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  1. welcome Chesterbrook Academy Summer Camp 2014 Beginners – Pre K Our Summer Camp offers fun-filled summer programs! During the summer, campers jump into action with our 2014 theme of Summer of Discovery. Your camper will discover something new everyday as they explore nature, participate in exciting sports programs, become involved in performing and creative arts, play a part in group activities, and attend special events. Our campers have the opportunity to expand their horizons during the summer, embarking on new adventures, and having fun! Our exceptional program and dedicated staff create an environment that forges lifelong friendships among our campers. We create a summer experience that is unforgettable! It all starts with our outstanding Teachers!! A camp is only as good as its staff, and we are extremely proud of ours. Talent, creativity, love of children, leadership and devotion make our teachers the heart and soul of the program. Chesterbrook Academy teachers are doing exactly what they enjoy most: spending a summer inspiring campers to explore, reach for new heights, and expand their horizons. Chesterbrook Academy 2215 West Millbrook Rd. Raleigh, NC 27612 919-787-7568 Camp Schedule Camp Hours Monday through Friday 7:00am—6:00pm Week 1 June 16 - 20 Week 2 June 23 - 27 Week 3 June 30 – July 3(closed 7/4) Week 4 July 7 - 10 Week 5 July 14 - 18 Week 6 July 21 - 25 Week 7 July 28 – Aug 1 Week 8 Aug 4 - 8 Week 9 Aug 11 - 15 Week 10 Aug 18 - 22 Special Features: Theme: Summer of Discovery • Our Sensory Gardens • Art’s Alive • Science Fun • Under the Sea • Our Furry Friends • We Dig Dinosaurs • Blast Off • Quality Staff • Fun and Educational Themes • Indoor and Outdoor Camp Activities • In House Weekly Activities • Swimming(ages 3-5) • Water Play (age 2) • Fosters Social Skills

  2. themes Chesterbrook Academy Summer Camp 2014 Beginners – Pre K Summer of Discovery: Summer 2014 This summer, our campers will be sure to have fun with our Summer of Discovery theme! Our educational journey will include activities and themes packed with lots of excitement for your child. Campers will make new discoveries each day by making fun art projects, whipping up some culinary treats, reading and writing stories, participate in fun sports activities, singing songs, and conclude the summer with some exciting culminating activities. This is sure to be a summer to remember! Week 6 – July 21 – 25Under the Sea! – On the waves or under the water, our campers will discover what’s below the surface of the ocean and along it’s majestic shores! Surf’s Up! Week 1 – June 16 - 20 – Welcome To Camp Zone!– Our Campers will begin their Summer of Discovery with a week of getting acquainted with each other as we gear up for a fun filled, terrific summer! How exciting! Week 7 – July 28 – Aug 1– Our Furry Friends! – We all love our furry friends! All will enjoy this week which includes learning about pet friends, pet safety and how to take care of them. There is more to having a pet than just a cuddle! Week 2 – June 23 – June 27–Our Sensory Gardens! – We all need to eat our ‘greens’ and our teachers will show our campers just where they come from with our Sensory Gardens! Campers will have fun planting fruits, vegetables, learning about nutrition, and more! We will serve up our tasty veggies at our end of the summer celebration! Week 8 – Aug 4 – 8– We Dig Dinosaurs! – T-Rex and Velociraptor--watch out—we are digging you up! This week our campers explore the lost world of the dinosaurs! Fossil making, dino digs, and dino sculpting are on the menu for this week of discovery! Weeks 3 & 4– June 30 – July 10 Art’s Alive !– Whether our campers are making music out of recycled objects or painting a masterpiece with a paintbrush, they will discover that art is everywhere and there is plenty to learn! Week 9 – Aug 11 – 15– Blast Off! – This week will be out of this world for our campers while they explore outer space! The sun, moon, and stars are just a sample of what our campers will discover from our very own space station! Week 5 – July 14 – 18– Science Fun!– Our campers will certainly enjoy this week of ooey, gooey, science experiments! Watch out as science comes alive and the campers have fun smelling, touching, watching, and learning all about the mysteries of science! It is sure to be a fascinating week! Week 10 – Aug 18 – 22– Wrap Up Week! - Our summer of fun will be wrapped up in culminating activities that will keep our camper remembering the summer all winter long.

  3. highlights In House Activity Schedule Fee Schedule Chesterbrook Academy Summer Camp 2014Beginners – Pre K In House Activity Fee $55 (Beginners)$65 (Intermediate-Prek2) *This fee is for all students in the Beginner – Pre K classrooms. All In House Activities for the entire summer and Free Swim for Intermediates-Prek2. *The fee is due by May 12th , 2014. The following is a sampling of our In House Activities. An actual schedule will be sent out at a later date. Magician Story Teller Mad Science Experiments Music Mania Animal Experiences And Many More!