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And What is a Hobbit?

And What is a Hobbit?. What is the definition of hobbits?. * Little ppl, smaller than dwarves. 2. How are hobbits described?. * Love, peace, & quiet, good tilled earth * Dislike machines, but handy w/ tools * Are nimble, but don’t like to hurry * Have sharp ear & eyes * Inclined to be fat

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And What is a Hobbit?

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  1. And What is a Hobbit? What is the definition of hobbits? * Little ppl, smaller than dwarves 2. How are hobbits described? * Love, peace, & quiet, good tilled earth * Dislike machines, but handy w/ tools * Are nimble, but don’t like to hurry * Have sharp ear & eyes * Inclined to be fat * Wear bright colors, but seldom shoes * Like to laugh & eat (6 meals/day) & drink * Like parties & giving/receiving presents * Inhibit land called The Shire (place between River Brandywine & Far Downs)

  2. 3. The book tells about who? Bilbo Baggins – far-wandering hobbit who discovered one Ring of Power (some say stole) & brought it back to The Shire Chapter 1: AN UNEXPECTED PARTY 1. Describe the hobbit-hole. * Tube-shaped hall/tunnel – winding into side of hill * Bedrms – bathrms – cellars – pantries (lots) – wardrobes – kitchens – diningrms * Best rms on left side – only ones w/ windows 2. Whose hobbit-hole is it? Baggins

  3. 3. What is said about Bagginses? Very respectable – rich – not adventurous - predictable 4. Describe a hobbit. * Half our big ppl height – smaller than bearded Dwarves * No beards – little/no magic except what helps them disappear quickly & quietly * Fat stomach – dress in bright colors (mostly green & yellow) – wear no shoes (feet naturally grow leathery souls) – think, warm, brown, curly hair * long, clever brown fingers – good-natured faces – deep, fruity laugh – eat dinner twice daily when they can

  4. 5. Who is Bilbo Baggins mother? Father? * Belladonna Took * Bungo Baggins 6. What surprisingly happens as Bilbo is standing outside 1 day? * Gandalf came by 7. What is so surprising about it? * hasn’t been to The Hill for ages & ages – not since Old Took died 8. What is Gandalf looking for? How successful is he? Why? * Someone to share in an adventure * Not – not what hobbits do – makes them late for dinner

  5. 9. What does Gandalf say he has for Bilbo? An adventure 10. What is Bilbo’s reaction? Doesn’t want it – wants Gandalf to go away 11. What does Gandalf do before he leaves? Scratched a sigh on Bilbo’s door 12. Who does Bilbo thinks rings his bell? Who is it? * Gandalf for tea * Dwalin 13. Who rings the bell next? Balin 14. What does Balin ask for? Beer & seed cake

  6. 15. What does Bilbo learn about Dwlain & Balin? They’re brothers 16. Who comes next? Kili & Fili DEPREDATIONS: robbery 17. Who are the next 5 to arrive? Dori – Nori – Ori – Oin - Gloin BEWILDERED: completely puzzled or confused 18. Who is pounding on the door? Bifur – Bofur – Bombur – Thorin w/ Gandalf

  7. DETACHABLE: unfasten & separated LARDERS: room or place where food is kept; pantry FLUMMOXED: bewildered; confused SORCEROUS: nature of black magic; witchery 19. What does Thorin ask for after the meal? Who brings what? * Music * Kili & Fili - fiddles * Dori, Nori, & Ori - flutes * Bombur - drum * Bifur & Bofur - clarinets * Dwalin & Balin - viols * Thorin - harp 20. What happens to Bilbo after listening to the song? Overcome w/ desire to see great mts., hear pine trees, & waterfalls, explore caves & wear a sword PLUNDERING: robbing goods FENDER: pressed or formed sheet metal CONSPIRATOR: plotter

  8. 21. What happens to Bilbo during Thorin’s speech? Shieks – kneels by hearthrug – shaking like jelly that’s melting – falls to floor – calls out “stuck by lightning” 22. How was the game of golf invented & by who? * Old Took’s great granduncle Bullroarer * Knocked a king’s head off w/ wooden club during a battle & it sailed 100 yds into rabbit-hole 23. What is the one point they haven’t noticed on the map? Secret entrance – hidden passage to Lower halls 24. Why is Old Smaug knowing about the secret entrance not a big deal? Entrance is too small for him to fit thru (5’ high & only 3 abreast can walk thru it)

  9. 25. What question does Bilbo ask about the door? What answer dose he get? * How can such a large door be kept hidden * guess: looks like side of mountain 26. What does Gandalf give Thorin to make it easier? A key PRUDENT: wise in practical affairs REMUNERATION: reward 27. What is the “short version” of what Bilbo wants to know about being the burglar on the adventure? * “ ‘What am I going to get out of it?’” * “ ‘Am I going to come back alive?’”

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