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Keyword searching

Keyword searching. CSI Library Catalog. Where is the link to the Library Catalog?. At the top of the left-hand column, under BOOKS. What is a general keyword search?.

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Keyword searching

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  1. Keyword searching

    CSI Library Catalog
  2. Where is the link to the Library Catalog? At the top of the left-hand column, under BOOKS.
  3. What is a general keyword search? A general keyword search tells the computer to look for individual words in titles, subject headings, and contents notes, and a few other fields.
  4. What will I find with a general keyword search? The results for a general keyword search can vary a lot. In this list, there is a CD of oral history, books on history, chemistry, and law, and an audiobook of a murder mystery. (See the link to “Go Back”? Use it to go back to the search screen.)
  5. When should I do a title keyword search? A title keyword search looks for your words only in the title field. Use it if you know part of a title, or if you want to see what books have that word in their titles.
  6. A Title Keyword search gives fewer results The Results screen shows that we have two copies of the book Tuesdays with Morrie, and a DVD of the film.
  7. What will a Subject Keyword search find? This kind of search looks for your keywords in the subject heading field. It is a good way to find books about similar topics that have different words in their titles.
  8. Subject Keyword Search Results Each one of these books is about house design, but does not have those words in the title. Why did the computer pick these books? Click a title to find out.
  9. Keywords in Subject Headings This book showed up in the results list because one of the subject keywords is in one subject heading, and the other one is in another subject heading.
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