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Emulex und warum Server IO immer wichtiger wird PowerPoint Presentation
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Emulex und warum Server IO immer wichtiger wird

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Emulex und warum Server IO immer wichtiger wird
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Emulex und warum Server IO immer wichtiger wird

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  1. Emulex und warum Server IO immer wichtiger wird

    Hilmar Beck Senior Sales Engineer This presentation has been prepared for a non-U.S. audience. Please note that the products described in this presentation may not be available in the U.S. Please contact your supplier for more information.
  2. “Safe Harbor” Statement Under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 "Safe Harbor'' Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: With the exception of historical information, the statements set forth above, including, without limitation, those contained in the discussion of “Business Outlook” above, and the reconciliation of forward-looking diluted earnings per share below, contain forward-looking statements that involve risk and uncertainties. We expressly disclaim any obligation or undertaking to release publicly any updates or changes to these forward-looking statements that may be made to reflect any future events or circumstances. We wish to caution readers that a number of important factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. These factors include the possibility that the proposed acquisition of Endace Limited (Endace) is not completed on a timely basis or at all, the effects of the proposed acquisition of Endace, including our ability to realize the anticipated benefits of the potential acquisition of Endace on a timely basis or at all, and our ability to integrate the technology, operations and personnel of Endace into our existing operations in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, intellectual property claims, with or without merit, that could result in costly litigation, cause product shipment delays, require us to indemnify customers, or require us to enter into royalty or licensing agreements, which may or may not be available. Furthermore, we have in the past obtained, and may be required in the future to obtain, licenses of technology owned by other parties. We cannot be certain that the necessary licenses will be available or that they can be obtained on commercially reasonable terms. If we were to fail to obtain such royalty or licensing agreements in a timely manner and on reasonable terms, our business, results of operations and financial condition could be materially adversely affected. Ongoing lawsuits, such as the action brought by Broadcom Corporation (Broadcom), present inherent risks, any of which could have a material adverse effect on our business, financial condition, or results of operations. Such potential risks include continuing expenses of litigation, risk of loss of patent rights and/or monetary damages, risk of injunction against the sale of products incorporating the technology in question, counterclaims, attorneys’ fees, incremental costs associated with product or component redesigns, and diversion of management’s attention from other business matters. With respect to the continuing Broadcom litigation, such potential risks also include the adequacy of any sunset period to make design changes, the ability to implement any design changes, the availability of customer resources to complete any re-qualification or re-testing that may be needed, the ability to maintain favorable working relationships with Emulex suppliers of serializer/deserializer (SerDes) modules, and the ability to obtain a settlement which does not put us at a competitive disadvantage. In addition, the fact that the economy generally, and the technology and storage market segments specifically, have been in a state of uncertainty makes it difficult to determine if past experience is a good guide to the future and makes it impossible to determine if markets will grow or shrink in the short term. The current weakness in domestic and worldwide macro-economic conditions and related disruptions in world credit and equity markets that are creating economic uncertainty for our customers, as well as the storage and converged networking market as a whole, has and could continue to adversely affect our revenues and results of operations. As a result of these uncertainties, we are unable to predict our future results with any accuracy. Other factors affecting these forward-looking statements include but are not limited to the following: faster than anticipated declines in the storage networking market, slower than expected growth of the converged networking market or the failure of our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers to successfully incorporate our products into their systems; our dependence on a limited number of customers and the effects of the loss of, decrease in or delays of orders by any such customers, or the failure of such customers to make timely payments; the emergence of new or stronger competitors as a result of consolidation movements in the market; the timing and market acceptance of our products or our OEM customers’ new or enhanced products; costs associated with entry into new areas of the server and storage technology markets; the variability in the level of our backlog and the variable and seasonal procurement patterns of our customers; any inadequacy of our intellectual property protection and the costs of actual or potential third-party claims of infringement and any related indemnity obligations or adverse judgments; the effect of any actual or potential unsolicited offers to acquire us; impairment charges, including but not limited to goodwill and intangible assets; changes in tax rates or legislation; the effects of acquisitions; the effects of terrorist activities; natural disasters, such as the earthquake and resulting tsunami off the coast of Japan in March 2011 and the significant flooding in various parts of Thailand in October 2011, and any resulting disruption in our supply chain or customer purchasing patterns or any other resulting economic or political instability; the highly competitive nature of the markets for our products as well as pricing pressures that may result from such competitive conditions; the effects of changes in our business model to separately charge for software; the effect of rapid migration of customers towards newer, lower cost product platforms; possible transitions from board or box level to application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) solutions for selected applications; a shift in unit product mix from higher-end to lower-end or mezzanine card products; a faster than anticipated decrease in the average unit selling prices or an increase in the manufactured cost of our products; delays in product development; our reliance on third-party suppliers and subcontractors for components and assembly; our ability to attract and retain key technical personnel; our ability to benefit from our research and development activities; our dependence on international sales and internationally produced products; changes in accounting standards; and any resulting regulatory changes on our business. These and other factors could cause actual results to differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements and are discussed in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including our recent filings on Forms 10-K and 10-Q, under the caption “Risk Factors.”
  3. Agenda Emulex Overview Strategic Direction –Connect Monitor Manage Emulex Product Lines Summary
  4. Emulex Corporate Overview

