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Chapter 8 Quiz

Chapter 8 Quiz. 1. To formally accuse someone of a crime. A. Draft B. Jury C. Indict. 2. To Vote no or reject a law. A. Preamble B. Veto C. Cabinet. 3 . The department heads chosen by the President to help him run the country. A. Cabinet B. Pardon C. Impeach.

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Chapter 8 Quiz

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  1. Chapter 8 Quiz

  2. 1. To formally accuse someone of a crime • A. Draft • B. Jury • C. Indict

  3. 2. To Vote no or reject a law • A. Preamble • B. Veto • C. Cabinet

  4. 3. The department heads chosen by the President to help him run the country • A. Cabinet • B. Pardon • C. Impeach

  5. 4. Powers granted to the federal government – coin money, regulate trade • A. Deport • B. Delegated Powers

  6. 5. First ten Amendments • A. 10 Commandments • B. 7 Dwarfs • C. Bill of rights • D. Representative Democracy

  7. 6. The people back home in the Senator’s and Representative’s districts who vote for the for office • A. Cabinet • B. Constituents • C. Voters

  8. 7. People born in a foreign country who become citizens if one of their parents is born in the U.S. • A. Naturalized citizen • B. Immigrant • C. Illegal Alien

  9. 8. Powers that are shared by the state and federal government • A. Representative Democracy • B. Concurrent Powers

  10. 9. Opening statement to the Constitution • A. Declaration of Independence • B. Elastic clause • C. Preamble

  11. 10. A requirement to serve in the military • A. Jury • B. Indict • C. Bill of Rights • D. Draft

  12. 11. A command from the president • A. Due Process • B. Political Order • C. Executive Order • D. Cabinet Order

  13. 12. The federal government is divided into three branches so that no one branch can become too powerful • A. Due Process • B. Search warrant • C. Separation of powers

  14. 13. When you can’t be put on trial for the same crime twice • A. Double Pinochle • B. Double Dutch bust • C. Double jeopardy • D. Executive order

  15. 14. A group of citizens in court who decide your guilt or innocence • A. Cabinet • B. Draft • C. Senator • D. Jury

  16. 15. An order signed by a judge to look in your house for illegal activity • A. Search party • B. Search Light • C. Search Warrant • D. Search and destroy

  17. 16. To ask that a higher court review a lower court’s decision • A. Appeal • B. Impeach • C. Petition • D. Pardon

  18. 17. To make sure that the law is applied fairly in all cases • A. Rent due • B. Due process • C. Jury • D. Appropriate

  19. 18. A government official voted in, elected, by the people • A. Democracy • B. Constituents • C. Representatives

  20. 19. To be freed from the punishment of a crime • A. Appeal • B. Pardon • C. Indict

  21. 20. The powers granted in the constitution that allows the government to stretch their powers when necessary • A. Rubber Band Clause • B. Santa Clause • C. Elastic Clause

  22. 21. The power the government has to take private property to benefit the public • A. Eminent domain • B. Eminent danger • C. Greed

  23. 22. The planned distribution of the state’s representatives in the House of Representatives • A. Separation of Powers • B. Checks and Balances • C. Apportionment • D. Distributing Representatives

  24. 23. To make a written request of the government • A. Petition • B. Write a letter • C. Draft • D. Ask nicely

  25. 24. Powers kept by the states • A. Reserved Clause • B. Elastic Clause

  26. 25. Groups that collect money to support a certain issue supported by a specific candidate • A. Collection Plate • B. Political Action Committee • C. Bank collection agency

  27. 26. When congress sets aside money for special projects • A. Savings • B. Appropriate • C. Appreciate • D. Bank it

  28. 27. To bring charges against an elected official • A. Impeach • B. Due Process • C. Draft • D. Pardon

  29. 28. To return a person back to their country of origin • A. Detain • B. Indict • C. Petition • D. Deport

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