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The Hobbit

Madelynn Bovasso. The Hobbit . Summary of the Story.

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The Hobbit

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  1. Madelynn Bovasso The Hobbit

  2. Summary of the Story • Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit with a history of adventure. However, recently he has “retired” to a more peaceful routine life. One day Gandalf, the wizard, comes to his door seeking Bilbo for his latest adventure. At first Bilbo refuses, then hesitantly goes on with the journey. The purpose of this journey is to get back the Dwarves Kingdom from Smoug, the dragon, who took it over years prior. The journey is off to a bad start due to the weather and the frightful encounter with the Trolls who almost ate the Dwarves and Bilbo. Later Bilbo is kidnapped by Goblins, attacked by orks and saved by giant eagles. The travelers also meet up with the elves who helps them and Bilbo meets with a creature named Gollin who he ends up stealing from. The object he took was his beloved ring which leads up the LOTR series.

  3. Movie vs. Novel

  4. Movie vs. Novel Cont. • Some of the changes work however the addition of thing from the Lord of the Rings series messed many beloved readers of the Hobbit up. I believe the director added certain things to attract a broader audience. For example, he added more mysterious characterizations of Thorin and more of a conflict between Bilbo and Thorin to possibly add drama to the plot.

  5. Themes Movie Novel • Courage: Bilbo had the same courage as he did in the book. • Nature : The nature played a bigger part in the movie then the book because it was easier to show. • Companionship: In the movie Thorin and Bilbo weren’t as close and on the same page as the other dwarves. • Courage: Bilbo often had enough courage to just make it through life threatening situations. For example, he had enough courage and defeated Gollin in the riddle war. • Nature: The nature and weather often spoiled their plans as well as help them. • Companionship: In the Novel Thorin and Bilbo never seemed to have a problem with each other.

  6. My Opinion – Film vs. Novel • I personally liked the film more because of how the scenes were set up and how it confirmed that I was imagining Tolken’s world correctly. I also liked how the movie gave a more entertaining view on the Hobbit that could cater to any movie-goer. However, I recommend reading the novel first.

  7. My Rating • I would give this movie 4 out of 5 stars. It was created very nicely with tons of adventure which is sure to please any Tolken fan. The reasoning behind this film reaching 5/5 stars is due to the fact that it didn’t stay true to the book, even in some of the most important events. I would recommend this movie to any lover of adventure or anybody that just want a good, long, movie!

  8. Is it A Faithful Adaptation? • I wouldn’t say this movie was a faithful adaptation. The main plot was there but, the addition of Lord of the Ring characters and objects as well as the removal of some of the details really ruined the adaptation of this movie.

  9. Was the Director Successful in Recreating the Hobbit? • As far as the re-creation goes it is obvious that he added his own twist. • The actors were as imagined expect for the elves (I expected them to be like Christmas Elves) • I think the director hit a home-run by making this movie in 3-D, because it made such an impact on the viewer and made them feel the adventure with the characters. • All-in-all I think he was successful in re-creating The Hobbit

  10. The Highlights & Weaknesses • Some of the Highlights of the movie are: the 3-D effect, all of the adventure, the creation of the different landscapes and how it all changed through the movie and the theme of companionship that the Dwarves and Bilbo develop through-out the movie. • Weaknesses- The film was not very true to the movie, the skipped scenes could have added more of a plot instead of changing most details.

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