    Connect, Monitor, Manage
  5. Emulex Corporation Overview Founded in 1978 ~1,200 Employees NYSE Symbol – ELX FY12 Revenue $501.8 MM Q2 FY13 Revenue $122.1 MM Q2 FY13 Net Cash $211 MM Based in Costa Mesa, CA
  6. Emulex OEM Customers
  7. Emulex Product Portfolio Manage Unified Management vCenter ClearKVM™ Romley Reference Design Monitor Intelligent Network Recorders Network TrafficSearch Engine Access Switching Storage Performance Resolution Connect OneCore™ Storage 10 & 40GbE Enterprise Cloud HPC Security HFT Video Fibre Channel Host Target Appliance Initiator and Target Drivers Bridge Switch PTM Some products may not be in available in the U.S.
  8. Emulex Market Share Leadership Fibre Channel Ethernet Network Recording #1 in FC adapter share #1 in 16Gb revenue 46% total FC revenue share Gained over 9% share in 3 quarters Gained FC share 3 years running #1 in total FCoE revenue #1 in total FCoE ports shipments #2 in total 10GbE revenue #2 in total 10GbE Adapter #2 in total 10GbE ports #1 Supplier of 10Gb NPM appliances #2 Revenue share for 10Gb Capture Cards #1 in 10GbE capture Some products may not be in available in the U.S. Source: Fibre Channel Dell Oro Feb 2013, Ethernet Crehan Research Feb 2103
  9. Industry Trends

    I/O for the Next Generation Data Center
  10. Next Generation Data Center Trends Cloud Network Security ApplicationDelivery Flash Storage Enterprise Virtualization Virtualization and consolidation growth continues unabated and drives I/O bandwidth Virtualization and consolidation growth continues unabated and drives I/O bandwidth Increasing predatory attacks on IT portals press need for security solutions and forensics requires capture solutions Application specific performance demands are driving latencies and movement to 10/40/100Gb converged fabrics Deployment of SSDs in storage arrays is pushing networking bandwidth and latency IT Trends Driving New Networking Requirements
  11. Never-ending Appetite for Capacity 5X Bandwidth
  12. Steady Growth of Storage Capacity 4X Storage PB Source: IDC 2012 Worldwide Enterprise Storage Systems 2012-2016, Nov 2012 (T-27)
  13. Virtualization Spreads 4X VMs per Server Source: IDC Market Analysis Perspective: Worldwide Cloud and Virtualization System Software
  14. The Traffic Explosion: I/O Becomes More Strategic “By 2020 the world will generate 50 times the amount of information and 75 times the number of "information containers" while IT staff to manage it willgrow less than 1.5 times.” The Digital Universe "Extracting Value from Chaos” June 2011, sponsored by IDC
  15. Emulex Strategic Direction

