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The Hobbit

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The Hobbit

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  1. The Hobbit By: JRR Tolkien

  2. The Hobbit • The Hobit is a classic tale of dragons, wizards, trolls, dwarves and goblins • it was also the point of origin for many of the well known classics of this century’s novel literature • yet Tolkien’s masterpiece has still survived to greet the twenty first century

  3. The Beginning • In the beginning Bilbo and his comrades set out for lonely mountain to reclaim Thorin’ s rightful treasure and have a run-in with trolls • Bilbo is very unsure and frightened

  4. Over Hill and Under Hill • After escaping the trolls Thorin’s party soon find themselves in trouble as they are captured by goblins • they escape with Gandalf’s help only to be lost in the underground tunnels

  5. Riddled Escape • Bilbo meets Gollum after being separated from the rest • Bilbo also discovers the magic ring • after wining the riddle game with Gollum Bilbo escapes and finds the dwarves • the party is then surrounded by goblins and wargs(wolves)and forced to climb into trees • they are then rescued by the Eagles

  6. Mirkwood • After a short visit with Beorn the party ventured into Mirkwood • unfortunately Gandalf could no longer accompany them but promised to rejoin them later

  7. Captured! • Thorin and company had been starving in Mirkwood when they are captured by giant spiders (Bilbo used invisibility ring and was not found) • Bilbo soon freed his comrades but then they were captured by the money-hungry Elvenking

  8. Interesting Exit • Many days had gone by until Bilbo discovered an escape • with the help of the ring Bilbo was able to obtain the keys (the ring was beginning to prove useful) • then Bilbo packed all the dwarves into supply barrels • then all the barrels were floated downstream to Laketown

  9. Smaug is Killed • After a short stop at Laketown the party set out to reclaim the mountain and entered through a secret passage and shut the door behind them • but Smaug got angry and attacked Laketown • one of Laketown’s archers, Bard shot Smaug in an unprotected area and killed him

  10. The Last Battle • When word got to the goblins and trolls and wargs that smaug was dead they were eager to take the treasure • so at the foot of the mountain, goblins,trolls,wargs,men, elves,Thorin’s party and the dwarves of Dain( Thorin’s relatives) all faught for custody of the treasure • the men,elves,Thorin and Dain dwarves emerged victorious

  11. The Ending • In the end, Thorin, Fili and Kili die in battle • Bilbo survives and takes two chests of treasure: one of gold and one of silver • One day Bilbo is getting old, so he decides to choose an heir to his treasure • The heir is Frodo, another hobbit, and hence begins another adventure