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  1. Keto Rapid Diet Reviews : (Shark Tank) Easily Fat Burn Read & Buy Store! < Keto Rapid Diet > Keto Rapid Diet When you take your life, this supplement is made from a wide range of substances that contain fats and carbohydrates. The body uses carbohydrate as an important source of vitality. Therefore, when the body requires life force, then it will consume the available carbohydrate in the body.Unlike carbose, you need to consume extra fat. In other words, the body is determined to use carbose. In this way, fat is removed with adipose tissue and affects the stores that measure daily. This is the reason why your diet is not functioning. Your body does not consume fat for many years, but the carbox you take is spent by the body as vitality fuel. Keto Rapid Diet Stay in the flags and stomach to give these areas a fatty appearance. Diet eating catheast fast food will affect the body, so it works. Ketosis is the name given to this condition where the body uses fat for fuel instead of starch. It is difficult for the body to go to the position of only ketosis. That is why you have to take something from an outside source to bring your body to the state of Catos. When the body is in the ketosis position, it consumes fat for life force and consumes fat collected in the body throughout the year.