    Connect, Monitor, Manage
  16. Co-Leader LightPulseFibre Channel Services Gen 4 Gen 5 Gen 6 16G bandwidth PCI Gen 3 1.2M IOPS Multi-fabric Advanced power mgmt 32G/128G bandwidth PCI Gen 3 4M IOPS Multi-fabric IOC/HBA Automated Power mgmt 8G bandwidth PCI Gen 2 200K IOPS DeliveryServices Cloud-scale/fabric NPIV/ Virtual channel automation Up to 64K logins/exchanges Integrated virtualization fabric mgmt NPIV Up to 1K logins/exchanges Basic Element management Cloud &VirtualizationServices SR-IOV Up to 4K logins/exchanges Integrated virtualization console management Flash/Cache QoS , low latency QoS management Fabric Forward Error Correction Flash/cache QoSAutomation End-to-end fabric QoS management OS & Application Services Integrity & Security Services T10 PI offload FC-SP-2 Switch-port authentication T10PI support Basic SAN boot T10 PI offload Secure boot Key Storage Metrics $/GB $/IOPS $/IOPS QoS
  17. Ethernet Strategy – Convergence Extends to HPC Software Defined Convergence Discrete Networking Converged Networking Software Defined Convergence 3X Cost 3X Management 3X Cables 3X Switching FCoE Driving 10GbE Virtual Networking Lead by Blade Servers Telco and Web Giants RDMA over CE (RoCE) Application Acceleration Virtual I/O (OVN, SR-IOV) Driving 40 and 100GbE Cloud, HPC, Big Data
  18. Management – Multiple Tiers of Integration Ecosystem Integration OneCommandManager Better Together Strategy Major ISV and OEM frameworks Software Defined Networking Configuration Control OpenFlow Integration Cloud Computing Overlay Networks, OpenStack OpenCompute, CloudCard
  19. Emulex Product Lines

    Industry Leading I/O Portfolio
  20. Emulex Product Portfolio Manage Unified Management vCenter ClearKVM™ Romley Reference Design Monitor Intelligent Network Recorders Network TrafficSearch Engine Access Switching Storage Performance Resolution Connect OneCore™ Storage 10 & 40GbE Enterprise Cloud HPC Security HFT Video Fibre Channel Host Target Appliance Initiator and Target Drivers Bridge Switch PTM Some products may not be in available in the U.S.
  21. Fibre Channel

    The Leader in 16Gb Fibre Channel
  22. Emulex Enterprise Class Fibre Channel Nine Generations of Fibre Channel #1 with 70% in 16GFC Over 12M Fibre Channel Ports Installed Leading the Market in 16G FC and Fabric Solution Over 1.2M IOPS on Single-Channel 16GFC PCIe3 HBA Comprehensive Data Integrity without compromise Leading in FC I/O Virtualization for VMware with premiere vCenter Plug-in LP8k LP6k LP7k LP9k LP9800 LP10k LPe11k LPe12k LPe16k
  23. Emulex Fibre Channel HBA Leadership Nine Generations of Fibre Channel Leader in Fibre Channel Technology Enterprise choice of 90% of the Fortune 100 Strong FC Market Share Position Choice of Tier 1 OEMs Cisco, Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, IBM, HP Available on blade and rack servers Optimized blade server consolidation Technology Leadership Virtualization innovations with IBM (NPIV) Data Integrity innovation with Oracle (T10-PI) XE201 Converged Fabric I/O Controller (16GFC, 10/40GbE)
  24. LightPulse™ LPe1600x Fibre Channel HBAsKey Features Best Database and Virtualization HBA Over 1.2 million IOPS on a single port 8 processor cores deliver 255 Virtual Functions & 4x more open exchanges/logins than other adaptersto support more VMs, scalable clouds and databases GreenState™ power efficiency- 3x better IOPs performance/watt 50% More Efficient Management Centralized management (GUI, CLI, Browser) vCenter plug-in for integrated VMware management 2x functionality – diagnostics, troubleshooting features Universal boot capability and superior UEFI Exclusive Compliance Features BlockGuard™ Data Integrity offload- High performance end-to-end data integrity Fibre Channel Secure Protocol (FCSP) Management
  25. Emulex Family of Fibre Channel HBAs Single 16GFC HBAs Dual 16GFC Blade Single 8GFCHBAs Dual Quad 8GFC Blade Single 4GFC HBAs Dual Quad 4GFCBlade
  26. Emulex Flash and Cache Optimization Strategy Tiered Caching Best of Breed Partnering Performance and Innovation Caching in server and array/appliance Best-of-breed HW & SW choice is critical >1M IOPS, both write and shared storage read Low solution latency - not just on wire; no “stack hopping” Partner, across the evolving flash and cache ecosystem Provide optimized and intelligent connectivity to best of breed Flash HW and SW Deliver mainstream fabrics for enterprise >1M IOPS HBAs & CNAs, 16GFC & 40GbE Low-latency and message-passing optimizations for FC, FCoE, iSCSI, RoCE Standard protocol-based extensions that enhance performance & intelligence
  27. Ethernet

