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User Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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User Experience

User Experience

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User Experience

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  1. SoloHealth Internal Roadmap The new SoloHealth Roadmap document has been designed to communicate the investment SoloHealth is making in our products. The feature chart, to the left, communicates the changes in a given release and also represents the investment of time and dollars that SoloHealth has invested in each area. In the release example to the left, we describe that 50% of our efforts were invested in the User Experience, 25 in Advertising, 15% on content, and 10% on platform and new functionality. Actual features will be grouped and listed under each category. User Experience 50% 100% Advertising 25% Platform 10% New Functionality 10% Content 15%

  2. User Experience • Introduction of Help button on selected Question pages • Active Help button on Results Page • How to use Results video before results • Displaying of Distance screen before test starts • Audio on timeout screen • Removal of Demographic questions for returning users • Results e-mail reformat Version 1.02 Theme: Usability Release date: 5/2/11 • Resolved Issues • ‘back’ key problem • Double playing results video • Account login difficulties • English to Spanish cleanup • Patient name on appointment requests • Static date on appointment requests Advertising • OpenX integration for targeting advertisements • New ad placement within Results e-mails Platform • Kiosk Management System (KMS) Phase I • Improve stability to commlink application Open Issues New Functionality • Ability for user to email doctor information to themselves Content • Some adjustments to advice for field overruns

  3. User Experience • Usability adjustments to Results page • Flag on blood pressure graph to map results • Removal of some HRA Stress Questions • Adding Help functionality to multi select test screen • Addition of a Start button on the attract loop • Enable screens to timeout sooner • Increase the size of the Results page instructional video • Removal of Thank you video • Improvements to Distance Test instructions • Restrict Main Menu to just two buttons (Tests and Account) • Visible Volume Change feedback • Miscellaneous text changes Version 1.03 Theme : User Experience Release date: 6/1/11 Resolved Issues Advertising • Age Range Changes to HAWK and OpenX • Remove placeholder ad on detailed vision results Platform • Improve kiosk activity log • Improve ability to remotely send application updates • Improvements (need to identify specific) to Kiosk Management system (KMS) Open Issues New Functionality • Direct ‘Start over’ to attract loop Content • Shorten advices to be more specific to user needs • Provide actionable advice on results screen

  4. User Experience • Version # displayed within the application • New email template for Results Email • New email template for Appointment Requests • New email template for Doctor emailed information Version 1.04 Theme : Advertising and Reporting Release date: 7/1/11 Web • Development of API for Consumer Website Features under review Advertising • New premium doctor listing screen • New doctor listing screen Resolved Issues Platform • Watch Dog alerts • Improve ability to remotely send application updates • Service application for screen and device calibration New Functionality • First look at Oracle Reporting Open Issues Content • Health related videos as part of the results screen

  5. User Experience • Returning user specific questions • Results Screen overhaul • Auto-Start when someone sits down at the kiosk • Auto-end when someone gets off kiosk • Blood pressure fast track • Improvements to the kiosk Account login process Version 1.05 Theme : User Experience and Consumer Website Release date: 8/1/11 Web Features under review • Consumer Website Launch • Data export abilities from Consumer website to selected PHR repositories Resolved Issues Advertising • Clickable Advertisements • OpenX ads enabled in e-mails Platform • Automated Release updating to kiosks • Rollback feature • Custom question per kiosks • Improvements (need to identify specific) to Kiosk Management system (KMS) New Functionality Open Issues • Storage of new fields required for Consumer Website • USB download of data from (1 or 2) personal health devices Content • New content for Consumer Website

  6. User Experience • Improvements to account creation at kiosk • Improvements to progress bar • Comparison to population health • Account Creation at end of experience Version 1.06 Theme : Employer Focus Release date: 9/1/11 Features under review Web • Online data feeds to partners Resolved Issues Advertising • Advertising during Blood Pressure cuff inflation Platform • Tech Screen improvements • Improvements (need to identify specific) to Kiosk Management system (KMS) New Functionality • 2D Bar code integration • Nutritional Information for Scanned Products Open Issues Content • TBD

  7. User Experience • Employee specific Path and logging Version 1.07 Theme : New Paths and tests Release date: 10/1/11 Features under review Web Resolved Issues • Consumer Website Phase II • Mobile Application Advertising • Additional advertising opportunities Platform • Improvements (need to identify specific) to Kiosk Management system (KMS) • Ability to run application without Distance test monitor New Functionality • Body Fat Analyzer path • Pulse Oximeter path Open Issues Content • TBD