the editing digital camera the panasonic ts 115 n.
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The Editing Digital Camera The Panasonic TS-115 PowerPoint Presentation
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The Editing Digital Camera The Panasonic TS-115

The Editing Digital Camera The Panasonic TS-115

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The Editing Digital Camera The Panasonic TS-115

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  1. The Editing Digital CameraThe Panasonic TS-115 By David, Emily & Jessica

  2. Film… Canon Olympus Minolta Price Range from $130 to $300 Features… Focus Flash Zoom VERY USER FRIENDLY View Finder ‘Throw Away’ Battery Operated Past Cameras…

  3. Digital… Panasonic Canon Nikon Sony Fuji Price Range from $180 to $1000 Features… Mega pixel quality Not as user friendly Many more options of flash use, motion shots, and color enhancers Screen viewfinder Video options Zoom capabilities Ability to review pictures Current Cameras…

  4. The only options in the past were film cameras until 1990’s when invented digital cameras Benefits… Quick development Memory Stick Easily accessible on computer E-Mail Editing was made easier Many benefits, BUT… Still have to be on computer to edit and print picture That’s where our new camera comes in handy… you can easily edit pictures while still holding on to your camera Research

  5. Newest digital camera on the market, featuring the latest in digital camera technology. Unique editing feature that allows a user to type descriptions, captions, phrases, etc. on the image right from the camera. Has redeye eliminating features. Crop and rotate pictures immediately after you take them. Enhance color appearance. Offers a 4.5x optical zoom with a 7x digital zoom. 8 Megapixels All this at a cost of $599.99 Product Description The Panasonic TS-115

  6. Competition • Canon ~ PowerShot – 5.0 MP, 3x optical/4x digital zoom • Fuji ~ FinePix – 4.1 MP, 3x optical/3.6 digital zoom • Sony ~ CyberShot – 7.2 MP, 3x optical/2x digital zoom • Nikon ~ CoolPix – 5.1 MP, 3x optical/4x digital/12x total zoom • Hewlett-Packard ~ PhotoSmart – 5.2 MP, 3x optical/7x digital zoom • Casio ~ EXILIM – 5 MP, 3x optical/4x digital zoom • Kodak ~ EasyShare – 5 MP, 3x optical/4x digital zoom

  7. Impact On Society • School wet labs at the Univ. of Texas in the process of being shut down. • Photographers able to monitor their pictures as soon as they take them and make immediate adjustments if necessary. • Digital cameras wipe out the possibility that one might go back to the darkroom and find that they missed something important. • Jayne West – “Losing the past” • Digital cameras give ordinary people more freedom with their photos. • Digital photography gives users the ability to decide what they want to print and the freedom to manipulate images. • Eliminates the possibility of going to traditional photo print shops where you may only get a few decent images back.