ihs bar code medication administration n.
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IHS Bar Code Medication Administration PowerPoint Presentation
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IHS Bar Code Medication Administration

IHS Bar Code Medication Administration

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IHS Bar Code Medication Administration

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  1. IHS Bar Code Medication Administration Usability Testing for eMAR

  2. Content Developed by Michael Allen MIS, R.Ph, CAPT USPHS Inpatient Informaticist Usability Testing for eMAR

  3. Usability Testing Usability Testing is a requirement for Certification: • We proposed that a significant first step toward improving overall usability would be to focus on the process of user-centered design (UCD). • We acknowledged and expected that EHR technology developers who have already followed UCD in previous development efforts for the identified certification criteria would be performing a retrospective analysis. • If UCD had not been previously applied to capabilities associated with the certification criteria, the EHR technology would ultimately need to have such UCD processes applied before it would be able to be certified. Usability Testing for eMAR

  4. IHS EHR Usability Testing Project • IHS contracted with a University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI). • Project has been ongoing since late 2012. • Project is due for completion in April 2013. • UDRI uses clinical scenarios to test users’ experience with the EHR. • They evaluate the users’ responses and receive and evaluate feedback from the users. • They generate reports based on the observations and feedback and provide them to IHS. Usability Testing for eMAR

  5. eMAR Usability Testing • Planned for April 16 and 17. • UDRI and some test users will be connected using Adobe Connect technology. • Each tester has a 2-hour window assigned. • The testing will consist of completion of medication administration tasks using the eMAR and assistive technology. • Scenarios will contain situations where there are no errors and situations where there are issues such as wrong time, wrong patient, wrong drug, wrong dose, or wrong route. Usability Testing for eMAR

  6. Questions and Discussion Usability Testing for eMAR