freedom from meth addiction clean living n.
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Freedom from Meth Addiction & Clean Living PowerPoint Presentation
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Freedom from Meth Addiction & Clean Living

Freedom from Meth Addiction & Clean Living

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Freedom from Meth Addiction & Clean Living

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  1. Freedom from Meth Addiction & Clean Living

  2. Have you been suffering from a longtime meth addiction? Meth is one of the most harmful and pervasive drugs. Millions of Americans struggle with an addiction to meth and experience both the short and long term consequences of such a terrible drug addiction. If you’re interested in meth addiction clean living and the opportunity to start a new chapter of your life, Riviera Recovery is the team to help you do so.

  3. Meth Addiction Did you know that meth goes by different slang names? Some people call it: tweak, glass, ice, Chrissy, or speed but whatever you call it, it is dangerous and harmful to your mental and physical health. What’s often referred to as the American meth epidemic, began to skyrocket over the past several decades. It was recently reported that over 13 million people have used methamphetamine at least once in their life and that 529,000 are regular users.

  4. Drug treatment admission centers report that those entering their rehabilitation centers cite methamphetamine and amphetamine abuse at a growing rate. Some states, such as Hawaii, actually experience a higher rate of methamphetamine use than other states in American. Crystal meth causes many physical and mental side-effects such as: • Intense mood swings • Sleep deprivation • Elevated blood sugar levels • Psychotic breaks • High risk behaviors

  5. Our meth addiction clean living opportunity recognizes that meth is actually one of the most difficult drugs to get clean from. Our experienced staff makes it their goal to do everything in their professional power to create a sober living environment in which you can finally stay free from meth.

  6. Our Outpatient Treatment Program At our premier outpatient treatment program you’ll receive relief from your meth addiction clean living is on the way. Our sober living treatment program offers an organized structure which provides compassion and professional insight into your individual struggle. We provide all the resources and services that you need in order to optimize your chances at sobriety. At Riviera Recovery, we believe that everyone deserves a chance to live their best, drug-free life.

  7. Riviera Recovery 6531 Zumirez Drive Malibu, CA, 90265, USA PH: 866.478.8799