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The Hobbit

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The Hobbit

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  1. The Hobbit Analyze how particular elements of a story or drama interact (e.g., how setting shapes the characters or plot) Cite several pieces of textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze its development over the course of the text

  2. The HobbitVocabulary • Replenishing • Suffocated • Plunder • Detest • Mutton • Obliged • Paraphernalia • Mantelpiece • Outlandish • Trifle • Vocabulary activities: define each term. Identify and label prefixes and suffixes for each term. Create your own sentence. Create a picture for each term with a sentence from the text, using chapter 2. Vocabulary test on Friday

  3. The Hobbit • Chapter 2 • What does Bilbo notice on his mantelpiece? • Why is he running? • Describe the landscape the party is traveling throw. • When the party camps, list events that the party encounters. • How does Bilbo trick the trolls? • Gandalf reminds his party to be more ___________. • What items does the party find in the cave?

  4. The Hobbit • Greed- • Although the dwarves try to claim that their journey is to reclaim their heritage, their real motivation is greed. They have spent over a hundred years in the mines working, not trying to reclaim their heritage. They are not interested until a wizard confronts them with a map and a key. The journey is for gold and treasure. At first, Bilbo is not impressed by their greed, but the idea of treasure becomes attractive to him, and it is one of the major reasons for his significant change of heart. • Metamorphosis 1: • Bilbo starts the tale not even interested in Gandalf's adventure. In fact, he is somewhat repulsed by the idea of traveling beyond the range of his knowledge in the face of incomprehensible danger. Gandalf is unwilling to take no for an answer. He returns with the dwarves the next day and they all tell Bilbo about the journey. Although he faints when he first thinks of it, he ends the first chapter planning to go with them and meaning to make an early start. He thinks that this is just his adventurous side surfacing. • Magic- • Provide examples of Gandalf’s magical powers • What is magical about the swords?

  5. The Hobbit • • Chapter 2 read out loud

  6. The Hobbit • Chapter 2 quiz • Who is William? • What is mutton? • What happens to trolls at dawn? • How does Bilbo trick the trolls? • Describe Bilbo at the start of this journey and compare it to the end of this chapter

  7. Vocabulary quiz