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Doublehanded Championship Invitational Race Application PowerPoint Presentation
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Doublehanded Championship Invitational Race Application

Doublehanded Championship Invitational Race Application

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Doublehanded Championship Invitational Race Application

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  1. CR Barging Mark: Prohibited area No Boats Allowed Starting Line Starting Line CR Starting Area Starting Area (Sailing Instructions - Continued) Doublehanded Championship Invitational Race Application Friday, Sept. 19 & Saturday, Sept. 20, 2003 Race Registration ends Thursday, Sept. 18, 2003 at NSSC 1900 hours STARTING TIMES COURSE: Changes to the Sailing Instructions and splits may be mailed to all participants by 9/19/03 and shall be posted at NSSC. SHORTEN COURSE: In case of light air, the course may be shortened at any turning mark. Finish between RC boat bearing code flag “S”, (white cylinder with blue square). PROTEST: A yacht to protest another yacht shall: Start: All races will start between the committee boat RC flag and the CR-1 Clinton River Buoy. RRS Rule 26 DOUBLEHANDLED CLASS RULES APPLY! Race fee includes two steak dinners at NSSC immediately following second race on Saturday. Owner’s Name ___________________________________ Street __________________________________________ City ____________________ Phone _______________ Email Address___________________________________ Yacht Name _______________ Sail No. _____________ Mfg./Model______________________ Rating _________________ L.O.A. _____________ PHRF ________ JAM _______ Open ________ Prop Folding ________Two Blade _____Three Blade ______ Rig: Standard _______ Tall ______Max Genoa ________% Furling ____________ Sail Mat’l. _______________ Insurance Company _______________________________ Policy No. ___________________________________________ Friday, Sept 19, 2003 Saturday, Sept 20, 2003 StartFlag/SoundTime 1 Warning Class flag/1 sound 18:25 1 Prep P, I, Z, Z with I or Black/1 sound 18:26 1 One-minute Prep flag removed/1 long sound 18:29 1 Start Class flag removed/1sound 18:30 Class splits and flags to be assigned and shall be posted at NSSC or check with the RC boat.* The warning signal for each succeeding class shall be made with or after the starting signal of the preceding class. All Yachts monitor Channel 72 StartFlag/SoundTime 1 Warning Class flag/1 sound 10:55 1 Prep P, I, Z, Z with I or Black/1 sound 10:56 1 One-minute Prep flag removed/1 long sound 10:59 1 Start Class flag removed/1sound 11:00 Class splits and flags to be assigned and shall be posted at NSSC or check with the RC boat.* The warning signal for each succeeding class shall be made with or after the starting signal of the preceding class. Second Saturday race will start with the warning gun 10 minutes after the RC boat is properly repositioned. All Yachts monitor Channel 72 (A) Comply with the provisions of RRS Rule 61.1 (B) Immediately inform the protested yacht and after finishing promptly inform the Race Committee on station at the finish line. (C) Submit written protest to the Race Committee immediately after the last race Saturday. All protests shall be heard by DSA protest committee immediately following the last race Saturday. FRIDAY COURSES Red Course Red Shape –Marks to Port Green Course Green Shape- Marks to Strbd SATURDAYCOURSES AGREEMENT TO ASSUME RISK: In consideration of being permitted to enter this regatta and being fully knowledgeable of the risks of sailing as a competitive sport, all contestants, crew members, and guests aboard voluntarily assume all risks associated with participating in this regatta. Competing yachts shall in all respects be ready for sea and shall be manned by an adequate and capable crew. It shall be the sole and inescapable responsibility of the skipper and crew of the yacht to decide whether to start or not to start, to continue or to finish the race. The skipper must assure that all required United States Coast Guard equipment, as well as other necessary safety equipment, is aboard, properly maintained and stowed, and that the crew knows where it is kept and how it is to be used. Signature _________________________________________ Date __________________________________________ Race Fee - Includes Two Steak Dinners: $50 - DSA Members / $55 - Non Members ALTERNATE PENALTY: The 720o turns penalty as described in RRS Rule 44.1 shall apply. TIME LIMIT: Friday night course, four hours for each class. Sat.- three hours for each class, (one yacht finishing within the time limit constitutes a race for its class and extends time limit for its class). CourseLeave Marks Shape Green Once around ABYRA To Starboard Green 6 mile triangle CR-1, 330o mag to A, 90o mag to B, 210o mag to CR-1 Red Once around ABYRA 6 To Port Red mile triangle CR-1, 030o mag to B, 270o mag to A, 150o mag to CR-1 “1” 183o to HP-1, leave to To Port White port, return 003o mag Shape to CR-1 with black “1” C C A B A B Finish CR Start Start CR Finish The Doublehanded Sailing Association wishes to thank our host for this event North Star Sail Club. Note: DSA class rules are available at Leg 1 CR-B 030°mag Leg 2 B-A 270 Leg 3 A-CR 150 Leg 4 CR-C 000 Leg 5 C-CR 180 Leg 1CR-A 330°mag Leg 2 A-B 090 Leg 3 B-CR 210 Leg 4 CR-C 000 Leg 5 C-CR 180 A, B & C Marks are white temporary North Star buoys approximately 12 inches in diameter and extending 5 feet above the water surface. Less $5.00 if you are a member of U.S. Sailing U.S. Sailing Membership No. __________ (Checks preferred - payable to Doublehanded Sailing Association) Approximate Mark Locations CR-1 4235.64’ 8244.72’ A 4236.93’ 8245.85’ B 4237.15’ 8243.65’ C 4238.60’ 8244.79’ Return form and race fee to: Ken Snodgrass 29495 Sugarspring Farmington Hills, MI 48334 248-851-7618 E Mail – *Class splits and notices will be posted at NSSC/Boston Sails by 1600 hrs. on the afternoon of the 1st race and can also be obtained from the RC boat. Splits also may be posted on DSA web site. ( Dockage: For boats that wish to arrive early and would like dockage at NSSC, contact Claudia Drummond for information / availability at 586–463-2192. 

