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The Hobbit

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The Hobbit

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  1. The Hobbit By J.R.R. Tolkein Adapted by Megan Burd - HCPSS

  2. Chapter 1 Bilbo Baggins was a hobbit. A hobbit was a small magical person. They lived in a magical place called Middle Earth.

  3. Chapter 2 Bilbo had a party. He invited Gandalf, a wizard. He also invited Thorin and his band of dwarves.

  4. A bad dragon, Smaug, had been ruling the mountains. Gandalf, Thorin and Bilbo decided to defeat him and take his treasure.

  5. Chapter 3 The group traveled to the mountain. On the way, they stopped to see Elrond and the other magic elves.

  6. Chapter 4 The band of travelers was attacked by goblins. Gandalf saved everyone, but Bilbo was separated from the group.

  7. Chapter 5 Bilbo hid in a cave. He found a magic ring and won it by answering riddles better than a bad creature named Gollum.

  8. Chapter 6 The ring gave Bilbo the power to be invisible. He escaped and met his friends.

  9. Chapter 7 As they continue to travel, they were attacked by giant spiders and other creatures. Elves and giant eagles helped them stay safe.

  10. Chapter 8 The group finally got to rest at Lake-town, where they were welcomed by humans.

  11. Chapter 9 When they reached the mountain, Bilbo found a secret door and entered the dragon’s lair. He learned how the dragon could be killed.

  12. Chapter 10 The dragon was angry and tried to attack Lake-town. A noble human shot him with a bow and arrow.

  13. Chapter 11 The group took over the mountain and the treasure. Everyone was greedy and a battle was about to begin. No one listened to Bilbo, and they told him to leave the mountain.

  14. Gandalf told everyone that goblins and evil creatures were coming to attack the mountain and they must band together and fight.

  15. Chapter 12 With the help of the giant eagles, the group won the battle. They divided the treasure evenly. Bilbo did not take much and gave others his share.

  16. Chapter 13 Bilbo returned home with enough treasure to be wealthy and happy for a long time. What few people knew was that he still had the magic ring.

  17. To be continued….

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