    Leadership in 10/40/100Gb Ethernet
  28. Emulex OneConnect 10GbE Ethernet Adapters NIC Adapter Blade FCoE ISCSI FCoECNA Integrated/LOM Some products may not be in available in the U.S.
  29. Data Center Challenges Reduced Budgets Scrutiny for $ Spent Increased Capabilities, Lower Spend Complexity & Cables Manageability Reduce Power, Cooling Costs DC Limitations Green Demands Data Center Sprawl Floor Space and Power/Rack Scale Compute Resources forServer Virtualization Deployment Complexity Environmental Factors Increased Computing Resources Data Center Consolidation Operational Efficiency
  30. Performance Is the Biggest Issue With 1GbE... “The primary issue I have with 1GbE NICs today” Other Lack of NIC reliability 1GB is not enough network bandwidth NIC Teaming I have so many 1GbE ports in my data center that keeping track of firmware and firmware updates are hard to manage I need so many 1GbE NIC ports that I'm becoming PCI slot constrained IT Brand Pulse Convergence Survey - April, 2010
  31. …Because of Server Virtualization “The application in my data center that will drive the adoption of 10GbE is…” IT Brand Pulse Convergence Survey - April, 2010
  32. The Migration from 1GbE to 10GbE Is Underway “The status of my migration…” I have already deployed 10GbE products I am in the process of investigating 10GbE technology and products I don't believe I need 10GbE technology so there is no need for me to pursue it at this time I should be investigating 10GbE technology but I have been too busy IT Brand Pulse Convergence Survey —April, 2010
  33. Tsunami of 10GbE Adoption 10GbE NIC & LOM Ports (X1000) Lower Cost, Lower Power ASICs supporting 10GBASE-T UCNAs DCB TCP/IP iSCSI FCoE 10GbE NICs Standard with Servers 10GbEASICs 10GbE NICs 10Gb iSCSIStorage
  34. 9 of 10 Tier 1 OEMs Picked Emulex OneConnect Picked Emulex for 10GbE Server I/O Picked Emulex for 10GbE Virtualization Unified Fabric Picked Emulex for 10GbE NAS,iSCSI & FCoE
  35. Total 10GbE Ports – Q1 2012 Emulex Source: Crehan Research
  36. OneConnect Overview Highperformance 10Gb Ethernet options Network Adapter iSCSI Adapter Universal Adapter Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) or iSCSI OneCommand® Manager application Convergenomics™ Data Center Savings One infrastructure for networking and storage vEngine™ Technology—Scalability and Performance for Virtualization Pay-As -You-Go Upgrade Option
  37. OneConnect OCe11102 Key Benefits Third Generation CNA Technology Emulex first to market Universal CNA with OCe10000 Energy efficient design Industry-leading performance per watt 20% less power than OCe10000 product family Optimized I/O for Virtual Servers OneConnect Layer 2 switch capability Support for VMware NetQueue Support for Microsoft Virtual Machine Queue (VMQ) Easy to manage with OneCommand Manager Integrated management of NICs and storage adapters