  2. 3 SAILING INSTRUCTIONS ENTRY: This race is open to PHRF yachts with valid DRYA certificate. If a yacht does not have a DRYA certificate, the race committee may assign a rating. This rating is not subject to protest. All yachts must be thoroughly seaworthy, ready for sea, and comply with U.S. Coast Guard safety requirements. MANAGEMENT RULES: The races shall be under the management of the Race Committee which shall have final authority to establish the racing conditions. Except as modified by these sailing instructions, the race shall be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing 2001-2004, the prescriptions of the USSA and DSA class rules. Class rules, where applicable, determined in advance and made available shall also apply. PHRF II (JAM): No spinnakers, oversize whisker poles, staysails, or double head rigs may be used except as provided by the class rules. OPEN: Class is open to all multi-hull yachts. CHANGES IN SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: (A) Any changes in the race instructions will be posted at NSSC four hours prior to first start. (B) When committee boat flies code flag “L” “come with hail” verbal changes may be given altering any part of these instructions STARTING SEQUENCE: New system start sequence Rule 26 RRS 2001-2004. SAIL NUMBERS: Time will not be taken if yacht mainsail, overlapping jib and spinnaker do not bear the proper number or bear the same number as another yacht in its class, unless the Race Committee is notified prior to the start of the race. PROTECTION MARK: One or more limit Marks may be set near the start-finish line RC boat. If a yacht touches any limit mark, the starting-finish line RC boat, or passes between them, she shall have touched a mark. As per Rule 31.2, she shall exonerate herself by sailing well clear of all other yachts as soon as possible and remain clear doing a 360o turn, including one tack and one jibe. RESTRICTED AREA: All yachts must keep clear of the starting line area and of the first leg of the course until after the warning signal for their class. POSTPONEMENT OR CANCELLATION: Signals will be displayed from Committee Boat and accompanied by two guns or sound signals as follows: “AP” Code Answering Pennant (vertical red and white stripes, 2 sound signals): All races not started are postponed. This signal will be lowered one minute before next signal is made, which may be code flag “N” or warning signal is made. “N” code flag (checkered blue and white, 3 signals sound): All races, including those in progress are abandoned, return to starting area. “N” over “H” code flag (vertical half red and white): All races are cancelled, return to shore. RECALL: As per rule 29.2, visual recall signal is a white flag with blue cross (code flag “X”), accompanied by a sound signal. Sail number(s) may be broadcast on VHF channel 72. (Continued on other side) DOUBLEHANDED SAILING ASSOCIATION Invites you to participate in The Ninth Annual Lake St. Clair Doublehanded Championship Series September 19 & 20, 2003 FLAG OFFICERS Commodore Michael Struble Vice Commodore Phil LePage Rear Commodore Jim Hodson Doublehanded Sailing Association c/o Ken Snodgrass 29495 Sugarspring Farmington Hills. MI 48334 Race Chairman Ken Snodgrass 248-851-7618 Saturday Dinner at NSSC Provided by: Bayview Barge 32760 South River Road Harrison Township 586-783-7062 DSA Web Site: