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Dutta & Dutta Films (India) Ltd PowerPoint Presentation
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Dutta & Dutta Films (India) Ltd

Dutta & Dutta Films (India) Ltd

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Dutta & Dutta Films (India) Ltd

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  1. Dutta & Dutta Films (India) Ltd A company profile

  2. Vision • To provide an effective and free-flowing channel between consumers and manufacturers • To develop high-end research viability products


  4. Expertise • Market research • Market networking • Media strategizing • Advertising research • Mass communications • Brand positioning • Audio-visual publicity • Event management • Loyalty, retention and value-addition services

  5. VALUE: The Keyword • ‘Value’ marketing, advertising and mass communications • Launch campaigns, brand positioning, audio-visual publicity, event management and whatever else we are associated with Creativity & Vibrancy A creative surge and cerebral vibrancy saw the company pioneering quite a few firsts in mass communications, which not only had mass appeal but also opened up exciting new marketing possibilities

  6. Dutta & Dutta Firsts • Brought into the country the concept of super-imposed graphics on videocassettes Impact Made way for small- and medium-advertiser participation in the audio-visual media, and for the first time gave them an opportunity to become stakeholders.

  7. Dutta & Dutta Firsts • Introduced India’s first and only discount card—INTERCARD—which revolutionized the concept of discount in the country • From an essentially down-market concept, Intercard cozily positioned itself as a true-value card with the punch line: ‘LIFE IS A PRIVILEGE. ENJOY IT.’ Impact Created history. Intercard’s launch evoked a warm and favourable response in all market segments.

  8. BPL Mobile Panasonic Procter & Gamble RPG Cellular Ortem HCL SBI Mobilink Asian Paints Bajaj Auto VSNL Indian Airlines Ashok Group Of Hotels Intercard associates

  9. Consultancy projects • Have successfully completed more than 15 projects with some of India’s top organizations, besides giving active support to several other corporate, government and semi-government organizations

  10. Some milestones • Doordarshan • India Post • NEPC • Indian Airlines • Asian Paints • The Hindustan Times • State Bank of India (SBI) • Ministry of Power (India) • Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) • India Tourism Development Organization (ITDC)

  11. Doordarshan • In the face of DD’s declining viewership – worked on revival of loyal viewers – suggested methods to increase content interest – created time bands – monitoring the changing tastes – outflanked competition

  12. India Post • Prepared viability report for India Post, one of America’s leading newspapers for NRIs, when it decided to launch an exclusive channel catering to the Indian diaspora • The feasibility report encompassed uplinking, distribution, local content, genres, awareness etc Key input A major emphasis was to determine market size at the package and channel level. Involved 675 face-to-face 45-minute interviews each

  13. CMM Broadcasting Network Ltd • Dutta & Dutta were approached to develop a successful strategy to launch a channel within the available resources Result We achieved the objective in time-bound period. They subsequently appointed us ‘Sole North India Commercial Time Marketing Concessionaire’.

  14. Oriental Bank of Commerce • The Pre-paid Card Division of OBC assigned us to assess the total market size of pre-paid card in India and their capability to cater to that market in view of their bank size. • Our research findings for the market share showed positive viability of the project. Where are we? RBI has already granted permission to launch OBC Intercard-Mastercard pre-paid card with third-party co-branding as well.

  15. Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd (VSNL) • After an extensive market research for client loyalty and retention, VSNL identified us amongst many competitors for VSNL-Intercard co-branding for dial-up Internet subscribers

  16. BSNL • When BSNL needed to add value to its services in the face of stiff competition in the telecom sector, we successfully conducted a survey on Customer Retention and Loyalty Solutions

  17. Ministry of Power, GOI • Appointed as consultants for saving energy through innovative methods

  18. The Centaur Hotel • We conducted research for the Hotel Corporation of India Ltd (HCIL) and suggested means to increase visibility and generate more business for their chains of hotels, especially The Centaur Hotel, Delhi. The study included manpower motivation, occupancy methodology, restaurant sales, and strategies to attract middle-income groups and youth Result The objectives were successfully met. (HCIL) then went on to tie up with Intercard India Ltd to execute the marketing plan.

  19. Indian Airlines • In the face of ‘Fare-Wars’ amongst competing airlines conducted nation-wide study and suggested means to meet the challenges, underlining the importance of FLIGHT WITH SMILE.

  20. The Hindustan Times • Successfully helped The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, to combat fierce competition and price war amongst leading newspapers. Conducted an all-India, exhaustive study to reposition the paper and explore its news content and commercial viability.

  21. Eye Witness brand management • This Hindustan Times news video was unable to create a niche market in competition with News Track. Within a short period it had more market share than its competitor.

  22. Comedy Channel • Currently involved with an overseas company for the launch of a global comedy channel in India

  23. Event consultancy • Has organized more than 2000 events, besides being associated with conceiving, coordination, media planning and implementation of mega events.

