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Rachel & Holly chapter 8-22 PowerPoint Presentation
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Rachel & Holly chapter 8-22

Rachel & Holly chapter 8-22

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Rachel & Holly chapter 8-22

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  1. Rachel & Holly chapter 8-22

  2. Chapter 8 Chapter 8 In chapter 8 Winnie meets Jesse and falls in love but is then kidnapped so the Tucks can keep The secret of the spring.

  3. Chapter 9 Tuck Everlasting Chapter 9 Then Tuck took her away and take her to their house. There is Mountains and rivers and beautiful forests.

  4. Chapter 10 Tuck Everlasting Chapter 10 When Winnie enters the Tucks home she realizes that they are messy and unorganized.

  5. Chapter 11 Tuck Everlasting Chapter 11 Winnie eats a delicious meal and realizes that when its eating time there is no conversation. Also, she decides she want to go home. So Jesse starts to talk her when the man in the yellow suit appears wondering around.

  6. Chapter 12 Tuck Everlasting Chapter 12 The Tucks decide to go to the pond to talk and get away from the man in the yellow suit. After they would take Winnie home. They explain to Winnie how they will live forever. Then Miles comes running saying that the horse was stolen!

  7. Chapter 13 Tuck Everlasting Chapter 13 In the end it was the man in the yellow suit who stole the horse and told Winnies grandmother where she was.

  8. Chapter 14 After the Tucks beloved horse was stolen they decided that they might as well go to bed because there was nothing they could do.

  9. Chapter 15 The man in the yellow suit arrives at the Foster’s house and tells them that for exchange for their daughters ware bouts they must sell him their wood.

  10. Chapter 16 The man in the yellow suit and the constable go out in the woods to find the Tucks home and get Winnie.

  11. Chapter 17 Winnie goes in the boat to catch fish for breakfast with Miles. Miles mentions his daughter Anna. Winnie mentions how she is not sure about drinking the spring water. Finally, Miles catches a fish but Winnie makes him put it back.

  12. Chapter 18 In chapter 18 Winnie and the Tucks eat their Flapjacks and discuss what happened to the fish. Then out of Nowhere the man in the yellow suit knocks on the door.

  13. Chapter 19 In chapter 19 the Tucks let the man in the yellow suit in. As he enters the room he tells them that he must take Winnie home. Then he also mentioned how he has ownership of the forest and will be selling The Spring water to people who deserve it and pay money. Then he mentioned how they will be the demonstrators. Finally, Mae hits his head with the shotgun as he falls dead.

  14. Chapter 20 In chapter 20 the constable arrives and is surprised to see that the man in the yellow suit was dead. He then insisted that Winnie comes home from the kidnappers, but Winnie told the constable that she choose to go with them and that they were her friends.

  15. Chapter 21 In chapter 21 the constable brought Winnie home and Winnie explains how she was not kidnapped, she went by choice. But the Tucks, of course, did not, would not believe it. And her grandmother said, “It was the elves. We heard them. They must have bewitched her.”

  16. Chapter 22 In chapter 22 she meets her toad who she greets, and tells him about the water. Then out of now where Jesse appears and let’s her know about Miles plan to free their mother. So Winnie accepts and will meet Jesse at midnight.

  17. Chapter 23 In chapter 23, Winnie is home and is waiting for the clock to strike 12. When it does she is ready to help Mae out of the gallows. She was up and ready and had not missed her moment.

  18. Chapter 24 In chapter 24, Winnie left the house and met Jesse by the fence. Miles was standing on a box trying to break the jail bars. As Mae is set free, Winnie takes her place in the jail and sleeps on the cot until morning.

  19. Chapter 25 In chapter 25, Winnie is home again and the Tucks are free. Winnie sees the frog again and he almost gets eaten My a scrappy brown dog. So Winnie pours The spring water on the frog so it can live Forever.

  20. Epilogue In the Epilogue, Mae and Angus go back to Treegap and are not surprised to see that Winnie had died to years earlier. Then Angus asked their wait

  21. Thank You For Watching!!