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  1. GLOW PROJECT.pptx Korean Minjok Leadership Academy Sumin Ha, Seongmin Koo, Claire Yi

  2. What is GLOW? GLOW(Green Life Our World) is a project designed after the thought: Why wouldn’tthe peopletry to conserve energy? Despite the numerous campaigns, I don’t findactive participation And eventually became the energy conservation campaignofzero budget The team GLOW of Korean Minjok Leadership Academy would like to gain the opportunity to implement the Project GLOW at your institution!

  3. Energy crisis? High oil prices? What does that have to do with electricity? Education Energy conservation? What should I do for that? What Do We Need? Incentive why? I know I should… but it’s just too bothersome. What do I gain from it anyways?

  4. Vision Key Idea Goal Unique

  5. GLOW ProcessOverview

  6. ❶ NEGOTIATION Before Project GLOW

  7. ❶ NEGOTIATION • (1) On base-line amount of electricity usage • Base-line is calculated from the company’s past month’s or year’s electricity usage and negotiated with the company. • The goal for the workers is to use less electricity than the base-line amount. • (2) On timeline • The company can choose from any timeline between 3 months to 6 months. • (3) On incentives for the workers • The saved amount of the company’s electricity bill is distributed to ① the company② the workers according to negotiated ratio. • The incentive for the workers can range from a new coffee machine, shorter work time, or donation under the name of the workers. • For greater effect, the team GLOW can conduct a survey of preferred incentive.


  9. ❷ APPLICATION • (1) Education and Campaign before the Project GLOW • The team GLOW visits the company to research wasted electricity and methods of energy conservation. • The team GLOW informs the workers of the Project GLOW’s purpose and benefits, and introduces specific methods to save the energy. • Campaign: posters, pamphlets, Project GLOW self-made introductory video • (2) Implementation of the Project GLOW • The team GLOW measures the electricity consumption each week. • The results are regularly announced to the workers for further motivation. • ※ Tip • To boost more enthusiasm, the company can separately measure the electricity consumption by floor or department. For a group with the most reduction, there can be an additional award other than the chosen incentive.


  11. ❸ CALCULATION • Of the saved amount and incentive • (Saved amount) = (base-line electricity usage) – (reduced electricity usage after the project) • Calculate the saved electricity bill return for the company • Award the workers with the chosen incentive

  12. Environment 3E Effect Economy Education Win-Win-Win Environment, Company, Workers

  13. Pilot Study @KMLA In order to see the actual effects of the Project GLOW, we conducted apilot study. • Period:March 31st, 2011 ~ April 13th, 2011 (Total of 2 weeks) • Place: Student dormitory of KMLA • Process: • Set the base-line from the school’s daily electricity usage • Announce to all students and recruit participants • approximately50%of the students • Educate the campaign purpose and methods with posters and announcements • Announce daily reduction and consequent benefits • 70% of the saved money to the students, 30% to the school

  14. Pilot Study @KMLA After the two weeks of the Project GLOW, • Average daily electricity usage (kWh) • Before GLOW2,352 • During GLOW2,230 (121.71 kWh reduced) • After GLOW (1 week) 2,307 (45 kWh reduced)

  15. For more detailed information, we would like to visit your office and present our idea. We politely await your reply. • 1300 Sosa AhnheungHoengseongGangwon • Korean Minjok Leadership Academy • Team GLOWSumin Ha, Seongmin Koo, Claire Yi • e-mail :

  16. THANK YOU!