30. RECLINING SPINAL TWIST“Use the block to support your legs”

  31. RECLINING SPINAL TWIST • Bend knees with feet on mat – lift feet off mat so knees are stacked over hips – keep knees & ankles together – lower legs to right – USE BLOCK TO SUPPORT LEGS – hold for 3 breaths • Repeat other side • Arms out to sides for support – raise both legs up to ceiling – imagine you hook them in ropes & let them hang there

  32. RELAXATION POSE“Allow your body to sink into the mat” • Return legs to mat – raise arms overhead and stretch • Return arms to side and relax feet & legs with knees bent or extended • Breath deeply and relax into mat • Stay in Relaxation pose for several minutes • Roll onto right side & press up to seated position NAMASTE

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