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Overview of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Group) PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Group)

Overview of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Group)

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Overview of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Group)

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  1. Overview of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB Group) PSLO Energy Mission 7 November 2013 John Ferriter Office of External Relations

  2. The IDB Group – A Partner for Latin America and the Caribbean Multilateral Investment Fund Inter-American Investment Corporation Inter-American Development Bank Micro and small enterprises/private sector development Governments, large companies Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

  3. 48 Member Countries Finland Norway Sweden Canada United Kingdom Denmark Netherlands Germany Belgium Austria France Switzerland Croatia Slovenia Italy Spain Portugal Japan United States South Korea Israel China Bahamas Mexico Dominican Republic Jamaica Haiti Trinidad and Tobago Belize Guatemala Honduras Barbados El Salvador Nicaragua Venezuela Panama Costa Rica Guyana Columbia Suriname Ecuador Peru Brazil Bolivia Paraguay Argentina Uruguay Chile • 26 Borrowers • 22 Non-Borrowers

  4. Voting Power | Capital Subscription 11% Europe & Israel 30% UnitedStates 50.02% Latin America & theCaribbean 4% Canada 5% Japan, China & Rep. of Korea

  5. Sources of Funds • AAA rating; current OC rate 1.14% (lending spread over LIBOR 0.84%, Q4 2013) • Ordinarycapital: paid-in (2.4% of total) and callablesubscriptions. Loans in dollarsonmarket-basedterms, 15-25 years; Local CurrencyFacility. • Fund for SpecialOperations (FSO): Concessionalterms (interestrates 1-2%, up to 40 years) • Fundsin Administration(42, incl. SWF, JSF, CTF) • Bonds, repayments, cofinancing

  6. PRESIDENT Luis Alberto Moreno EXECUTIVE VP Julie T. Katzman Secretary Strategic Planning & Development Effectiveness Outreach and Partnerships External Relations Auditor General VP Sectors & Knowledge VP Private Sector & Non-Sovereign Guaranteed Operations VP Finance & Administration VP Countries Southern Cone Finance Structured & Corporate Finance Infrastructure & Environment Research & Chief Economist Central America, Mexico, Panama & Dominican Rep. Human Resources Integration & Trade Social Sectors IIC Andean Region Information Technology Institutional Capacity & Finance Knowledge & Learning MIF Caribbean Budget & Admin. Services Opportunities for the Majority Country Offices Legal Organization BOARD OF GOVERNORS BOARD OF EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism Office of Evaluation and Oversight Office of Institutional Integrity Risk Management Haiti

  7. Value Added • Focus on Results: we have pioneered use of new methods (e.g., DEM) and indicators many others are adopting • A strong commitment to small and vulnerable countries — $5.1 billion or 44% of lending in 2012 • Leading-edge safeguard policies • Unique ways to reach and develop micro-, small and medium-size enterprises (Foromic, OMJ)

  8. Instruments • Financial Instruments:Loans, Grants, Guarantees, Investments, Technical Cooperation • Knowledge Generation: Research and Data, Capacity Building, Advisory Services, Publications • Project Preparation Facilities: Project Preparation and Execution Facility (PROPEF), Infrastructure Fund (InfraFund), Fund for lntegration Infrastructure (FIRII), Fund for Financing Disaster Prevention (FDP)

  9. Public-Private Partnerships(Countries with best climate for PPP investments, from MIF/Economist Intelligence Unit Infrascope 2012 report,

  10. Priority Areas (IDB-9) • Reducing Poverty and Inequality (50% of portfolio by 2015) • Address Special Needs of the Most Vulnerable Countries (35%) • Regional Integration (15%) • Focus on private sector (up to 20% by 2012) • Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability (25%)

  11. Project Cycle (Sovereign-guaranteed loan operations) Programming Identification Execution and Supervision Preparation Analysis Approval PROCUREMENT NOTICES PMRs PCR EA/EIA ESMR LOAN PROPOSAL PROCUREMENT PLANS PROJECT PROFILE 4-8 Years 6 Months

  12. Accountability Instruments to enhance accountability, transparency and effectiveness Office of Evaluation and Oversight (OVE, 1999) Office of Institutional Integrity (OII, 2004) Development Effectiveness Overview (DEO, 2008) Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (MICI, 2010) Access to Information Policy (2010)

  13. Key Numbers

  14. Loan Approvals 2003 – 2012 (US$ billion)

  15. Loan Approvals by Sector, 2012(US$ billion)

  16. Yearly and Cumulative Loan Approvals by Country (US$ billion)

  17. General Capital Increase (IDB-9)

  18. Thematic Platforms • Sustainable Emerging Cities:Integration of environmental, quality-of-life, security and governance/fiscal programs.$50 million for Action Plans for 50 cities by 2015.Pilot studies completed for Mar de Plata (AR), Montevideo (UR), Barranquilla (CO) and Trujillo (PE) with 140 indicators. • Citizen Security: Grant support to study risk factors leading to crime, support policy reform and cross-border collaboration. $500 million to support Central America Security Strategy. • Connect Americas:on-line platform sponsored by the IDB to help SMEs establish business links with clients, suppliers and investors from the rest of the region and around the world.

  19. MapAmericas(

  20. Stories of Change (including Nuestra Gente,,2173.html)

  21. Contacts Office of the Executive Director for …. Dir.…. Tel. 1 (202) 623-…. Email: exd/ Public Information Center 1300 New York Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20577 USA Tel: 1 (202) 623-2096 Email: On-line Information Request form: @the_IDB