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Step 2: Fill in the Scholarship application form - Abstract - PowerPoint Presentation
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Step 2: Fill in the Scholarship application form - Abstract -

Step 2: Fill in the Scholarship application form - Abstract -

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Step 2: Fill in the Scholarship application form - Abstract -

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  1. Step 2: Fill in the Scholarship application form - Abstract - After you have created your conference profile (see tutorial 1), you will be able to access the online abstract scholarship application form.

  2. The abstract scholarship request starts in the abstract submisssion system. At step 4/4, question 5 you are asked: “Would you like to request a scholarship for this abstract?” Tick “Yes”. x

  3. If you ticked yes, the “Abstract Preview” should reflect your request. Click on submit if your abstract preview and the information related is correct. Remember that you will still need to complete a full scholarship application from within your profile.

  4. You will receive a confirmation email from the AIDS 2010 Abstract Team explaining the steps you must take to complete the scholarship application. Read the email attentively. Von: AIDS 2010 [] Gesendet: Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2009 16:43An: Xxx Xxxxx Betreff: AIDS 2010 - More information concerning your scholarship request Dear Xxxx Xxxxx,You have requested a scholarship for the following submission: Abstract Reference No:A-###-####-#####Abstract Title:XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX Abstract Presenter:Xxxx Xxxxxx, Please note that a scholarship application must be fully completed for your request to be considered. To complete the application: Enter your conference profile before 10 February 2010: Follow the instructions within the scholarship section for application completion. Incomplete applications will not be considered. If granted, the scholarship will be awarded to the presenting author. If you have questions concerning the scholarship application process please contact Best regards,The AIDS 2010 Abstract TeamIf you have any questions, please contact: abstracts@aids2010-abstracts.orgAbstract submission system:

  5. From your profile, you have access to the following tabs. Sign in to your profile as indicated in the email. Click on the “Scholarships” tab. The information should read “Scholarship application pending completion.” Choose“Click here to complete your abstract, programme activity or workshop scholarship request.”

  6. If you have more than one abstract, workshop or programme activity scholarship request, you will see the following screen. Choose the abstract reference number from the drop-down menu to complete each corresponding scholarship application. Note: you must complete one scholarship application form for each abstract, workshop or programme activity in which you have requested a scholarship.

  7. You will be directed to the Terms and Conditions of the International Scholarship Programme. Read the whole page attentively. When you are finished reading and if you understand the application requirements, tick the box and click on “SUBMIT”. X

  8. The first part: “Personal Details” is already filled in with the details you have provided in your conference profile. You will arrive to the International Scholarship Application Form. If any details are incorrect you can change them by clicking on the provided link to your Conference Profile.

  9. If you are between 16 and 18 (on 18 July 2010), you will be requested to provide the information of your accompanying adult. If s/he already has registered, tick “Yes” and enter her/his registration number in the field. X ########

  10. If your accompanying adult has not registered or you do not know, tick “No”or “Not sure”and enter his/her contact details. X xxxxxx X xxxxxx

  11. Fill in part 2: “Optional Personal Details”(not required). If you tick yes to the question: “Are you part of a key affected population”, you must specify which population. X ……… In section 3, you must choose by ticking the box(es), what ”level” of support you wish to request. Read the note.

  12. Before submitting your application, read the end of the form and make sure the information you entered is complete (once submitted, your application cannot be modified. Incomplete applications will not be considered). Click on SUBMIT. You have finished your abstract scholarship request.