  38. Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with Network Convergence Simplified Deployments One card, many networks—10GbE, iSCSI and FCoE Investment protection for existing infrastructures Lower Capital Expense (CAPEX) Save 30% on adapters and switches Save 80% on cables Lower Operational Expense (OPEX) Save 40% on power and cooling Simplify management with OneCommand Manager application Convergenomics™ Increase virtualization ratios by 20% with protocol offloads
  39. Protocol Offloads TCP Stateless Offloads Checksum Large send Packet classification and prioritization TCP Offload Engine (TOE) Supported with Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2008 R2 (TCP Chimney) Connection and its state are passed to the TCP offload engine Data transmit and receive is handled by adapter iSCSI Includes TOE support, not limited to Windows Server 2003/2008 Allows two hosts to negotiate and then exchange SCSI commands FCoE Maintains full Fibre Channel (FC) compatibility Offloads encapsulation of FC frames
  40. Universal Multi-Channel (UMC) Four NIC and storage functions per physical port Compatible with any supported 10GbE switch Bandwidth allocated as % of total 10 Gigabit bandwidth Managed with PXESelect or UEFI Boot Utility NIC, FCoE or iSCSI NIC NIC NIC
  41. Enables Network Optimization Maintains networking best practices Physical 1G port becomes logical nG partition (% of 10Gb bandwidth) Transparent to operating systems OS still sees dedicated NIC and storage devices Complementary to DCB bandwidth management with ETS Bandwidth controls at priority group level by protocol and the logical NIC Physical Port Channels Network/IP Storage/iSCSI MultifunctionAdapters Network/IP Network/IP
  42. UMC with Virtualized Servers Eight 1GbE Ports Two 10GbE Ports with UMC VM Migration – 2Gb Management – 2Gb Storage – 4Gb VMs – 12Gb VM Migration Management NAS or iSCSI Storage VMs UMC Advantages: 2 Cables vs. 8 Cables 20Gb vs. 8 Gb Optimized allocations
  43. UMC with Virtualized Servers and Network Convergence Six 1GbE Ports, 2 4Gb FC Ports Two 10GbE Ports with UMC, FCoE VM Migration – 2Gb Management – 2Gb VMs – 8Gb FC Storage – 8Gb VM Migration Management VMs FC Storage UMC Advantages: 2 Cables vs. 8 Cables 20Gb vs. 12 Gb Optimized allocations
  44. UMC Details Function No.# 10 Gbps Ethernet PF0 MAC 0 One cable from OneConnect port to switch port Four PCIe functions for each physical port (PF0-PF7) Unique MAC address for each PCIe function Each PCIe function mapped to a Virtual LAN (vLAN) PCIe functions can be teamed for redundancy Switch A P1 P0 PF2 MAC 1 P2 PF4 MAC 2 P3 OS or Hypervisor MAC PF6 P5 3 P4 Multiple Virtual Pipes Switch B PF1 0 MAC P1 P1 PF3 MAC 1 P2 PF5 MAC 2 P5 P3 PF7 MAC 3 P4
  45. Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) PCI-SIG standard for virtualized servers Multiple virtual functions per physical function (port) Hypervisor presents virtual NIC function to virtual machine Single pass through I/O stack improves performance Supported today with Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM), RHEL 6.0 SF FCoE or iSCSI VF1 SF – Standard Function PF – Physical Function VF – Virtual Function NIC …….. PF …….. VF16 NIC
  46. OneConnectOCe11102-NNetwork Interface Cards