  24. Events bookmark • Dandiaa Masti • Apache Indian, • Baba Sehgal • (Cricket) India XI v/s World XI • Premiers: Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar, Criminal, Daag The Fire, Main Khiladi Tu Anadi, Rajkumar etc. We have organized • Ghazal programmes of Pankaj Udhas, Anoop Jalota, Jagjit Singh etc.

  25. Full circle From providing an effective and free-flowing channel between consumers and manufacturers to developing high-end research viability products—with ‘value’-addition in marketing, advertising and mass communications

  26. Study proposal for Doordarshan By DUTTA & DUTTA FILMS (INDIA) LTD (Marketing Research Division)

  27. Objective • To study the reach and impact of Doordarshan’s DD-India channel in the USA, UK and Middle East • Suggest future strategy to expand the reception and distribution of the channel in these countries in most cost-effective manner

  28. DD-India channel impact • Dutta & Dutta has done sufficient groundwork to immediately embark upon the sampling and collecting relevant data for the research purpose in the present study UK USA DD’s reach Middle East

  29. DD’s target audience Let us have an insight into DD’s potential target audience In US, UK and Middle East

  30. According to the Census 2000, there are over 10 million Asian Americans in the US. Of this, Indian Americans alone comprise 16.4 %, which gets them close to about two million in the United States The Asian American community grew at a rate of 48.26% from 1990-2000, whereas Indian Americans grew by a whopping 105.87% in the same period—the largest growth in the Asian American community The US-Asian diaspora

  31. British Asian Demographics In Relation to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the three most important communities, which have a significant ethnic impact in UK

  32. UK: Asian population • Asians make up over 3.5% of the total UK population – about 2,084,000 out of nearly 58,800,000 • Of these nearly 1.8% are Indian – 1,054,000 • 1.25% are Pakistani – 747,000 • And just under 0.5% are Bangladeshi –283,000 • Thus the Indians : Pakistanis : Bangladeshis ratio = 10 : 7 : 3

  33. Regional distribution of each Asian community Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Distribution in thousands

  34. Asians in UK • Well over 96% of all Asians in the UK live in England itself - over 2 million • Over 43% live in London and the South-East alone • Less than 4% (under 75,000) live in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined • About 2.5% (under 49,000) live in Scotland, 1% (22,000) in Wales, and less than 0.1% (2,500) in Northern Ireland

  35. Pakistanis in UK • The most evenly spread of the three south Asian communities • Largest concentrations are in the west midlands (155,000) and Yorkshire and Humberside (146,000) • The London Pakistani community is only the third largest concentration with 142,000 followed by the north-west (117,000)

  36. Pakistanis in UK • In Yorkshire and Humberside there are nearly three times as many Pakistanis as Indians (146,000 compared with 51,000), and in Scotland twice as many (32,000 compared with 15,000) • More than 5% live outside England - 41,000 in Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland combined

  37. Bangladeshis in UK • The smallest of the three main south Asian communities in the UK, more than half of all Bangladeshis live in London (54%) • In the English regions the largest concentrations of Bangladeshis are in the west midlands (31,000) and the north-west (26,000) • Less than 3% (8,000 in Wales, Scotland and northern Ireland combined) Bangladeshis living outside England

  38. Asians in Middle East • Asians, especially Indians and Pakistanis, have an enormously significant presence in the middle east. • They alone constitute 36 percent of the total population of 7.43 lakh of the oil-rich Qatar. • According to the peninsula daily, Indians and Pakistanis constituted 18 percent each of the total population of the Persian gulf state in the 2004 census.

  39. Inference One • All the three regions of the proposed study boast significant numbers of Doordarshan’s targeted audience. Their combined South Asian (Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi) population has the potential to become a very important market for Doordarshan’s output

  40. Inference Two • In a vast country like the US, where the Asian community is expansively scattered, it will be a challenge to give adequate representation and take a sampling to deduce accurate responses of the respondents

  41. Market Potential • The wide-ranging spread of the Indian and the Asian diaspora in the USA, UK and the Middle East makes a very viable audience for an India-based channel to make quick inroads and tap the emerging potential

  42. Sampling methodology • 100 people each from different age groups in five cities of each region. • The towns which boasts a high percentage of Asian population. inhabited by PIOs, NRIs and South Asian Diaspora as per the latest census figures of the country shall be the basis of research. • To give proper representation and to encourage more respondents to participate, we shall also employ the methodology of print media response ad. Sampling methodology The sampling methodology and the contact plan is devised keeping in mind the following key points as defined in the Doordarshan’s scope of study

  43. Contact methodology • Personal interviews • Post-mails/emails • Telephone • Print media Sampling methodology The sampling methodology and the contact plan is devised keeping in mind the following key points as defined in the Doordarshan’s scope of study