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Welcome. to. Jeopardy!. © 2002 - All rights Reserved. nygiantsbigblue@yahoo.com. Another. Mark E. Damon. Presentation. Final Jeopardy. Round 1. Round 2. Narsil. Lightsabers. Excalibur. Sword of William Wallace. More and more. Misc. Round 2. Final Jeopardy. $100. $100. $100.

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  1. Welcome to Jeopardy!

  2. © 2002 - All rights Reserved nygiantsbigblue@yahoo.com Another Mark E. Damon Presentation

  3. FinalJeopardy Round 1 Round 2

  4. Narsil Lightsabers Excalibur Sword of William Wallace More and more Misc. Round 2 Final Jeopardy $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 Scores $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500

  5. $100 This person was the descendant of Elendil & inherited Narsil.

  6. $100 Who is Aragorn? Scores

  7. $200 The second name for Narsil, meaning the Flame of the West.

  8. $200 What is Anduril? Scores

  9. $300 A rayed sun, along with crescent moon with seen stars between them, as well as many Elvish runes.

  10. $300 What are the inscriptions engraved in Narsil when it was reforged? Scores

  11. $400 This had a special power placed upon it to prevent the blade that was drawn from it from being stained or broken in battle.

  12. $400 What is the sheath of Narsil? Scores

  13. $500 The sheath of Narsil had this written upon it in Elven runes.

  14. $500 What is Narsil’s name and lineage? Scores

  15. $100 These are the elegant weapons of the Jedi knights.

  16. $100 What are lightsabers? Scores

  17. $200 Although Lightsabers don’t emit heat, they do emit this when activated.

  18. $200 • What is a humming sound? Scores

  19. $300 These are pure energy and come in any possible color.

  20. $300 What are the fluorescent beams of light within a saber? Scores

  21. Daily Double

  22. $400 These are contained in the metal and hand grip of a light saber.

  23. $400 What are power cells and multi-shaped crystals? Scores

  24. $500 This person lost his saber when he encountered Darth Vader.

  25. $500 Who is Luke Skywalker? Scores

  26. $100 Almost every man tried to release this sword from the stone, but only Arthur could do so.

  27. $100 What is Excalibur? Scores

  28. $200 In some versions of King Arthur, this person was said to given Excalibur to Arthur.

  29. $200 Who is the Lady of the Lake? Scores

  30. $300 This smith-god was credited with making Excalibur.

  31. $300 Who is Wayland? Scores

  32. $400 This was given off from Excalibur’s blade.

  33. $400 What is supernatural light? Scores

  34. $500 This was jeweled and was placed with a spell that kept whoever wore it from losing blood, however, wounded they were.

  35. $500 What is Excalibur’s sheath? Scores

  36. $100 This person was a magician’s uncle, stood six feet, six inches tall, and led the Scots in a war against England.

  37. $100 Who is William Wallace? Scores

  38. $200 This was 66 inches long, and could have been longer had it not been repaired twice.

  39. $200 What is the Blade of William Wallace’s sword? Scores

  40. $300 This was replaced three times throughout the sword’s history.

  41. $300 What is the sword’s hilt? Scores

  42. $400 The sword’s handle, or pommel was wrapped with this.

  43. $400 What is Brown Leather? Scores

  44. $500 These are made of iron and they are turned downward with added ring guards.

  45. $500 What are the sword’s quillons? Scores

  46. $100 Luke was given this person’s light saber by Obi-wan Kenobi.

  47. $100 Who is Anakin Skywalker or Luke’s father? Scores

  48. $200 This person defeated Sauron, and as a result Narsil was broken.

  49. $200 Who is Isildur? Scores

  50. $300 This was where Luke went to create his second light saber after losing it while confronting Vader.

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