protecting wooden floors from pets n.
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Protecting wooden floors from pets PowerPoint Presentation
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Protecting wooden floors from pets

Protecting wooden floors from pets

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Protecting wooden floors from pets

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  1. Protecting wooden floorsfrom pets

  2. Pets and wooden floors don’t go well together, do they? Pets, especially dogs, may scratch and damage wood while running around, drag things ex. food bowls across the floor and urinate on the floor. Damage caused by pets to wooden floors

  3. Some tips to minimise damage • Use rugs or carpets in areas frequented by pets to prevent them leaving scratch marks or wet and muddy paw prints on the floor. Wipe off such marks immediately. • Regularly trim or file your pets’ nails. • Keep a mat or rug under their food bowls to prevent spills which may cause stains. Immediately wipe off spills. • Immediately clean pet accidents with a non-damaging cleaning solution. • Coat the floor with high-quality urethane to make it more scratch and stain-resistant. (However, some believe that coating robs the floor of its natural and elegant look.) • Bamboo is a good choice for houses with pets as it’s harder and very stain-resistant.

  4. In a worst case scenario, if stains and smells keep recurring, replacing part or even the entire section of floor, depending on how extensive the damage is, would be the only option. Consult an expert if you are planning to install a wooden floor in your home, especially if you have pets or young children.

  5. For more information, contact Nordic Homeworx, the Swedish owned and managed company specialising in the supply and installation of traditional wooden floors. Founded in Dubai in 2006, it’s the exclusive agent in the Middle East for Kährs of Sweden, a global leader in real wood flooring.