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  1. DEER I chose deer because I have never gotten a good look at a deer, and I only get signs of one.

  2. Why deer are hard to hunt? • Deer are hard to hunt because when you get near them (most of the time)the wind is blowing the direction you are coming from.(They can smell your sent.)

  3. Where do deer live? • Deer do not live in certain places. They don’t like to leave their territory even though they run really fast. They like to have their baby were they nibble grass.

  4. What deer like to eat? • Deer do not have any top teeth so they don’t eat really hard things. They have a tough pad to replace the front teeth, and they tear plants with. It mostly depends on what season it is for food to eat.

  5. Deer predators • The main predators of deer where the wolfs and cougars. Those were the main predators, deer don’t have to worry about them any more because they live in a different environment.

  6. How many babies a deer has? • Deer mate in the second season which is fall. By late spring a doe is ready to give birth, it has a baby in a quiet spot or where the doe nibbles grass. A doe has about one or two babies. A newborn baby is called a fawn a fawn weighs about 6 or 7 pounds.

  7. How deer are different than us? • When a fawn is about 3 months old it can start following its mother(doe). At this age a fawn can run faster than an average adult male, and can get lost easily. A doe can find its fawn easily by its sent. • So mainly a deer can smell better than us.

  8. How long a deer stays with its mother. • A teenager might stay with its family,mother,or father until they are 16 or 18 years old. Fawns stay with their mother until the first Winter when they are strong enough and are able to take care of their self by learning from their mother.


  10. SUMMARY • Deer are amazing creatures that follow by example and they can take care of themselves. The cycle goes on and on.