    This module is for non-U.S. use only.
  47. OneConnect NIC Adapter Details Hi-Performance, Energy Efficient Architecture Load Balancing and Failover Full Offload Windows teaming driver Adapter fault tolerance (AFT) Switch fault tolerance (SFT) Adaptive load balancing (ALB) Dual-channel PCI Express 2.0 Full 10GbE line rate Integrated data buffer and code space memory Interrupt coalescing PCI bus power management interface TCIP/IP stateless offloads TCP Chimney Offload Pay-As-You Go upgrade option to iSCSI and FCoE offload
  48. OneConnectOCe11102-FUniversal Converged Network Adapters

    This module is for non-U.S. use only.
  49. OneConnect 10GbE Universal CNAsOCe11102-F Superior performance FCoE Offload iSCSI Offload TCIP/IP stateless offloads TCP Chimney Offload Energy efficient design Industry-leading performance per watt Build on field-proven Emulex software stack Ten generations of Fibre Channel HBAs Trusted for mission-critical applications OneCommand Manager Integrated management of NICs and storage adapters
  50. IEEE Data Center Bridging Standards Feature Benefit IEEE Standard
  51. Reduced Complexity with Server Virtualization Virtual Network 2 Virtual Network 3 Fibre Channel SAN A Fibre Channel SAN B Administration/VMRC Administration/VMRC Converged Network Backup Server NIC Virtual Network 1 Network 1 VMotion Network 2 Separate LAN and SAN Connectivity With Many NICs and HBAs Converged Network With CNA
  52. OneConnect OCe11000 vs. QLogic QLE8242FCoE IOPS: Read/Write Full Duplex
  53. OneConnect OCe11000 vs. QLogic QLE8242CPU Effectiveness: Read/Write Full Duplex
  54. 10GbE Shipments Rise as Prices Drop Price Ports, 000 Source: Crehan Research, Jan 2012
  55. Starting Point EthernetLAN/WAN Ethernet NIC FC SAN FC HBA IP and FC Networks Double the Cost of Networking
  56. Phase 1: Convergence in Server and Access Layer CONVERGED FABRICSPhase 1 EthernetLAN/WAN CEE TOR Switch CNA FC SAN 1st Phase of Network Convergence is in the Server Rack
  57. Phase 2: Convergence in the Core CONVERGED FABRICSPhase 2 IPLAN CNA CEECore FCSAN The 2nd Phase will Consolidate TOR and IP Switching
  58. Phase 3: End-to-End Convergence CONVERGED FABRICSPhase 3 IPLAN CNA CEECore FCoE SAN The 3rd Phase will Consolidate FC Switching and Storage
  59. OneConnect Universal CNA Superior Performance Convergence Efficiency Reliability and Availability Investment Protection 2-Port, 10GbE Link Speed PCIe 2.0 (x8,5GTs, MSI-X) 2000MB/s per port Full Bandwidth at 10GFC Integrated data buffer and code space memory Interrupt Coalescing Pay-as-you-go offload for iSCSI iSCSI, TCP/IP Stateless and TCP Chimney Offload Energy Efficient PCI Bus Power Management Advanced Reporting (AER), VLAN, QoS/COS, Link Aggregation, Flow Control PHP hot plug-hot swap Adapter and Switch Fault Tolerance (AFT & SFT) Windows Teaming Support Pay-As-You-Go option to add iSCSI and FCoE connectivity Compatible with existing LAN and SAN infrastructure Compatible with existing management applications
  60. OneConnect Pay-As-You-Go Overview Entitlement Upgrade Equivalent to OCe1n102-F Fully Functional NIC iSCSI FCoE One entitlement for NIC and iSCSI adapters
  61. OneConnectOCe11102-IiSCSI Adapters

    This module is for non-U.S. use only.
  62. OneConnect 10GbE iSCSI Adapters Superior performance TCIP/IP and TCP Chimneyoffloads Full iSCSI Offload iSCSI over DCB Same lossless Ethernet support as FCoE Consistent performance QoS management Hardware iSCSI Boot from SAN Energy efficient design Industry-leading performance per watt OneCommand Manager Integrated management of NICs and storage adapters
  63. iSCSI Offload vs. iSCSI Initiator Software iSCSI initiator All iSCSI software runs on host processor Works with any Ethernet NIC OneConnect iSCSI HBA Appears to BIOS and OS as a SCSI device iSCSI software and TCP offload to OneConnect adapter FileSystem DiskDriver SCSI iSCSI iSCSI TCP TCP IP IP Ethernet Ethernet OneConnect uses fewer CPU cycles than software initiators
  64. I/O for 50% More VMs with Hardware iSCSI Offload 53% More VMs Emulex Labs – May 2011
  65. 32% Less Power per VM with Hardware iSCSI Offload Emulex Labs – May 2011
  66. Overall Benefits with Hardware iSCSI
  67. OneConnectOCe11000 10GBASE-T AdaptersVersion 3.0 Software

    This module is for non-U.S. use only.
  68. 10GBASE-T Will Drive 10GbE Connectivity Port Shipments (Millions) CREHAN RESEARCH Inc, July 2011
  69. Emulex OneConnect® OCe11102-xT Overview Newest member of OneConnect 10GbE family Third-generation BE3 technology Full protocol offload for network and storage Backward compatible with Gigabit Ethernet Two products OneConnect OCe11102-NT 10GbE NIC OneConnect OCe11102-IT 10GbE iSCSI Adapter OneCommand® Manager Single management console for network and storage
  70. 10GbE Physical Media Power(each side) TransceiverLatency (link) Technology Cable Distance 7m ~1W ~0.1msec SFP+ Direct Attach Twinax 55m100m Cat6Cat6a <2msec 10GBASE-T 3.5W SFP+ SRshort reach MM 62.5mmMM 50mm 82m300m <2W ~0
  71. iSCSI over DCB iSCSI over Data Center Bridging (DCB) protocols Data Center Bridging Capabilities eXchange Protocol (DCBX) Supports centralized configuration of DCB and related protocols Initiated by endpoints (hosts/storage) Announce themselves with iSCSI Type/Length Value (TLV) Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS) Provides priority groups with bandwidth controls Priority Flow Control (PFC) Enable lossless Ethernet operation to provide deterministic performance What’s needed iSCSI HBA supporting iSCSI over DCB 10G Ethernet Switch supporting DCB 10G Storage Array supporting iSCSI over DCB
  72. iSCSI over DCB Hardware iSCSI vs. Software iSCSI Essential to have lossless, consistent, reliable storage when sharing the same network regardless of LAN traffic conditions DCB uses Priority Flow Control (PFC) for different traffic types Uses VLAN priorities - each can be paused Ensures zero data loss when receive queues are full Priority Zero One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Priority Zero One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Transmit Queues Receive Queues Ethernet Link STOP PAUSE
  73. Enabling Converged iSCSI Large Enterprise Provide Deterministic Performance Requires Lossless Ethernet (DCB) Support Convergence DCB support Multichannel Support Enterprise class management Small / Medium Enterprise Support 1 -> 10 migration Multichannel support DCB support Support 1G backwards compatibility 10GBASE-T support Easy-to-use tools for configuration/management DCBX based network configuration 10GBaseT Lossless Ethernet Multichannel User Experience
  74. User Experience Hardware iSCSI enhances other aspects of the user experience
  75. One Command Manager

  76. OneCommand Manager Designed to help address today’s IT management challenges General Description: Centralized, cross platform management console …unifying management of all Emulex “server to network” connectivity solutions on local & remote hosts OneCommand Manager FCoE Fibre Channel NIC iSCSI
  77. OneCommand and Convergence Enhanced Ethernet Mgmt. Profile based, protocolETS mapping Available since OneCommand4.0 iSCSI Management Configuration, monitoring etc. New with OneCommand 5.0 Personality ManagementFeature Licensing, NIC/FC/FCoE CIM, IMA for VMware Leveraging our Centralized Management franchise OneCommand 5.1
  78. Plug-in for VMware vCenter management console. Compliments HP Insight Control for VMware Enables centralized management of Emulex fabric (FC HBA) and network (FCoE and NIC) adapters from the vCenter console OneCommand Manager for VMware vCenter
  79. vSphere 5.1 Web Client Primary client for vSphere administration vSphere 5.1 will be the last release to support the desktop client New vSphere 5.1 features are only manageable from the Web Client Benefits include flexibility (browser-based, OS agnostic), higher performance, single pane of glass, work-in-progress feature
  80. In Conclusion....

  81. OCe11102 Models
  82. OneConnect Take Away Points Industry Leading Performance  CPU Offload for all Protocols (TOE, FCoE, iSCSI)  Proven FC Drivers & Broad Storage Interoperability Support  Unified Management for HBA and Universal CNA  Pay-As-You-Go Server I/O 
  83. Why Emulex

    Emulex Corporation
  84. Emulex Leadership OEM Leader Connectivity choice of OEMs for Fibre Channel and Ethernet Over 200 Romley server design wins and LOM choice for HP and IBM Convergence Leader Enterprise class convergence powered by FC leadership Invented Universal Converged Network Adapter with an IT-proven stack Virtualization Leader I/O virtualization innovator NPIV, SR-IOV, NVGRE, VXLAN OneCommand simplifies management and improves performance Management and Monitor Leader Endace Leading Intelligent Network Recording Storage and Network Monitor and Management with Vision2 Enterprise Leader Choice of 90% of the Fortune 100 Performance, management and partnership is the key Some products may not be available in the U.S. Contact your supplier for more information. Some products may not be in available in the U.S.